Saturday, June 25, 2022

Power is the Sixth Treasure

Power is referred to as the ability to influence the will, or conduct of others. It is also the ability to control and direct your energy towards your goals, as well as control over your conduct. Power resides within the individual. It is independent and informal in nature and is derived from charisma and status. Power allows a person to influence and set an example for millions of people. On a smaller scale we have power over our children, employees, students, family members, friends and ourselves. How we use power determines our prosperity. Power has nothing to do with accumulating great material wealth, however often times great wealth comes as the result of this treasures. Misuse of power is known as manipulation. It may gain you the upper hand temporarily, but it will at some point bring rebellion, disgust, hatred, humiliation and destruction. Think of all the powerful leaders who misused their power. All were eventually met with great opposition, defeat and death. Power at its best is used to empower yourself, as well as others towards making the world a better place. Here we need to implement the qualities of discriminating between right and wrong, self-control and sincere intellectual appreciation for all of life. Takes work – that’ karma – let’s get started. END: Remember as you think, say and do your life becomes. Examine the power of your intentions and remember to do no harm. In this your power will evolve and it will always be used for good. Self-control and sincere appreciation are required to discover the treasure of power. What you do with this power depends upon your moral and ethical understanding. If a friend asks your opinion about taking a new job, or needs a little support when it comes to a love interest are you able to guide them unselfishly? You have just gotten a promotion and are now in charge of other people. Do you treat them fairly, or are you overcome with a sense of misguided power and seek to rule rather than lead? Power brings great wealth. Do you use it to buy and control other people, or do you use it to help other people excel? EGO: flip your hands up and extend out your index finger – the symbol of your ego. Feel it pull you from your center. When it comes to power the ego is all in. Power and control are the nature of the ego. When used properly it seeks to use its power and control to help you both survive and to thrive. But when used in combination with deceit, greed, anger and pride it is destructive. Pull your ego in and place your thumb on top – the symbol of the soul; seek to do no harm. Use your power to make the world a better place by striving to become the perfect human being; true to yourself and equally disseminating joy, happiness and peace to all. Namaste ~ may you walk the soulful path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For classes, books, consultation and more

Saturday, June 18, 2022

FOUR DAILY AIMS FOR PROSPERITY – wealth, pleasure, harmony and liberation

Lesson 6/11 THE NEDHIS – the treasures of life Qualities needed to Prosper 1. Have Unshakeable faith, leading one to attain what might appear unattainable 2. To endure suffering and hardships And of course be calm, reflect and have self-control Treasures: Procreation, love, ethic and morals. potential and now: Courage is the fifth treasure Courage is seen as an attribute of good character and respect. We equate it to a mighty warrior or someone who goes to battle. Yet courage is not just about physical bravery. Courage involves the ability to speak out against injustice, to take a risk in the face of adversity, to open yourself up to the vulnerabilities of life and to believe in your convictions even when met with mockery and contempt. Personal growth lies within the unknown, courage permits you to explore this space. Nothing in life is ever accomplished without a dose of courage. That’s because courage is the engine of ingenuity. Attempt something new and above the mediocracy of everyday life and you will be met with opposition, criticism and ridicule. Rise above this, solider onward and you will discover the treasure of courage. Courage takes balance, flexibility strength and the ability to find peace within a chaotic world. Its’ take work – that’s karma let’s get started! END It takes courage to forgive, to be humble, and to be respectful and compassionate in a world that equates courage with brute force and domination. It takes courage to speak your mind and be true to yourself when faced with conformity. It takes courage to love and be open to vulnerability. Courage therefore is the ability to remain strong within even when the outside world is nebulous and moving. But the greatest use of courage is to overcome dis-couragement. Courage is the only antidote for failure and disappointment. The capacity to endure suffering and hardships requires faith and courage. EGO Our fiercest enemy is the ego. It is a mighty force and not easy to control. It takes courage to look within and find the strength to successfully manage the challenges of life. Courage requires nothing more than simply letting go of fear with unshakable faith. Remove fear and the warrior stands courageous rather than the hapless victim. Thus, the warrior with courage conquers all. Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the conquest of it. William Danforth (1870-1955) Namaste ~ may you walk with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more classes, books and private consultation COMING SOON! The Wellness Universe introduces you to Dr. Lynn Anderson Ph. D, ND, Holistic Health Expert Leader, Author, and Speaker in partnership with The Wellness Universe, Wellness for All programming instructing her live virtual flex course: HEALTH You Are What and How You Eat Every 3rd Monday between July and December, 10am ET/7am PT, join Dr. Lynn live for 60-minutes in her interactive flex course supporting your health journey. Register Now: This donation-based flex course supports those seeking health and well-being. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the support you seek through Dr. Lynn’s guidance. Free seats for those in need. “There is a branch of yoga that is dedicated to what and how we eat; simply you become what you think, say, and do. This is not a quick fix diet plan or any specific diet but rather an understanding of how foods effect our weight, stress, moods, sleep, sex, and holistic health and what we can do to improve our health; body, mind and soul. It is called HEALTH.”

Saturday, June 11, 2022

FOUR DAILY AIMS – wealth, pleasure, harmony and liberation

THE NEDHIS – the treasures of life Qualities needed to Prosper 1 Be Calmness 2 Have Self-control 3. Self-withdrawal; reflect 4. Unshakable faith Sexuality or procreation, love, ethic and morals and now: Potential is the fourth treasure Potential energy, unlike kinetic energy which is energy in motion, is stored energy that exist by virtue of its’ relative position to everything else in the universe. Just by your existence in relationship to everything else in the world you have been given the treasure of potential energy. That means you have the potential to create and your potential is only limited by how you position yourself in relationship to everything else in the world. Self-acceptance is fundamental to discovering your potential. You are who you are so you should make the best of it. Don’t compare yourself, or your life to others. Instead encourage yourself to attain your highest potential. Life is abundant with potential energy. Realize this and you will never go without. The laws of thermodynamics tell us that energy is never lost. It simply changes form. Padmini Vidya, as a science, tells us that when we consciously create and release a particular desire, the energy of that desire manifest into material form. But be careful because consciousness has the potential to create or destroy. This is not a think positive proposition. It is about giving a thought the potential to manifest. Nothing in life is created without first some level of conscious energy. This requires you to have faith and a belief that you can attain what you desire through the use of your potential energy. Develop the qualities of self-withdrawal(reflection) and unshakable faith and you will prosper. END: For life to exist at all there must be potential energy. Even science tells us that for the material world to exist there must be the potential. Consciousness needs a vehicle, such as the brain to bring thoughts into material manifestation. But it needs nothing to exist. It is potential waiting to materialize through its relationship to everything else in the universe. Every thought, word and deed are a manifestation of potential energy. But for potential energy to bring you prosperity it must follow this formula: have a vision + backed with desire + a well-thought-out plan + persistent and consistent action = success. Dreams and desires are a part of life. Even aimless people aspire for things. However, not all people have clear and concise goals, but everyone harbors vague ideas about their future, where they want to go, what they want to do and how to become prosperous and happy. Potential energy exists everywhere. Use it wisely. EGO Potential energy is not simply positive thinking, or mind over matter. The ego wants to be important and sometimes believes it has the power just by its existence to succeed. The ego can be quite self-serving and selfish. But it takes more than wishful thinking to make things manifest. Potential exists everywhere and it is up to us to turn it into kinetic energy, or material form. If your energy is negative, you will draw negative destructive energy towards you. Alashimi, the evil sister of Lakshmi might visit you and wreak havoc on your house! If you are positive, you will draw positive energy towards you. This is essential if you wish to prosper. No one ever prospers in a negative place of negative energy for very long. So, pull your ego in and surrender it to your soul reflect upon life, have unshakable faith and know that within you is the potential to create or destroy. Namaste~ may you walk with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For classes, books, consults and more

Saturday, June 04, 2022

THE NIDHIS – the treasures of life Qualities needed to Prosper

1 Be Calmness 2 Have Self-control 3. Self-withdraw reflect 4. Have the Capacity to endure sorrows and sufferings 5 Be Sincere and intellectually appreciate 6. Be Tranquility; develop the poise gained by constant contemplation 7. Be able to Discrimination between right and wrong 8. Have Unshakeable faith, leading one to attain what might appear unattainable 9. Strive To become the perfected human, living connected to the true self; equally disseminating joy, cheer and bliss to all. The first treasure is sexuality; the second is love and the third is: Ethics and Morals There are three things’ humans need in order to both survive and thrive. The first is material goods including shelter and food. The second is erotic practice, or sex to ensure the continuation of the species and the third is rules of behavior, or ethical and moral codes of conduct. One of the qualities need to prosper is the ability to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong. The underlying factor is to do no harm. All humans desire long life, knowledge, justice, fame, love and salvation. Living beings other than humans only seek survival. Therefore, the successful survival and thriving of the human species is based upon good morals and ethics. Make the wrong choice and there will be consequences; life becomes what life does. But you must decide what is right and what is wrong. No one can do this for you. How and what you choose is a reflection of what you value. or wrong. It is good to make money and enjoy the pleasures of life. However, when people are only attached to money and pleasure without a moral and ethical underpinning the decadence of the world is inevitable. When profit and pleasure are guided by ethics and morals, they become instruments for humanitarian and soulful growth. It is good to make a profit just do it from a consciously guided way. This takes work – that’s karma let’s get started. END: Some people think the desire to fulfill our inner life makes it difficult to make money. This is not true. When we do things with a clear conscious, prosperity is sure to come. Just remind yourself that money and wealth have the power to do more than poverty. So, seek wealth and enjoy the pleasures of life based upon good morals and ethics. Wealth, sex, love and ethics is the cornerstone of a civilized society. Just as your soul needs to be fed pure energy, the conscience needs ethics, the mind love and sex, and the body wellbeing. Without these things life begins to crumble. The measure of success, or failure in life is the degree of your happiness and not the size of your bank account. However, fulfilling the desire for wealth, sex love based upon reputable morals and ethics will lead to prosperity. EGO: While our modern-day culture and our ego encourages us to get rich no matter what the cost, yoga challenges us to look at money as a divine force that we must handle responsibly. We are encouraged to earn a good living and even to become rich. However, the path must be honest and lawful. We must always seek to do no harm. Pull your ego in and place your soul on top. Humans desire long life, knowledge, justice, fame, love and salvation. The rest of life only seeks to survive. The successful survival and thriving of human beings are based upon good morals and ethics. This is a treasure of great importance. Act ethically from this moral base; do unto others as you would have them do unto you and do no harm. Namaste ~ may you walk the soulful path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For books, classes, consultation and more