Saturday, December 15, 2018

Reincarnation – how did I get here?

To understand karma we need to begin with an understanding of reincarnation.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not it is an interesting subject for most people.  According to karma yoga and physicist we are simply a bundle of energy. And according to the laws of thermodynamics energy is never lost, but simply changes form. Our energy field (body, mind, soul) is a subtle form of motion like a wave or a pulse that goes on and on.  But to fully understand anything we must understand it’s opposite. So if we can only know on by knowing off is it possible that we can only know we are alive by knowing we had once been dead?


If we are simply a bundle of energy and we follow the laws of thermodynamics we can conclude that our energy is never lost, it simply changes form.  So it would stand to reason that when we die our energy just changes to a different form of energy and that energy maintains the potential to return again to earth and change its form again.  It takes strength, balance and flexibility to take on form. So as you work through the yoga class today, think about yourself as a bundle on energy that has taken on the strength to survive and flourish, balance so you might navigate through life and flexibility so that you might endure the ever changing nature of life. Let’s get started.


You are a bundle of energy that has chosen to reincarnate into this body and this life for the “soul” purpose of working through your karma. Hold onto your strength; you will need it to survive and flourish; work on your balance; it will be challenged with every step you take and stay flexible and open to change. For the one thing you can absolutely sure of is that life will change. In this you will evolve.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, December 08, 2018

The Spiritual Force

As humans we are all walking the path of life because of the spiritual force of the universe. We call this prana or the force that gives rise to all of life. We are here with a body, a mind and soul working to undo some piece of karma.

The body is the vehicle. The mind is the GPS. The soul is the part of you that sits beneath your body and behind the mind. Sometimes you get a hunch, a feeling or perhaps a quiet moment when you sense the nature of your soul. In that moment you know you are touching something deeper within yourself. The soul holds your mission and so the spiritual force initiates the process of discovery. This is how we learn, know and master our lives. Practicing karma yoga helps us to initiate the process of discovering which requires balance, strength, flexibility and the ability to find peace amongst the chaos of life.

Your soul has taken this body and this mind to complete your karmic mission. It’s up to you to discover the mission, get on the path, and walk with your soul. Most likely anyone who says they are spiritual may in fact simply mean that they are soulfully walking the spiritual path one step at a time. They are not the spiritual force; that’s prana, but because of the spiritual force they are on earth to walk the path. You are a soul walking the spiritual path and not the spiritual force walking the soulful path. There is a difference. The soul is you. The spirit is the force that gives rise to existence. “May the force be with you.”


Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

#Yoga Today ~The Observing Principle

Although the soul has an infinite ability for creativity it only has three central activities: thinking, speaking, doing. These three activities create our karma and all karma seeks expression through your thoughts, words and deeds.

To lighten or soften your karma (your aura) you need to manifest certain actions and prohibit others.  For example: practicing kindness rather than anger. The physical practice of yoga helps us to learn to become motionless and balanced without losing consciousness.  The mental emotional part of yoga teaches us to quiet and purify our thoughts and the soulful part of yoga reminds us to observe life without attachment while remaining present and aware. Observe, detach, but never be indifferent. It also reminds us that life is ever changing and so to navigate life we need balance, strength, flexibility and peace. Let’s get started.


The soul has infinite ability for creativity, but it only has three central activities; thinking speaking and doing. This is how we both create and annihilate karma; thinking, speaking and doing. Karma yoga teaches us how to be balanced, flexible, strong and at peace while holding onto awareness. This is how we change the coloration of our aura and thus create and annihilate karma.  Karma is simply cause and effect so observe everything you think, say and do. This is known as our witnessing consciousness; the observing principle of life.


Doctor Lynn