Saturday, February 25, 2017

Celibacy – this can be very confusing

Celibacy – this can be very confusing. Most people think of celibacy as abstaining from sexual intercourse. It really means to refrain from being obsessed by cravings of sensual desire. Sexual desires, however, can become sensual cravings.  The senses left uncontrolled will cause over indulgence and scattered our energy. Celibacy therefore means purification.  Whenever we crave anything of the senses; taste, touch, smell, sound, or sight we suffer and lose our ability to focus on what is important in life and that is our health, happiness and peace of mind. Craving means we become obsessed with having what we want and not necessarily what we need. We are not satisfied until we possess. But remember whatever we have right now can disappear in a moment. A drug addict spends all his or her energy searching for the next fix. How can there be happiness in this?  

All things in life are separate from the real us, which is our soul. We experience life through the senses. We say I am hungry or I am tired, but it is not you that is hungry or tired it is your body. You can change your outfit to fit the occasion, but no matter how you dress or where you go, you are always the same soul. Become the observer of life and not the sensual addict.

Detachment from worldly desires is to practice celibacy. We should enjoy the pleasures of life, but never be so attached that we become obsessed. Everything in life comes and goes. The addict is happy until it is time for the next fix.

There are three important areas concerning celibacy:

1.     Always hold the opposite sex in high regard

2.     Consider sexuality to be the means by which souls are brought into the world. It should be an act of love and respect

3.     Nothing scatters the life-force more than sensual cravings. Therefore:

Avoid obscene and lewd expressions and jokes. Sensual experience should be for the enjoyment and beauty of life. Be kind, loving and be respectful. The sensual experience is the closest we get to touch another perosn’s soul. The joy a soul feels when moving into the physical plane of sensual enjoyment is pure bliss. When experiencing the physical aspect of sexuality you are opening up a doorway for another soul to enter. Whether the soul chooses to enter or not love is the best way to direct this energy. Celibacy is not about abstaining. It is about refraining from being obsessed by the sensual desires of life. It is about experiencing all of life with the purity of un-obsessed love. Be pure.

Doctor Lynn



Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Life Force is always Good

If a person injures, lies or steals the life force which is always good gets scattered. When the life force is scattered we experience anger, hatred, bigotry, envy and deceit. To practice nonviolence, truthfulness and non-stealing is to gather the life force and move it in a direction that will only bring good into your life.

Our earthly work is the attainment of a balanced and harmonious life. This cannot be achieved when your energy is scattered and misdirected. Therefore you should never:

Do violence, be untruthful or steal from another person

Do violence, be untruthful or steal from yourself

Allow others to be violent, untruthful or steal

Encourage others to do violence, be untruthful or steal


Practice compassion and understanding for others and for yourself.  In this you will find the good and the good will lead you to happiness and peace.
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Non-stealing – a suggestion

Non- stealing – involves thoughts, words and deeds. To most people this means not taking something that does not belong to you, or that you have not paid for, or been given. In yoga it means we should not think about taking something that does not belong to us.  It is best defined as not improperly taking something that belongs to another.  That includes their possessions, their dignity and their freedom of thought. If you want something you must earn it. If it has not come into your life you have not earned it yet. Anything coming into your life that you have earned will bring you happiness and anything that comes into your life that has not been earned will bring you struggle, difficulty and unhappiness.  Don’t confuse stealing with simply taking things. It also means to not take another person’s self-confidence and self-esteem by ridiculing and criticizing. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and freedom to walk the soulful path. If you must disagree do it with respect.

To think of stealing that which is not yours is as much stealing as physically stealing. Verbal stealing means that you should never steal another person’s dignity, pride, happiness, moment of glory and mental values. And of course we should not take anything physically that does not belong to us. Anything taken through deceit, force or without permission will only bring you difficulty and unhappiness. If you must take something leave something of equal value. Only take what you have earned. If you do not have something it simply means you have not earned it yet. Be content.


Saturday, February 11, 2017


Truthfulness means to conduct your thoughts, words and actions according to the truth. The truth however can get somewhat murky. Thoughts, words and action that harm even if true should not be done. The guiding factor when it comes to walking the soulful path is to do no harm. However, if you must do something that will cause harm make sure you are doing it for the greatest good and for the greatest many. Look to intention.

What is the truth? All you need to do is get quiet and search within your soul. You will know. Then with a quiet mind speak and act in truthful ways, but always keep your intentions in mind. If the intention is to hurt and the truth hurts refrain from speaking or taking any action.

Physical truth means to unify yourself so as act in ways that uplifts you and all those you encounter. Truth that has been understood intellectually and expressed in words will manifest itself into worthy and good actions.

Another aspect of truthfulness is keeping your word. However, there may be times when keeping your word is not possible. Again it comes back to intent. Circumstances in life may make the truth a difficult choice. Here is something to thinks about:

Once upon a time a yogi sage was meditating in the woods. A beautiful deer jumped past him and ran off into the woods. Very soon a hunter came by and asked the yogi if he had seen the deer and which way it ran. If the yogi tells the truth the hunter will kill the deer. This will create harm. If on the other hand he does not tell the truth the hunter and his family will starve. What should he do? Always choose the greatest good for the greatest many.

Some say the truth should only be spoken from a place of wisdom and some say truth should be spoken without consideration of loss or gain. In our modern day society it is important to use wisdom.  The world will often hurt each of us if we are not wise in how we think, speak and use the truth. If the truth will hurt or cause dissention be silent and do nothing. Nonviolence and truth together bring about peace. What is the truth? You are the truth. Just listen and you will know.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, February 04, 2017

How did you do this week with practicing nonviolence?

Last week we worked on the practice of nonviolence. Remembers it should be practiced in thought, word and deed. How did you do last week? Did you lose your patients, utter a harsh word or raise your voice? Did you criticize yourself?  Did you eat well and get plenty of rest or did you exhaust yourself with stress? Practicing nonviolence is not an easy task. Being consciously aware of your thoughts, words and actions is the first step.

Before we get into the next yama it might be good to distinguish between what is meant by spirituality and what is meant by your soul. Sometimes people call themselves spiritual. This can be confusing.

When we come to the earth according to Karma Yoga we come as a soul taking on this body and this mind for our evolution. We choose the life that will gives us the best way to get onto the spiritual path. Spirituality is a path and the attainment of it is enlightenment.  Even someone like Gandhi did not reach enlightenment. He still had earthly desires. As long as you are alive you are a body, mind and soul with the ability to walk the spiritual path. Whether you get on it and stay on it or venture off is your choice. The yamas and the niyamas are simply suggestion that will help you to stay on the path.

Self-centeredness, inconsideration, lack of compassion and violence will take you off the path. Your “soul” purpose for being here is to find and walk the  spiritual path. It matters not how far you get. Reincarnation will give you another chance to get back on the path. However, the farther you get in this lifetime the shorter the journey in the next. Let’s begin our practice.

Nonviolence does not mean only outward violence. It also means violence towards you. Self-criticism always hurts the soul, just as cruel and angry thoughts, words and deeds toward others will take you off the spiritual path. You are not about your body and your mind, but your body and your mind are the vehicle and the GPS for your soul. So treat them well and be kind to yourself. That kindness will come from the inside out and be received by everyone and everything you encounter.

Symbol of wisdom – flip your palms up. Focus on your index finger the symbol of your ego. Bend it in toward your palm reminding yourself to be kind. Place your thumb on top. This is the symbol of your higher power. By surrendering your self-centered ego to your soul you will be wise.

Doctor Lynn