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Healthy Tips to keep your #weight under control and have fun!

We all know what we should and should not do when it come to the Thanksgiving feast. But indulgence once in a while is good for the body, the mind and the soul. As yogis say – you only live once; with this karma! So, enjoy this life in moderation. Now so you don’t feel guilty about indulging here are a few easy health tips to keep your calories in check.

Dance whenever you get the chance!

Here’s a music party play list for you below. Use this to have fun, burn calories and stay healthy.

Put the music on and start the party

When setting the table – Dance to Loco-Motion

After the meal have guest help clear the table by picking up their plate and forming a conga line dancing to Conga

After dessert – Have guests stand up and play - Twist Again

 And then play A Little Less Conversation – and take a walk

After the meal get up and move. Take a walk with a family member and spend some quality time chatting. Thanksgiving is not about the meal, but about giving thanks for all the goodness that exists in your life. It’s a time to put aside conflict, strife and work, and enjoy your family and friends.

One half hour (that’s just 30 minutes!) of brisk walking a day will burn an extra 100 calories. Not only does walking burn calories, but it also helps to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and the sunlight you get will help your body make vitamin D which is needed for strong bones and good health.


And the play list:

Thanksgiving Theme/ Guaraldi


Having a Party/ Sam Cooke


The Thanksgiving Song/Adam Sandler

Harvest Moon/ Neil Young

The Turkey Song/Thanksgiving Theme

Instant Karma/ John Lennon

The Loco-Motion/ Little Eva

Conga/ Gloria Estefan

Let’s Twist/ Chubby Checker

A Little Less Conversation/ Elvis Presley

Imagine/ John Lennon

Grapefruit Diet/ Weird Al

What a Wonderful World/ Louis Armstrong

The Farewell Polka/ Ruthie and the Wranglers

Now if that doesn’t work for you…

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AND ONE LAST TIP – increase your metabolism naturally

Ok, so the holidays are coming and you want a natural way to increase your metabolism, right? Well, you’ve heard green tea will do it. But did you know adding a little mustard to your diet can increase metabolism? It’s called the thermo genetic effect. When we add certain foods to our diet, we can increase our metabolism because these foods literally heat up the body, improve circulation and require energy to digest them.  Lean protein is the best thermo genetics food as it takes a lot of work to digest protein, thus burning more calories (think turkey). When we add mustard, it increases the thermo genetics effect. Mustard is virtually void of calories so that makes it a good dressing and spread for lean meats. An added benefit is that mustard seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which also helps to increase metabolism and improve both heart and brain functioning.

Here is an easy and healthy side dish recipe that is low in calories and will give a boost to your metabolism from my book; Recipes for Sex, Health Happiness and Love; eating your way to success.

1 Bunch of fresh leeks cut into ½ inch disc, 2 tablespoons of mustard seeds, a tablespoon of olive oil, several button mushrooms sliced and the peel from one small orange cut into small slivers. Heat oil and toast mustard seeds in the oil, add leek slices, mushrooms and orange slivers and sauté until leeks are tender.

Now enjoy your Thanksgiving feast guilt free. When shared with family and friends for the sake of giving thanks for all the blessing we have in our lives, Thanksgiving becomes the best meal of the year. But the real challenge is to keep those blessing and thanks going throughout the year to come.

Remember to enjoy the food, laugh with your family and friends, count your blessings and when you have the chance get up and dance!

Happy Thanksgiving

Doctor Lynn        



Saturday, November 20, 2021

Karma plus the Troublesome Four


As we say with Karma yoga – don’t fall into D-GAP. The four great passions of deceit, greed anger and pride will surely get you into trouble. As you move through life working on your karma each of the troublesome four will also try and attach themselves to your work. If you let them, they will make your labor one of burden as opposed to joy.

Envy brings with it deceit which confuses acquiring for achieving. Many people are good at acquiring, but not at achieving. Greed brings a lack of contentment, while anger leaves us wanting to inflict misfortune because our sense of pride is misdirected and we feel inferior.


Jealousy is often disguised in deceiving ourselves into feeling threatened. Greed comes along to make us feel a loss of control while anger adds suspicion and pride leaves us without trust.


Resentment’s deceit is in blaming others and not taking responsibility for our part. Do we really think that we had nothing to do with the unfolding of events in our lives?  Resentment gets attached to greed leaving us measuring success by outward appearance while feeling angry because the world seems unfair and disappointing. Our pride kicks in to make us feel like a victim.

Revenge deceives us by getting into our heads. We are the one who suffers when we deceive ourselves with thoughts of greed fueled by anger and enhanced by self-deserving pride that seeks to even the score with an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

It will take balance, strength flexibility and the ability to find contentment and peace in a chaotic world to master the 4 great passions and the troublesome four – it takes work -that’s karma, so let’s get to work.



Be careful not to fall into D-GAP and be controlled by The Troublesome Four. Just be aware when they arrive; trust me on this one; they will arrive, one by one, in a pair and sometimes all together at once.  Acknowledge them and then investigate why you let these four get into your head and control your life in such a burdensome and impoverish way. What did you gain?

Deceit, greed, anger and pride will never be mastered by letting envy, jealousy, resentment and revenge reside in your mind.  So, be careful what you let occupy your mind.  Because what you let in your mind will occupy you.  It’s takes work – that’s karma.


EGO: Just remember the four great passions and the troublesome four will always pull you away from your center – your core is where your soul its quietly waiting for you to return.  Pull your index finger in and place your thumb on top; the symbol of your soul. You are here on earth to work your life so that your soul evolves. Let your soul be your guide and you will know how to work your karma so your life works for you.


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Remember ~ Life becomes what life does so work hard to master your karma and you will begin to prosper.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet…see you on the pathway to prosperous success!

Doctor Lynn



Saturday, November 13, 2021

Karma ~Watch Out for the Troublesome Four


The Troublesome Four are envy, jealousy, resentment and revenge. These four will surely get you into karmic trouble!

Envy is a widespread feeling today. We think of it as being present only in the business world, but it also rears its ugly head along the soulful path. Secretly individuals may wonder how far the other soul has gotten and whether he or she has already reached a higher level of being. This of course creates conflict as an unhappy soul may wish to inflict misfortune onto others. This conflicts with the guidepost suggestion of doing no harm.

Jealousy is a morbid emotion that looks for anything that will cause suffering.  With jealousy an individual feels threatened by the loss of control over another person or situation. It is a feeling of suspicion and mistrust. Jealousy corrodes and destroys everything it touches. Jealousy is really a feeling of being unlovable and in constant danger of losing.  It is based in uncertainty and fear.  The opposite of jealousy is trustworthiness.

Resentment is a negative state where an individual blames everybody and everything, but self for the state of his or her life. This individual feels he or she is the hapless victim of a cruel fate. Life is seen as unfair and full of disappointments. Resentment results from expectation. We expect something and when it doesn’t turn out as expected we experience resentment.  We then begin to see ourselves as a hapless victim when in fact the responsibility for our destiny and happiness has to do with how we see things and not what another person does or does not do.

Revenge is an act of wanting to conflict hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands. You want to even the score by one-up-man-ship. Retribution in the form of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is the focus of revenge.

The worse thing about revenge is that it gets inside your head and hijack your focus. Once revenge occupies the space within your head fighting it is like fighting yourself. Be careful with what you let occupy your mind; it will occupy you.

To master the Troublesome Four requires balance, strength and flexibility, as well as the ability to be content and at peace with your life just as it is. Circumstances happen. You cannot un-happen them. Accept what happens. Learn from it and focus on using what you have learned to prosper. If someone has done you wrong don’t try to correct it with another wrong; because two wrongs will never make a right. Let’s get started:

END:   Life will present you with the troublesome four: envy, jealousy, resentment and revenge. You cannot avoid them but you can see them for what they are:

Once you know who you are (the infinite capacity to be) and why you are here (to discover this infinite capacity) envy, jealousy, resentment and revenge become irrelevant.  To master the troublesome four, be content, trustworthy, generous and objective, and remember the world is real. It is your perception (how you see things) that is the illusion. Remove the maya (illusion), detach and be objective but never indifferent, and you will see the world and all its events as opportunities to learn, know and master your life. Change the way you see things and the way you see things changes.

EGO:  it is the ego that uses the troublesome four in an attempt to control. Pride and deceit are mighty passions that cause one to justify envy, jealousy, resentment and revenge. The ego wants to win and yet in life whenever we employ any of the troublesome four, we always lose. The best way to master the troublesome four is to pull back to the soul. Be content with what comes into your life, trust yourself, be grateful for what you have and forgive. These are not easy things to do. It takes work and that is karma.


Doctor Lynn

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Friday, November 05, 2021

Is #Life an Illusion? What about #boundaries?


Maya means illusion or boundaries and can be quite confusing. It does not mean that the world is not real. The world is made up of real experiences through which we gain real knowledge into the nature of our purusa or our real being. It is not the world that is the illusion, but our interpretation of the experience.

Millionaires come and go. Beauty fades. What might be important today might mean nothing tomorrow. Understanding this we realize that the maya or the illusion is in believing that life is about boundaries, bank accounts and material possessions. It is not the material world that defines us, but rather it is how we use the material world to define and refine our being.  We need the world to help us create our lives. We are here as a physical and mental being to assist the soul’s evolution and so we need the world to help us evolve.


To best understand this, suppose something makes you angry. It is not the “something” that makes you angry, but rather your interpretation of the experience and how you choose to experience it. Understanding this you have the opportunity to evolve, which is simply to change the passion of anger to kindness and this is known as working your karma. But it takes seeing the world for what it is – simply experiences for the soul to evolve, and then stepping back into a balanced state of being which requires strength and flexibility. This all takes work and that is karma. Let’s get started.

Simply remember that everything in the world is real. It is here for your evolution. The maya or illusion is in believing that everything is permanent and more important than the journey of your soul. Use the world, but do not be used by the world. Remember you are a steward of life so use it wisely. To overcome maya detach without indifference. Observe everything with an objective eye. Remove the emotional attachment and you will discover clarity. You will begin to understand why you are here and what you have to learn. See every problem as an opportunity to learn, know and master your life

But remember if you fall into the D-GAP and you block knowledge, feelings, vitality(health) and/or free will (choice) it will be impossible to understand maya and to see the forest for the trees.

EGO: the ego thinks it knows all, puts up a good front when it comes to feelings, takes physical health and vitality for granted and still believes it can control both the cause and the effect of things. It tries to use the world for its own gain rather than for preservation and continuation which is the true purpose of the ego. Humble yourself and bow to your soul. It will always show you the maya if you take the time to step back and observe the true purpose of life – it is about the evolution of your soul.

Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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