Saturday, March 30, 2019

Yoga Today Refrain and Observe – Your Moral Compass

The Niyamas are things that it is suggested we observe. The ten points of the yamas and the niyamas are very similar to the Ten Commandments and the ten virtues of Buddhism. All faiths have these same codes of ethics and morals. These are the foundation upon which to build a spiritual life. Without them nothing we build can ever last. Just like the things we abstain from (yamas) the niyamas should be practice in thoughts, words and actions.

The Yamas are things we should refrain from doing such as violence, lying, stealing, obsessing and greed. These will only bring us and the world around us pain and destruction. The Niyamas are things we should practice and in practicing we make the world a better place.

Just like the Ten Commandments, for example, we should refrain from stealing and committing violence while practicing honor towards our parents and observing the Holy day. The Ten virtues of Buddhism are much the same. For example; do not deceive, and avoid harsh and empty speech. In yoga we would say if you have nothing good to say; say nothing at all.

Over the next few weeks we will study the Niyamas. For now think about your own moral code. Each of us through our background and spiritual upbringing has been given a moral code to live by. There is little if no difference in the way we should all live our lives; follow your moral compass and you will see how karma is simply cause and effect. Act morally and ethically and the results will be a better life and a better world. Let’s get started…


Each of us through our background and spiritual upbringing has been given a moral code to live by. If we were to all follow our moral code we might discover that we are all have the power to be a force for good. Just remember when we lie, steal or injure our life force gets scattered. Therefore reflect upon all that you do in thought, word and deed because as karma yoga teaches you are what you think, say and do. Life becomes what life does.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, March 23, 2019

#Yoga Today #suggestions for living a better #life

Suggestions – the first five suggestion are called the yamas. They are somewhat akin to the Ten Commandments. These are simply suggestion for ways in which you might want to consciously live your life. The suggestions are to practice nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, celibacy or purity and non-greed. There is five more suggestion called the niyamas which we will discuss in future classes. Remember these are to be practiced in thought, word and deed.

Yoga is about balancing the energy of your body, mind and soul. The yamas are suggestion or guidepost for achieving a state of contentment and happiness. Use them to improve your life and you will make the world a better place. The yamas should be followed as they pertain to each situation in life. For example; if you are craving something like chocolate the mind will become scattered by the craving. This may cause one to act violently and with greed. You might even steal or lie to satisfy a craving. Perhaps it is better to practice modification; eat half the piece of chocolate, throw the rest away and then spend the rest of the day without a scattered mind.


 Just remember there is no cookbook for life. Each situation in life is uniquely different. So it is suggested that with each situation in life we consciously think, speak and act with kindness, honesty, respect, purity and generosity. In this we make the world a better place.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, March 16, 2019

#Yoga Today #Suggestions ~ Practice Non-Greed

All suggestions should be practiced in thought, word and deed. Practice nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, celibacy and:

Non greed – it is said that if we could practice this one suggestion we would not need to practice the others. Greed creates craving and cravings cause us to act violently.  Greed causes us to lie and manipulate for our own gain. With greed we take what we want without respect.  The mind is always scattered because with greed we always want more.

Non greed does not mean we should not enjoy life. It simply means we should not reach out beyond our soulful propriety to physically take, mentally want, or verbally try to persuade, coax, or flatter someone into doing something for our own benefit.

When the mind becomes obsessed with greed the life force gets scattered. Therefore the mind needs to detach; not from the object of desire, but from the obsessive desire to possess. On a verbal level we should not talk too much especially about other people and trivial things.

Physical non-greed means we should not be too attached to anything; even our family and friends. Do not become jealous or envious of others good fortune. Be aware that even good fortune brings with it certain obligations and complications. Be satisfied with what you have and what you have earned through your own efforts.

It is also important to pay your debts. These include indebtedness to your parents, family, friends and your culture. For a noble soul it is easy to repay debts. It means to make the world a better place.  This is called the noble obligation. If you receive more in this life than you need, funnel your wealth into noble and humanitarian causes.

The soul established in non-greed begins to understand what he or she is, what he or she has, and what he or she is mostly likely to encounter in the next reincarnation.  We are simply souls passing through this incarnation. Do with this life as you will. It is suggested that to practice non-greed you – be generous.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, March 09, 2019

#Yoga Suggestion for Walking the Soulful Path #Celibacy

To be done in thought, word and deed. Non-violence. truthfulness, non-stealing

Celibacy – this can be very confusing. Most people think of celibacy as abstaining from sexual intercourse. It really means to refrain from being obsessed by cravings of sensual desire.  The senses left uncontrolled will cause over indulgence and scattered our energy. Celibacy therefore means purification.  Whenever we crave anything of the senses we suffer and lose our ability to focus on what is important in life and that is our health, happiness and peace of mind. Craving means we become obsessed with having what we want and not necessarily what we need. We are not satisfied until we possess. But remember whatever we have right now can disappear in a moment. A drug addict spends all his or her energy searching for the next fix. How can there be happiness in this? 

All things in life are separate from the real us, which is our soul. We experience life through the senses. We say I am hungry or I am tired, but it is not you that is hungry or tired; it is your body. You can change your outfit to fit the occasion, but no matter how you dress or where you go, you are always the same soul. Become the observer of life and not the sensual addict.

Detachment from worldly desires is to practice celibacy. It means to reserve your energy and not squander it. We should enjoy the pleasures of life, but never be so attached that we become obsessed. Everything in life comes and goes.

 To practice celibacy avoid obscene and lewd expressions and jokes. Sensual experience should be for the enjoyment and beauty of life. Therefore be kind, loving and be respectful. The sensual experience is the closest we get to touch another person’s soul. The joy a soul feels when moving into the physical plane of sensual enjoyment is pure bliss. When experiencing the physical aspect of sexuality you are opening up a doorway for another soul to enter. Whether the soul chooses to enter or not love is the best way to direct this energy. Celibacy is not about abstaining. It is about refraining from wasting energy by obsessing on the sensual desires of life. It is about experiencing all of life with the purity of un-obsessed love. To practice celibacy - Be detached but not indifferent.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn                       

Saturday, March 02, 2019

#Yoga Guidepost ~ suggestions for your thoughts, words and deeds

Non- stealing – involves thoughts, words and deeds. To most people this means not taking something that does not belong to you, or that you have not paid for, or been given. In yoga it is best defined as not improperly taking something that belongs to another.  That includes their possessions, their dignity and their freedom of thought. If you want something you must earn it. If it has not come into your life you have not earned it. Anything coming into your life that you have earned will bring you happiness and anything that comes into your life that has not been earned will bring you struggle, difficulty and unhappiness.  Don’t confuse stealing with simply taking things. It also means to not take another person’s self-confidence and self-esteem by ridiculing and criticizing. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and the freedom to walk the soulful path. If you must disagree do it with respect.

To think of stealing is stealing.  Taking another person’s dignity, pride, happiness, moment of glory and mental values through verbally abusive words is verbal stealing. And of course we should not take anything physically that does not belong to us. Anything taken through deceit, force or without permission will only bring you difficulty and unhappiness. If you must take something leave something of equal value. Only take what you have earned. If you do not have something it simply means you have not earned it yet. Karma means work. To practice non-stealing - Be content.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn