Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What if you could...?

Today's Yoga lesson

What if you could in the next 6-18 months achieve something that would enrich your life and lead to fullfilling your potential? You can, but you must first get the intellect out of the way. We can talk about it but it is quite another thing to actualize it. It comes from quieting the mind and listening quietly to your inner voice. What if you could? You can! Stop and look around you. What is serving your bigger purpose and what is not.
Doctor Lynn

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Zen Moment - structure and design

In all my yoga and cycle classes we always take the time to focus on something Zen - this week it is about structure and design. The structure and  the design of our universe provide the opportunity for us to begin to understand ourselves. Without the yoga mat, without the the bike, without the structure of the class - we could not know the experience. The experience would not exist. And it is through the experience - if we are totally engaged - that we have the opportunity to discover our true nature. It is much like love that must have an object to love. By its very nature, for love to be expressed, love must have something to love.
Today appreciate the structure and design of your universe for it is through this that you will have the opportunity to discover your true purpose .
Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Way of Proceeding to Find Your Purpose

In yoga the way to proceed in finding your life's purpose is to be totally dedicated from a place within your heart. As you think so you become. Or as I have said life becomes what life does. It is about intentions and intentions must be stated with full committment and focus, otherwise they simply become meaningless. Most intentions fail. The average person makes about 1.8 resolutions a year and 80 perent fail. Why? Because we focus on fullfilling our desires without thinking about how these desires  serve the greater meaning and purpose of our lives. Another reason why we fail is that there is a science to fullfilling your desires. You must focus your energy in such a way that it reaches a specific end.
So here are the first to things you must master;
1. Make your intentions very clear and state it to another person. Write it down.
2. Focus with all your enegy on fullfilling this desire but make sure it is a desire that serves the greater meaning to your purpose in life.
In other words if your intention is to find a better job or to make more money - how does that serve to fullfill a greater purpose in your life - when you discover this you will succeed.
This will take some thought.
Doctor Lynn

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finding your Potential

How do you find your highest potential? What is it you desire that would best help you actualize your potential? If you could  achieve it in the next 6-18 months what would contribute to you finding fullfillment, purpose, meaning in your life? Now you might say money, passion, love or any host of things but these are intellectual concepts. The real answer lies deep within your soul. We all know what makes us unhappy and we all know what makes us happy. The problem is we focus on what we want and not on what we need. You have to be willing to walk away from those things that are holding you back and embrace what will enhance your potential. Sit quietly and listen to the voice within. Just give it some thought.
Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LIfe's Purpose

Have you discovered it? Are you still searching? According to ancient yoga tradition it is the ability to fullfill your life's pupose that creates happiness. I would dare say that the reason most people are unable to attain and sutain happiness is that they are unable to discover and live their life's purpose. The challenge we face as humans is to use the forces of health, security, money and pleasure to live the best life possible. Give it some thought.
Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Fourth Desire

The fourth desire according to the Vedas is the desire for spiritual realization and ultimate freedom. It is the desire to be free of all the burdens of the world even as you participate in it fully. It is about reaching a state that transends the other three desires; to reach your potential, to secure the means to reach your potential and to receive pleasure from living at your highest potential. The soul uses the four to help you fullfill your unique potential. Learning to honor the four allows you to thrive at every level and to live a complete and balanced life. Isn't that ulitmately what we all want?
Doctor Lynn

Monday, October 10, 2011

Finding Happiness

To aquire happiness in this world the Vedas - ancient scriptures teach that we must aquire four things; here are the first three as we have been studying in my yoga classes over the last three weeks:
1. Finding your potential
2. Having the means( health, money and security) to bring yor potential into fruition
3. Receiving pleasure from what you are doing

To find your potential - do what makes you happy. Do what you could do for hours without getting exhausted because it gives you pleasure. Take care of your health and mange your money so that you can provide the security within which to continue to live your potential.
Now smile
Doctor Lynn

Friday, October 07, 2011

Avoid the Flu

If you’re like me and can’t take the flu shot – I get sick with the flu every time I have taken one here is some advice.

Physical activity stimulates the blood flow in your body, the clearing of your lungs

and the mobilization of many other factors in your body which improves your chances of

not getting the flu. Stay active. Get exercise. It’s better than the flu shot.

 Hydration is important. Drinking your 64 ounces of water a day will help your

body’s immune system fight off the flu. Don’t forget to get plenty of fluids before you

are ill and if you get sick.

 Nutrition is important. Eating a well balanced diet, which includes vegetables and

fruits is critical to avoiding the flu. Your immune system is dependent upon your diet.

Junk food, fast food, fried foods and fatty foods, all impair your ability to fend off


Avoid sick people. If a friend  co-worker or family member is sick keep your distance.

Enjoy your health – it’s the most important thing you have!
Doctor Lynn

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sankalpa - a way of proceeding to achieve success

Sankalpa is a sanskrit word. In yoga it means "a way of proceeding." The difference between those who fullfil their desires and those who don't has more to do with focus than luck. According to the scriptures, when you quiet your body-mind ( such as in yoga class) your soul's purpose has an opportunity to manifest. Listening quietly to your inner voice you know instinctly(intuitively) what you need to fullfil your desire to reach your highest potential. It is a driving need that propells a person forward. Some times this force seems unrealistic but when it becomes a need and not a want you will find yourself traveling the pathway known as happiness. Whatever you must do; you will do it with happiness when directed by sankalpa - the way to proceed. Listen quietly and follow your voice.
Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This Week's Yoga Lesson - the desire for the means to fullfill your dream

In our desire to find happiness we also desire  according to the Vedas, the desire for artha or the desire to aquire the means to allow us to fill our potential.Thing such as money, security and health allow us to move forward and complete our destiny. Now money you may say is material and isn't the soul's desire beyond material accummmulation? Yes, but we all need the means of survival in order to create . The accummulation of money, security and of course our health can take on a spiritual path of its own. Mindfully pursued the accummulation of  money can be a spritual path that assist the soul in ultimately expressing it's highest potential. I spent years pursuing a goal. All that time I had a plan for getting to a secure and financially stable place where I could follow my dream. Mindfully I never let the desire for money in and of itself be the driving force in my life. If I had I would be a rich woman today but perhaps dreadfully unhappy. I know many people who chase money for money's sake and end up unhappy. Money or wealth is what allows a society and an individual to prosper. This is good. But there is a big difference between following a dream and securing the means to attain it and becoming attached to the material world. Be willing to release the energy and realize your dream.  You will then find happiness. There is a saying...do what you love and the money will come.
Doctor Lynn


Finished the main part of my cookbook whoch is more than a cookbook. It's also about how to succeed and to fill a dream or potential. The next book is outlined and ready to be written. This one is off to a publisher. Time to step back and market my projects.
Success is one step in front of the other.
Doctor Lynn

Monday, October 03, 2011

How to delegate

Time to delegate part of finsihing a project to someone else. Of course delegatoin menas you need to pay someone to help you and trust they will get the job done. Some times you can solve several problems at the same time. I'm helping someone who needs the help and getting the job done, freeing my time up for the next project. Cook book to continue...
Doctor Lynn