Saturday, August 27, 2022

What is required to find true happiness?

Contentment. Be content with what you have and then reach out to create more. This is how we prosper, succeed and become wealthy. Contentment is one of the goals of yoga and one of the most difficult things for us to attain. There is a natural tendency for humans to want more. Even when we experience happiness, we want more happiness. Contentment means to be happy with what you have and not desire that which you have not earned. Jean Paul Sartre said, “Happiness is not doing what you want, but wanting what you do.” To find happiness, stop anguishing. It never solved anything. Anguish only brings pain, stress and ill health. Approach the world with selfless motives. Know that you are the source (potential) of your happiness. Stop expecting and start enjoying life and you will see a very different world. You will begin to use the world for a very different purpose and that will bring you happiness. Remember the greatest amount of negative karma goes into destroying happiness and joy. So, change the way you look at things and the way you see things will change. In yoga there is a pose called the Prosperous pose, or lotus pose. It is also called the happy pose. In Sanskrit it means the swirling motion of a cross symbolizing the spinning of creation and evolution. Happiness is created within and then evolves outward into our intellectual view of the world and is present in how we move through the world; be it graceful or awkward. Move with grace and you will discover happiness. Gratitude is good for your health, body, mind and soul Be Grateful for the Sunrise It brings you a new day Be Grateful for your friends They are your greatest support Be grateful for what you have Count your blessings END There is a fable about a musk deer that best describes our search for happiness. The fabled musk deer has a scented spot above its forehead that gives off the scent of musk. The deer is intensely attracted to the scent of the musk and so runs here and there in search of it, not realizing that the scent is on its forehead. Happiness is like that. We run here and there in search of it never realizing that happiness is within us and not somewhere out there. Understanding this you will find contentment. Then when you ask yourself “who am I” the answer will be, “I am happy.” Be the source of your happiness because it is truly a gift to be treasured. Be mindful of each step you take along the pathway of life, and each step will be an end in itself. With no distinction between the journey and the destination you will discover that happiness is not a destination. It is here ~ right now – just like the musk deer, right in your head. Be mindful ~ Be happy! EGO Flip your hands up and extend out your index finger. How can we be happy when we are sad, hurt, angry and alone? All of the seeds of life’s emotions and feelings are within us. What we feed these emotions and feelings is what will manifest. So, if we feed sorrow with sorrow, sorrow will manifest. But if we feed sorrow with happiness before long happiness will be your state of being. That is the whole point to happiness. It is within us and we alone have the power to be happy no matter what the circumstances. Pull your index finger in and place your thumb on top (symbol of your soul) Happiness then is about self-realization; realize you have the power to self-control and direct your life. Money and material gain won’t buy happiness. Those things of the world come and go. But remember this; happiness does not come without work. You must work your karma (make punja – good merits) so your life works for you, and in this you will discover true happiness. Namaste~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For course, classes, books and more – From the movie: Café Society. “Live life every day as if it is your last day and one day, you’ll be right.”

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Karma - Life’s Treasures – the nidhis

Of all of life’s emotional gifts happiness might just be the most treasured gift of all. Happiness is to be content with what you have while having the confidence to know you have the potential, the power and the courage to reach out and be so much more. Everyone wants to be happy and yet happiness eludes most of us. That is because of our expectations. Why are we unhappy? Most likely because we feel we got less than we expected. True happiness is simply pure joyful energy that flows and harmoniously moves through space and time. Once you know you are the source of your happiness, instead of your expectations, happiness will be with you forever. The thing to remember about happiness is that life is ever changing. Nothing is permanent accept that which you cultivate within. In the Hindu practice Lord Shiva is the King of the Dance of life. Shiva is portrayed as the force of destructive energy that lays the foundation for creation. Shiva dances at the cosmic wheel of life surrounded by a ring of fire which symbolizes the eternal cycles of birth, life and death. The name Shiva means liberation, or the freedom to dance and express oneself. He cannot stop time from passing, or things from changing, but he can find happiness and bliss amid the chaos of life. To find happiness keep dancing! Let’s get started ******************************** In yoga there is a pose called the Prosperous pose, or lotus pose. It is also called the happy pose. In Sanskrit it means the swirling motion of a cross symbolizing the spinning of creation and evolution. Happiness is created within and then evolves outward into our intellectual view of the world and is present in how we move through the world; be it graceful or awkward. Happiness manifest as, “the sweet nectar” or the molecules within our brain’s chemistry called endorphins. These molecules of happiness may take us on a euphoric ride where we begin to experience bliss; body, mind and soul. Did you know that happiness is just a thought away? Positive psychology research indicates that thinking three to five gratitude thoughts a day improves the immune system and boost happiness. Gratitude fills the soul with joy. Be Grateful ********************************************** Be grateful that you don’t already have everything you want That means there is more to come! ************************************ Be grateful for your health It is your true wealth ************************************ Be grateful for the simple things Food, shelter and warmth END: With calmness of being happiness becomes contagious. A happy soul brings joy, good health and bliss to everyone and everything they encounter. If you want to prosper remember that prosperity is drawn to happiness just like we are drawn to happy people. Happiness is as basic a need as food and water. Ask anyone what they would want most in life and most likely, right after good health, they will choose happiness. EGO: flip your hand up and extend out the index finger the symbol of your ego. Happiness requires discipline and self-control. Something the ego sometimes finds difficult to do. Even the moments of unhappiness that we wish never transpired can bring us happiness. No one wants to go through a divorce, a strained relationship, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or any other disappointment in life. But when we see these things as simply a part of the big picture of life, we intuitively know it is best to let go and let be. Pull your ego in (index finger) and place your thumb on top. This is the symbol of your soul and symbolizing your ego bowing to your soul as it lets go. Remember to be the Observer of Life. Be content with what comes into and goes out of your life, and you will begin to find the true nature of happiness. Namaste ~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness and peace. Doctor Lynn For more classes – courses - books and consultations

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Health is the Twelfth Treasure

Your health is your true wealth and the most important thing in the world. Money won’t buy you good health, however prosperity may afford you good food, warm shelter and good medical care; things that are necessary for good health. Therefore, it is good to live in a prosperous society. Good health is the ultimate treasure of life for it is with good health that we enjoy all the treasures of life. It is very difficult to enjoy life when you are sick and tired. The basic three pillars of health are diet, exercise and sleep. Every day keep your focus on the three pillars for without your health everything else is meaningless. Let’s get started on exercise with yoga. END: Your journey on earth is not about the body and the mind; however, without the body and the mind the soul cannot experience this earthly life. The body is the vehicle and the mind is the GPS of the soul. Therefore, it is our responsibility and duty to take care of our health. Eating healthy, exercising, relaxing, reflecting, laughing and loving are all good for our health. When the body, the mind and the soul are in prefect balance, we have perfect health. And when we have perfect health, we have so much more to give to the world. A healthy, balanced perfected human has the power to equally disseminate joy, cheer and bliss to all. EGO: Flip your hands up and extend the index finger the symbol of the ego. The ego is our friend in that its main purpose is to help us survive in a sometimes-hostile world. The problem with the ego is that is begins to believe it is supreme. We lose sight of our true self which is unlimited. We define ourselves by our experiences in relationship to everything else. This leads to object referral instead of self-referral. We then get caught up in defining our life by the “I”; our body, our relationships, our possessions, our fears and desires. We say, “I am feeling ill.” But it is not the “I” that is ill. It is the body that is ill and not our true self which is the soul. However, without the health of the body and the mind the soul cannot complete its earthly mission and must return again (reincarnate) as another being to work out its karma. Therefore, we need the ego to protect us and give us insight into our experiences, but not as the main reason for our walk here on earth. Pull in your index finger and place your thumb on top – the symbol of the soul. Value the treasure of health above all else by honoring yourself; body, mind and soul, because; “When health is absent wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless and reason is powerless.” Herophilies, 300 B. C. Namaste ~ may you walk the path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more classes, courses, books and consultations