Saturday, July 30, 2022

Beauty is the Eleventh Treasure

Beauty is in the eyes and the heart of the beholder, or simply put; the beauty of the world is within you. Beauty is not found in an image, but in how you see the world. Beauty is as much about attitude as it is about the physical body. Beauty like all of life comes in different forms. It is physical and material, it is conceptual and mindful and it is ethereal and soulful. Mostly we are drawn to physical beauty by conceptually deciding what is and what is not beautiful to us. We then hope to hold onto what we believe to be the permanent and satisfying aspect of beauty. But with all things in life, we must appreciate that beauty is continually changing. The physical beauty of youth gives way to an inner beauty that can only be gained through maturity. The blossom of a fruit is beautiful, but it is only when it changes, ages and ripens that it becomes life sustaining and sweet fruit. Understanding this brings calmness of mind, and with calmness of mind we become poised, tranquil and contemplative. Here we have the opportunity to develop a sincere and intellectual appreciation for beauty. A beautiful thought is to see beauty where there is ugliness. To see the good where there is bad. This is not a na├»ve Pollyanna approach to life, but rather the realization that beauty is found in symmetry and in contrast. For example: you see a horrible ugly crime, like the Boston Marathon bombing, or 9-11 World Trade Center attack. But with this horror comes the comforting and caring for those who are grieving. This touches the beauty of humanity. Let’s focus on beauty today – takes work -that’s karma END Beauty is one of the great treasures of life. It has nothing to do with attributes and adjectives and everything to do with understanding the true nature of beauty. It is the ability to live fully embracing each moment with joy. When you walk through life with calmness, contemplation and appreciation for all of life you will find beauty everywhere. The world is real and full of beauty. The maya (illusion) is in your perception and interpretation of things. Whether you see the world as beautiful or ugly is all up to you. To see the beauty of life is truly a treasure and sure to bring you prosperity. Beauty is not an image. It’s a vison embedded in your soul. Practice self-control and intellectual appreciation. Look within and you will find beauty everywhere. Doctor Lynn EGO What destroys beauty? Fear! All of the great pleasures of life bring with them the fear of losing them. Beauty is one of those things. It’s alright to have a beautiful face and a beautiful body. The problem comes when we fear losing them. That’s when vanity and ego come into play. Vanity and the ego can blur the line between real beauty and the perception of beauty. In most religious teachings’ vanity is considered to be self-centered and a form of self-idolatry. It means to consider oneself of great importance. Philosophically vanity is referred to as the ego or pride. Nietzsche wrote, “Vanity is fear of appearing original; it is thus a lack of pride, but not necessarily a lack of originality.” Mason Cooley in one of his aphorisms wrote, “Vanity well fed is benevolent. Vanity hungry is spiteful.” It is this last quote that blurs the line between vanity, the ego and real beauty. Show me a person who does not see and appreciate beauty and I will show you a spiteful and angry soul. But show me a person, who sees, lives and believes in beauty and I will show you a benevolent being. Embrace the treasure of beauty and you will prosper. Namaste~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness and peace. Doctor Lynn For more books, course, classes and consultations

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