Saturday, March 28, 2020

Potential is the fourth treasure

Potential energy, unlike kinetic energy which is energy in motion, is stored energy that exist by virtue of its’ relative position to everything else in the universe.  Just by your existence in relationship to everything else in the world you have been given the treasure of potential energy. That means you have the potential to create and your potential is only limited by how you position yourself in relationship to everything else in the world.  Self-acceptance is fundamental to discovering your potential. You are who you are so you should make the best of it. Don’t compare yourself or your life to others. Instead encourage yourself to attain your highest potential. Life is abundant with potential energy. Realize this and you will never go without.  


The laws of thermodynamics tell us that energy is never lost. It simply changes form. Yoga as a science tells us that when we let go of a particular desire, the energy of that desire manifest into material form. Consciously we therefore have the potential to create or destroy. This is not a think positive proposition. It is about giving a thought the potential to manifest. Nothing in life is created without first some level of conscious energy.


Nothing can exist in actuality that doesn’t already exist as potential energy.  We could never travel to faraway lands if the potential to do so was not already there.  As humans we have the potential to create at a very high level. Our brains allow us to master the complexities of life. An insect on the other hand is limited. But it does have wings and can fly. It’s biomechanically designed to do so. However, the creative potential of our brains allowed us to build flying machines!  Who knows, perhaps someday an insect will develop the potential to write a bestselling novel!


Potential energy is not simply positive thinking or mind over matter.  However, potential energy is best served with a positive outlook. Potential exist everywhere and it is up to us to turn it into kinetic energy or material form.


For life to exist at all there must be potential energy. Even science tells us that for the material world to exist there must be the potential. Consciousness needs a vehicle, such as the brain to bring thoughts into material manifestation. But it needs nothing to exist. It is potential waiting to materialize through its relationship to everything else in the universe.


Every thought, word and deed is a manifestation of potential energy. But for potential energy to bring you prosperity it must follow this formula: have a vision + backed with desire + a well thought-out plan + persistent and consistent action = success. 

You have been given potential energy as a gifted treasure. It is very powerful, but useless without conscious thought and action to bring it into fruition. Use it wisely and you will prosper.


Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn          

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Thursday, March 26, 2020 ~ Daily Dose #Coronavirus You’ve given me #Cabin #fever I’m going stir crazy here’s what to do

Social isolation, kids home from school, mate getting too familiar? Feeling irritable, restless and stir crazy? You’ve got cabin #fever and with a fever worse than corona you need a good dose of immune boosting health.  Cabin fever is sometimes referred to as being stir cray which is a term derived from a word that means prison. So if you feel like you’ve been sent to prison with only short bouts of furlough remember that what you do with your time determines the health of your body, mind and soul. Focus on your health for it is truly the most valuable thing in your life.


First keep eating healthy diet. This is not the time to get sluggish from excess carbs and high fats. Keep your gut bacteria healthy; bananas, walnuts, yogurt, oats and chocolate. Yes, dark chocolate is good for the gut bacteria!

Exercise has been shown to improve immunity. Go for a walk but not just any walk. Make sure you walk up hills for aerobics and downhills for balance. Get sunshine. Vitamin D comes from direct sunshine and is essential when it comes to staying healthy. And of course do a few minutes of yoga. Try Doctor Lynn’s Functional Fitness

Instead of going stir crazy go stir happy. Stir up a batch of healthy treats. Get creative; post recipes on line. Start a contest – ok everyone what’s cooking? Love to hear from you!

Here’s how I’m going stirring crazy to beat cabin fever:

Angel Baby Fudge Cake


·         ½ cup unsweetened applesauce

·         1 cup light brown sugar

·         8 egg whites

·         ¾ cup chocolate syrup

·         ½ cup crème de cocoa or Bailey’s Irish Cream

·         ½ cup buttermilk

·         1 tsp. instant coffee crystals

·         1 cup flour

·         ½ cup chopped pecans


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9 inch round spring form pan with non-stick spray.

Mix applesauce, sugar and egg whites with a mixer. Add next 5 ingredients mixing well until blended. Fold In chopped pecans. Pour mixture into pan and bake for 50-60 minutes until center is firm. Remove and place on wire rack to cool.


 I’m walking up and down hills, doing my yoga and stirring away this crazy old Corona Virus induced cabin fever. After my isolation and quarantine from this fever I’ll be immune to the fear we sometimes get from being alone and quiet. I will realize that time alone stirring up goodness can combat any old fever. Being alone and quiet is good for the body the mind and the soul; simply  remind yourself to value this time as an opportunity to go stir crazy; making Angel Baby Fudge Cake!

What are you stirring?          

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Monday, March 23, 2020 Daily Dose ~#Coronavirus I think you’re saving the #environment?!

Corona I think you are saving the environment? You’ve got us all washing our hands, keeping surfaces cleaner, staying in our homes and using less paper and disposal products.  I am using cloth dish towels to clean my kitchen and cloth napkins instead of paper. What a novel idea!

 We are not going out so we are not polluting the #environment with excess traffic. Businesses have shut down allowing the air we breathe to get a breath of freshness.

Now Corona I know you are playing havoc with the world economy, but may be in this there is an element of good. The world has been moving so fast that perhaps we all needed to slow down a bit and catch our breath. The #world will come back. It always has and always will, but sometimes it’s good to slow down, relax and let Mother Nature do the rest. After all she ultimately is the one in charge!

 Breathe; oxygen is a nutrient you need as much as you need food and water. Every cell in your body depends upon it so how about putting your feet up and taking a few deep long breaths.

 If you want to survive this nasty virus take care of your health, accept the circumstances, be grateful and remember with every loss there is a gain!   Love is like oxygen - too much and you get high – not enough and you die! @THESWEET   Breathe – it’s good for the body, the mind and the soul!

. Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

# Yoga Today ~ Ethics and Morals is the third treasure.

There are three things humans need in order to both survive and thrive. The first is material goods including shelter and food. The second is erotic practice or sex to insure the continuation of the species and the third is rules of behavior, or ethical and moral codes of conduct.

Ethics are morals in action. Morals are knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing right.  Ethics is morally acting in such a way as to bring the greatest good for the greatest many.

All humans desire long life, knowledge, justice, fame, love and salvation. Living beings other than humans only seek survival. Therefore the successful survival and thriving of the human species is based upon good morals and ethics.  Make the wrong choice and there will be,

Consequences; life becomes what life does. But you must decide what is right and what is wrong. No one can do this for you. How and what you choose is a reflection of what you value.


Without food, clothes and shelter the body becomes weak. Without love and sex the mind becomes restless and unsatisfied. Without morals and ethics the conscience goes astray.

This is why from a soulful point of view it is good to make money and enjoy the pleasures of life.  However, when people are only attached to money and pleasure without a moral underpinning the decadence of the world is inevitable. When profit and pleasure are controlled by ethics they become instruments for humanitarian and soulful growth.


While our modern day culture encourages us to get rich no matter what the cost, yoga challenges us to look at money as a divine force that we must handle responsibly. We are encouraged to earn a good living and even to become rich. However, the path must be honest and lawful.


Our first responsibility is to take care of ourselves, then our family and friends, and then the world at large; never forgetting to take time for soulful pursuit. Some people think the desire to fulfill our inner life makes it difficult to make money. With a good moral compass this is not true. Just remember that money and wealth have the power to do more good than poverty. Poverty is not a virtue.   So seek wealth based upon good morals and ethics.

Wealth and ethics is the cornerstone of a civilized society. Just as your soul needs to be fed pure energy, the conscience needs ethics, the mind love and sex, and the body wellbeing. Without these life begins to crumble.

Always remember the measure of success or failure in life is the degree of your happiness and not the size of your bank account.  However, fulfilling the desire for wealth based upon reputable morals and ethics always leads to true happiness.


Remember, humans desire long life, knowledge, justice, fame, love and salvation.  The rest of life only seeks to survive. The successful survival, and thriving, of human beings is based upon good morals and ethics.  This is a treasure of great importance.  So dig deep within the container of yourself and then act ethically from this moral base; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Namaste ~ may you go with health , happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn



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Thursday, March 19, 2020 #Thursday Dose ~ #Corona leave us #Baby #boomers alone!

The #corona virus is seriously attacking those 65 and older. There’s 76 million of us between the age 55 and 75 and they say we hold most of the wealth so why won’t you leave us alone? Is it because we are collecting our SSI and on #Medicare? Is this entitlement we all paid for costing too much?

Corona your being brutal to the elderly and that is what we might call elder abuse. I think it is time we defeated you as only the “ME” Generation can do.  After all we were dubbed a narcissistic lot!   But we brought about Civil Right, we demanded the end of the Vietnam War, we had the best music, the best concert of all times (Wood Stock) and now thanks to us many of you younger folk can buy legal #weed.

Thank us for tie dye, the fitness revolution, hot tub parties, the sexual revolution, spirituality, self-help books  and many of the conveniences we all enjoy each day; so why corona are you attacking us?

It was said that the #Me Generation made self- realization and self-fulfillment ideals its cultural aspirations rather than the importance of social responsibility. Are you finally getting even for all that self-absorbed narcissism of our youth? What about today’s #Millennials? Aren’t they a bit narcissistic?

We over 65 have been told to go into social isolation which is exactly what seniors are supposed to avoid. We eat out; go to movies, travel and shop. We spend money and when we spend money it’s good for the #economy so why is Corona attacking us?

Most of us are staying home and enjoying some time away from the bustle of everyday life. We’re listening to  music, reading, cooking, watching @Netflix and doing what the Me Generation has always done – be a little defiant, but this time instead of not trusting anyone over thirty we don’t trust anyone thirty and younger. But we love you and wish you the best because when this is all said and done Corona will not have defeated us but hopefully make us revisit the notion that may-be with peace, love and inclusion we can make the world a better place not just tomorrow but well into the future.

Corona, leave us baby boomers alone. Nothing defeated us then and nothing will defeat us now because we are the narcissistic Me Generation, a loving and peaceful lot, and if there is something you cannot defeat it’s all us MEs’ – a defiant lot!


. Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020 # Wednesday Dose ~ #Corona #Listerine’s coming after you!

The shelves are bare. Rubbing alcohol to be found nowhere! So I thought; what kills 99.9% of germs is an antiseptic and basically alcohol? Listerine of course! #Listerine was something my parents always had in our house. It was what we used to clean the mouth and freshen the breath while at the same time fight off germs. When our throats were sore and we could feel something coming on we gargled away even though in those days it tasted pretty foul. Somewhat akin to what I might imaging turpentine taste like.  Both of my parents swore by its reputation as a germ killer. So with plenty of bottles of Listerine on the shelf, I bought a bottle of Listerine, and now I have something to fight 99.9% of those pesky germs!

I am not sure if it is effective against the #corona virus, but if it keeps the germs away and keeps my immune system strong it’s got to be good for me. Besides that I can use it as a disinfectant for my counters and bathroom and with its arctic mint taste I bet it will smell as well as taste very nice.

When your parents give you basic survival skills take note. Most likely they have a good reason for passing along healthy advice. So Corona, listen up; @Listerine kills 99.9% of germs while tasting and smelling good.  What do you say to that Corona virus?! Listerine’s coming after you!

Namaste ~ may you go with health happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020 ~#Tuesday Dose -#Corona Virus when is a crisis a #crisis?


Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. We all want certainty and yet uncertainty is the one constant variable in the world. You never know with any certainty when a crisis will hit. Just remember what might be meaningful today may be meaningless tomorrow.

 In yoga it is said there are three major fears and that all other fears stem from these three fears. And they are:

Fear of not being accepted

Fear of not being loved

Fear of dying

We as humans do everything we can to be accepted, to be loved and to live, and yet we fear all of these three fears more than anything else in the world.  Why is Corona Virus a crisis?  It’s because we fear the unknown.

We must all face rejection. Not always being accepted is a part of life. We cannot always be accepted for our thoughts, ideals, political views, religious ideologies or even simply who we are. And that’s ok because we in turn don’t unconditionally accept everyone and everything either. Acceptance is within you. Accept who you are for there are only two things you cannot change and that are your individuality and your family of origin. Celebrate you!

Everyone, at some point in time, has the fear of not being loved. What we really fear is that we are not good enough to deserve love. You cannot demand love, but you can be the love you desire. When you reach out from within and extend a hand of compassion, understanding, kindness and caring into the world, love grows. Stop looking to be loved and become the love you seek and you will discover that love is not something to fear. It’s available for everyone; there’s no shortage like the toilet paper on the shelves!

To live you must be willing to die. No one escapes life without dying.  Everything in the universe must die. That does not mean we do stupid things to put ourselves in harm’s way, but as I said recently to someone who ask me if I thought about dying, “if I spend my time thinking about dying I will forget how to live.”

In this time of uncertainty fear of the unknown has paralyzed the world. But if we can accept and make peace with the fact; things happen, things go up and go down, things come and go and that life is an ever renewing source of energy ,than we can let go of fear, find liberation and not let corona virus beat us, but let it unite us.  In the worst of a crisis the compassion and kindness of humanity springs worth reminding us that we are accepted, loved and alive!  We are more than fear. The greatest fear of all is fear itself.  So keep your balance. Don’t let the crisis of life uproot you.  Corona Virus -this too will pass.

Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn


Monday, March 16, 2020 #Monday Dose ~ #Corona Virus #Furlough #Social Isolation #YMCA #LAFITNESS @Thriveglobal

First I was put on furlough and then the Governor made it mandatory that everyone over 65 go into social isolation. Now Social isolation and furlough is not a good thing for seniors, but in this case it means something so different than the text book definition of these do devastating steps.

Furlough is a military term that means to be relieved of duty without pay until further notice. Social isolation means: Social isolation is a state of complete or near-complete lack of contact between an individual and society. It differs from loneliness, which reflects temporary and involuntary lack of contact with other humans in the world.

 As a senior I’ve been banished from society!

My first reaction was shock and then I asked myself why are seniors being told to isolate? Why not tell the rest of the world to isolate since seniors are at risk? Well, it seems that isolating seniors is probably the best way to protect them for it seems #Corona prefers the mature over the young and naive.

With a cupboard full of food, the internet and Netflix I am just hunkering down for the week or two or three or however long this isolation last. But what about those who must work, help with childcare or have poor health? There is government and community help. Reach out and ask for it. Asking for help is a sign of strength and not a weakness.

Isolation can be devastating, or it can be a time to relax, rest, read, work on fun projects and connect via the internet with friend and family. In other words we have to make the best of what life hands us and always remind ourselves that there are many things beyond our control. We never know when one day we will wake up and be told the world has come to a grinding halt and is in isolation. Never forget that humans and humanity is not invincible and that something as small as a virus can destroy us faster than trade wars, embargos and pollution.

One organization that I work for, the #YMCA, has taken decisive action keeping us informed, canceling class and setting up a link to help those who are out of work get help from a loss of pay. They are even looking at ways to help pay employees for lost time. If you have not supported your local YMCA I would highly suggest it. The organization is run with a deep sense of commitment to the community and to its members and staff.

I work for a private company #LAFITNESS who has not even so much as made a public statement about what they are doing to keep the gyms clean, to help employees or to give any support. As of this time I am still scheduled to teach my classes although the Governor has asked for mandatory social isolation. Shame on a company, as big as LAFITNESS, for not taking responsible action towards its members and its employees.

So thanks to #Corona I am in isolation and on furlough until further notice while eating healthy, taking my immune booster and getting some sunshine and fresh air. I’m making the best of it all by relaxing, enjoying my time off, taking time to admire the wild flowers in my backyard and catching up on projects I let slip off the shelf. What we do with our time and the circumstances we are handed can bring either positive or negative results. I am doing what I can in my small way to help the country and the world get past this temporary blip or disruption by taking my furlough and isolating myself. It may seem small but if everyone does their part we will all survive and who knows the ending result  might be that we all @thriveglobal !

Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

#Yoga Today ~ You are the Nidhi; the contain for the #treasure of #love -

Love is one of the treasures to be found within the Nidhi or the container which is you.

It is not something that is out there – it is within you. Love will come in many shades and in many forms. Romantic love is one kind of love, but love of family, friends, interest, work and life are aspects of love that will also fill the heart and nourish the soul. Just remember that love is not sex. It is a spiritual experience that touches the soul. Love is a precious treasure that materializes through, caring, compassion and understanding.

But remember love may come and it may go more than once in your life time. No two loves will ever be the same. Romantic love may come with a burst of powerful energy, but it will evaporate and change with time. How it changes is based upon the absence or presence of true love.    So do not think yourself unfortunate if you have loved and lost. Love comes and loves goes without reason or cause. It is whimsical and comes as it will.  If it comes enjoy it and if it must depart let it go. No amount of fretting and anguishing will bring it back.

If we mix our sexual energy with love its power begins to multiply. Calmness of purpose, judgement and balance come into play when sex and love become one. When love and devotion are mixed with sex we create the ultimate pleasurable human experience; the gift of giving and receiving pleasurable joy. But remember love and sex, as well as romance has a darker side. Envy, jealousy, resentment and revenge can turn love into hate and abuse.

Emotions are states of mind capable of taking both creative and destructive paths. When love is mixed with jealousy, envy, revenge and resentment it takes on a destructive nature. Therefore we should encourage compassion, understanding and forgiveness as the dominating thoughts in our mind and remove the destructive thoughts. The mind thrives on what we feed it – as you think so you become.  But through the process of will power we can control the mind, and then whenever a negative thought enters the mind we will find the power to change it. This brings harmony to life.  Change the way you look at things and the way you look at things changes.

Love is one of life’s’ greatest experiences. Love alone will not bring you happiness, but when mixed with sex and romance we have the ability to move beyond the finite world and into the realm of the infinite soul. Here you will discover the true nature of wealth. A rich life includes the ability to love and be loved.

Love also involves devotion. Bhakti yoga teaches us to devote ourselves to that which we love so that we might discover the true meaning of success.  Karma yoga teaches us to do what we love and success will follow. Remember love can be capricious- it can suddenly change its mood and behavior. Accept love capricious nature and make peace with it and you will discover the freedom to love without expectation. In this you will discover liberation.

 In Ireland there is a church that up until several years ago held the heart of St Lawrence who fought the battle to free Ireland from oppression. Upon his death bed he asked that his heart be taken, encased in a leather case and placed in the Christ Church in Dublin to show his deep devotion and love for his country. Sadly a few years ago thieves broke in the church and stole the heart. All they left was an empty broken case. Love is a tremendous treasure. So remember to never steal or break another person’s heart.  This can turn love to hate. The treasure of love is then lost leaving behind an indelible scare. Love is a treasure – embrace it and use it wisely.

From the words of the song, Love is Like Oxygen by The Sweet – love is like oxygen too much and you get high, not enough and you die.

Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Alfred Tennysson

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn