Friday, September 09, 2022

This next treasure is both loved and despised. Can you guess what it is?

There is an essence that exists everywhere and yet at times can be hard to obtain. However, this essence is available to everyone. It can be as hard and unrelenting as rock, and yet agile and yielding. It is both loved and despised. We call it free will. Next to a healthy life, free will is the most precious treasure of all. We all have been given free will, and yet few souls understand it, or know how it works. Through will and will alone humans have overcome tremendous odds. It gives us the capacity to endure sorrows and suffering. It is the power to consciously choose and control the force of our energy towards a particular desire. To will is to have faith in the ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It is akin to tenacity- the ability to hold on with deep determination. It is based in an unshakable faith that allows anyone who understands it, the ability to attain whatever they desire. Takes work – that’s karma let’s get started END Free will is the unrelenting ability to direct your life towards a desired end. We can use it to change every level of our reality. We are only limited by the boundaries we choose. Every moment we are presented with choices that allow us to define and redefine who and what we choose to be. We call this thinking. Karma yoga teaches us; there are no right or wrong thoughts, words or actions; only consequences. You are defined by what you let occupy the space within your mind. You are what you think and not because you think. You control your thoughts through the exercise of free will. Understanding how to turn self-destructive negative thoughts into positive self- enforcing thoughts is how to use free will constructively and how we prosper. How do you do this? EGO Flip your palm s up and stick out your index finger – tap into your ego - the ego likes to control to acquire and to command often confusing this with free will. When using free will constructively you will realize that it does not mean you can do whatever you want – it means to want whatever you are doing and being. It means choice. Bring your finger in and place your thumb on top – surrender your ego to your soul. If you control your mind, you control everything and then there is nothing in the world to bind you. If you feel bound you are bound, and if you feel liberated you are liberated. Pay attention to what you let occupy your mind because what occupies your mind occupies you. The greatest use of free will is to consciously choose to bring joy, cheer and bliss to the world. This is the treasure that leads to moska, or liberation. Namaste ~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness and peace. Doctor Lynn For more book, classes, courses and consultations