Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yoga Today- Challenges

Yoga basically means to yoke or to bring together the energy of the body the mind and the soul. But it is really about bringing desired changes into our lives. Change is something we all struggle with and yet change is the only constant in life. Everything and everyone changes every moment and you can never predict with accuracy the outcome. So the basis of yoga is to practice balance, flexibility and strength so that we can have the fortitude to meet the challenges of change.

We use the poses as a means of discovery. It is much easier to get the body to be flexible, balanced and strong than to tame the mind. So we start with the body and then move onto the mind.  In class today pay attention to the movement of your body and the movement of your mind.

Life is full of challenges. You will be faced with them every day. Some will be easy and some will seem over whelming. But with balance, flexibility and strength you will discover the secret to overcoming all obstacles and learn to flow with the inevitable; the constant change of life.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pleasure and Pain

An important part of yoga is to understand the nature of pleasure and pain. We receive pleasure from the good things that come into our life and pain from the things that either are not in our life or leave our life. It is called cravings. Cravings are distraction and distractions disturb our sense of peace and create fear. As soon as we possess something we fear losing it.

This doesn’t mean we should not enjoy things. It means enjoy what comes into your life and be willing to let it go because what might be pleasurable in one moment might be painful in the next.

One day you enjoy playing with your children and the next day you are tired and want them to be quiet and leave you alone. It is not that you don’t love your children; it’s that life changes. Our moods, perceptions and desires are constantly changing.

One day you are in love and the next you are getting a divorce. Enjoy the fact that love came into your life and be willing to let it go when it no longer serves its purpose. Everything has a purpose and a reason.

The world is a training place where we learn to use the world without getting attached. At some point we will all leave this world.  Don’t get attached. Pleasure and pain are all a result of your approach to life. So let’s begin our class with a moment of detachment. Sit quietly and let’s take a few deep breathes. The breath reminds us of the nature of life; everything rise and everything falls away.


Become the observer of life. See the world as an opportunity to learn and grow. Before you learned to swim the water seemed a dreadful scary place, But once you learned to swim you began to love the water. The world is like that. You have to learn to swim in the ocean of constant change to find happiness. 
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Yoga Today – Karma- Be Your own Best Friend

Sometimes it is belter to explain something by what it is not. Karma is not about good or bad. Both good and bad signify judgement. Judgement is subjective. Karma is not. Good and bad signify punishment or reward. Karma is not about punishment or rewards, but it is about merits and merits are the deeds or actions we perform. Karma is simply about energy or better put cause and effect.( Karma by Doctor Lynn)

If you do things that are meritorious you will experience happiness and if you do things that cause pain you will suffer. A happy or unhappy life is your own creation. Nobody else is responsible for the nature of your life. If you remember this you will never blame anyone or anything for what happens in your life. You are your own best friend, as well as your worst enemy.

Our goal here on earth is to burn the seeds of karma or to learn our lessons so that we might reach a state of nirvana. But this is not easy nor should it be. Karma is about work. It is about awareness. If the same things keeps popping up in your life – for example angry people, than you need to look at your own energy, decisions and way of life. We draw to our lives exactly what we need to grow and evolve.

Today we are going to focus on the breath and awareness of the movement of our body. If you feel struggle be aware. If you feel relaxation also be aware of the feeling.   



Practice karma – be aware of all the things that happen to you this week. When something arises try to step back and observe and ask yourself what lesson is there here for me to learn? Remember nobody is responsible for your happiness. Become your own best friend and let go of your worst enemy and you will find a state of happiness, peace and serenity.
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Yoga Today Karma Yoga

Karma means work. The doctrine of karma states that nothing in life comes instantaneously. Everything is a long learning process. It also states that there is such a thing as universal justice. Simply put; every thought, word or action you produce will manifest somehow somewhere in your present life or in your next life.

In your life you carry three forms of karma. The karma from your past life, your present life and the karma you are creating for your future life. According to karma we all choose the life we need to live out in order to live out our karma.

The theory of karma is simple. Life is teaching us the lessons that we have chosen to learn, in a way that is the fastest and easiest, so that we sustain the least amount of injury.

The purpose of life is to grow to an understanding that there is nothing more you need to experience except the experience of the true self which is called balanced self-awareness.

It’s about stepping back, observing without judgment and then letting go. We all know what it is like to act unethically or immorally. Sometimes it is difficult to see others who are being unethical getting ahead in world while others suffer. But are they really getting ahead? Perhaps in the material world, but the material world is transient. It is not real and never last. The real value is in the punja or the merits you bring to your soul.  It’s called good deeds. Remember all action creates a reaction. So bring to your life that which will allow you to developed balanced self-awareness.

Punja or merits are accumulated through good deeds and not fat bank accounts. Every soul must pay the price for its deeds. The universe has a perfect accounting system always striving towards balance. Therefore seek balance in all things and in all things find balance.
Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A Recipe for Sex – It’s Set in Stone

When is a fruit a drupe and what does a drupe have to do with a stone? A drupe is a fruit in which the outer fleshy part surrounds a hard seed or stone. The definitive characteristic of a drupe is that the stone is derived from the ovary wall of the flower. The apricot, peach, plum and nectarine are examples of stone fruit that are drupes.

Stone fruits are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that support sexual health. The rich color of these fruits reflects succulent nutrition at its best. Spanish researchers discovered that peaches and nectarines contain 5 times more antioxidants than previously thought. One medium nectarine provides 40 percent of your daily vitamin C and 14 percent of niacin. Important nutrients for sexual health

Like nectarines, peaches are packed with fiber, vitamin, minerals and carotenoids. These phytonutrients have been shown to help fight against cancer. A rich source of antioxidants, peaches supports a strong immune system; needed for sexual performance.

Apricot, another stone fruit, like peaches and nectarines, is rich in both iron and copper. The copper makes the iron available for consumption. Iron helps to build strong rich blood and provide strength and energy; needed for sexual strength.

Now all stone fruit are stone fruit because they have a large center seed that resembles a stone. The stone in many of these fruits has been used to symbolize the female genitaia, making these stone fruits a sexy food. Further stone fruits are a good source of niacin.

Niacin or Vitamin B-3 is responsible for the flush we feel when we get sexually aroused. Niacin helps the skin to stay healthy and improves circulation. Combine niacin with a good source of iron and a visual sexual symbol and it’s easy to see why stone fruit supports sexual health.

Can you think of anything sexier than a peachy complexion and a slight flush of sexual arousal? So if you want to make sure your sex life doesn’t take a droop, it’s written in stone, serve up a fresh sweet drupe and let the fun begin!

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, January 02, 2016

New year…Karma Yoga – your actions.

Karma is not about good or bad. It is not about judgement. It is about action. The thing to remember about karma is that karma is like impressions that are a part of your being. Those impressions have been created in the past lives, the present life and the future life. In fact you are already creating things that will surface in your next life.

Even though we are all a part of the vast universe and completely interconnected we are also all on our own journey with our own individual karma.  According to karma we each choose this body, this mind and life to live out our karma. The idea with karma is to burn the seeds of karma away so that we created purity. This can only be done with awareness.

We cannot change the origin of our karma. That is why we are here. But we can change the direction we take. For example you may have been born with a stubborn temper. Karma would call this pride. Awareness of your actions and then attempting to change your temper begins to burn the seed of karma. The problem is most of us are walking through life without awareness of the power we have to change.

Think of someone who is very angry; their whole persona and physical presence changes. Awareness of this emotion causes them to seek help and to work hard to change their temperament. They stop a piece of karma and their life changes.

Let’s work on balance, flexibility, strength and peace.

Karma is your actions and all of those actions create reactions. So act with compassion and understanding and you will begin to burn the seeds of karma. Remember you take with you, when you leave this world, the karma you have created in this life time. So seek to create what you hope to bring with you into the next life. It’s your choice. It’s called free will.
Doctor Lynn