Saturday, January 26, 2019

Time Gates ~ Opportunity or Burden

Karma means cause and effect. With our without consciously being aware your life is constantly changing. One of the ways it changes is with time gates.

Time gates are passageways or spaces we step into at a particular time that change the direction of our life.  Time gates exist everywhere without regards for time. They are simply space providing the means for change.  When we refer to change we refer to time and not space.  However, all points in space are relative to one another and therefore a time gate cannot exist in empty space. It must be linked to a specific event and events happen as a result of time.

Wherever you are in the world you will be faced with time gates. These gates are constantly opening and closing. When we step through a time gate we either consciously or unconsciously set off a stream of time space events that can have a power influence upon our life. In an instant our life can change. An artist is discovered, a lover is found, and a leader is toppled. From the outside it appears that a person’s life has changed dramatically for better or for worse when in fact one has simply stepped through a time gate and the space you occupy has changed. Whether it is prosperous or not depends upon a number of circumstances. What might appear to be a stroke of luck might turn out to be a burden. Just remember in life things aren’t always as they appear to be. If you want to discover time gates you must become aware of what you think, say and do. An artist is not suddenly discovered. He or she is focused, determined, and does the work.  When the time is right a time gate opens. The work you do determines whether it is prosperous or disastrous.  That’s karma. Let’s get started.


Karma means cause and effect. You are what you think, say and do. Be consciously aware of time gates; events in your life that may bring you good luck or may bring you a burden. Just remember, life becomes what life does ~Doctor Lynn

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Karma ~You are Soul here to Walk the Soulful Path

Remember the soul is you the spirit is the energy that puts you on the soulful path. It is up to you to discover the path and then guide yourself along its way. Remember the D-GAP – deceit, greed anger and pride – we all carry these passions with us. One is more intense in your life. For example if you should discover anger along the path of life remember it is a human emotion. Recognize it and realize that when expressed it makes you an angry person and it is detrimental to your physical and mental health. Then use the soul’s moral compass to help you release it and you will find peace. This is the work of karma and why you have reincarnated.

Reincarnation will not provide you with a straight and clear path. You will soon discover that from here to there is never a straight line. There will be many twist and turns, as well as many detours. There will be low valleys and high mountain tops, as well as many ravines. How low you go or how high you climb will depend upon your moral compass. Let it be your guide.

When life takes you on a detour don’t resent it, fear it or avoid it. Be on the lookout for opportunities, adventures and chances to learn and grow. You never know what you will find.


Trust in yourself, follow your moral compass and watch out for time gates. But remember as long as karma is pushing you towards the path you are not on the path. Soul walking is the path of freedom. You must first discover your primary piece of karma and then neutralize it so that you can walk the path not because of karma, but because you have discovered a sense of the true nature of your journey which is to walk on earth free from all encumbrances’ body, mind and soul.

Write down in your journal the things in this lifetime that attract you and that come easily to you. Then write down the things that you struggle with.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Are you Spirit or Are You Soul?

After class one day a student asked me a question about what it meant to be spiritual person. Someone she knows calls herself a spiritual person. I am going to try and answer her question. Spirituality is different than the body, the mind and the soul and yet spiritualty is all three of them working together. Spirituality is the force that moves energy and causes life to exist.

A person is not spiritual. As humans we are all walking the path of life because of the spiritual force of the universe. We call this prana or the force that gives rise to all of life. We are here with a body, a mind and soul working to undo some piece of karma.

The body is the vehicle. The mind is the GPS. The soul is the part of you that is here beneath your body and behind the mind. Sometimes you get a hunch, a feeling or perhaps a quiet moment when you sense the nature of your soul. In that moment you know you are touching something deeper within yourself. The soul holds your mission. The spirit initiates the process of discovery. Practicing karma yoga helps us to initiate the process of discovering and mastering our mission.

Your soul has taken this body and this mind to complete the mission. It’s up to you to discover the mission, get on the path and walk with your soul. Most likely anyone who says they are spiritual may in fact simply mean that they are soulfully walking the spiritual path one step at a time. They are not the spiritual force, but because of the spiritual force they begin to walk the path. You are a soul walking the spiritual path and not a spiritual being walking the soulful path. There is a difference. The soul is you. The spirit is the force that gives rise to life.


When trying to walk along a certain path you must take your time. Karma yoga teaches us that nothing comes instantaneously. Everything is a long learning process. So be patient and kind. Both will serve you well.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, January 05, 2019

The Law of Karma

The law of karma requires that our soulful desires find fulfillment. Non-soulful desires are the chains that bind us to the reincarnation wheel. Our present task is simply to make this chapter of our life a happy and fulfilling journey. It is about releasing our souls from the bondage of karma so that we can find freedom, purity and serenity.


Each of us left something undone in a previous lifetime and this has caused us to return. The memories of what we did and did not do or say haunt our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the seat of the soul; also known as the intellectual layer of our energy. It is the memory track of the spirit. Balancing the energy of the lower chakras and lifting our energy above the lower layers of our being allows us to tap into the intellectual self and it is here that we have the opportunity to discover the soul’s purpose.

 Remember, the present is created in the past or the memory. We must, however, not be too frustrated if we do not accomplish all that we would like in this lifetime. Simply let this chapter of your life be a reflection of a truthful, happy and loving existence. Remember, this is only a chapter in your book of life. There is no time limit for completion of the book. And yet in a sense there is a hurry because if you wish to end your suffering and continual rebirth you must sincerely seek to transcend the lower humanly aspects of yourself.

When we uncover our karmic obligation we are faced with a decision; to conquer our fears and guilt, or allow them to overwhelm us so that nothing gets resolved. To awaken and grow we must be willing to become the witness and observer of our lives and learn to live from a place of compassion, faith, balance, flexibility, serenity, peace, strength and divinity.

Not an easy task. It takes practice so let’s get started.


To discover your past lives, begin to use yoga and meditation to bring about the calmness needed to slip into your subconscious intellectual self. Make notes to yourself: What are your favorite foods? What part of the world or culture are you drawn to? What comes naturally to you? What is it in your life that flows?  What is it in your life that is a recurrent problem? Be on the lookout for people, places and things that will give you clues as to why you are here and what this is all about.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn