Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And this too will pass

Today I won’t go to the gym. I won’t teach any classes but I will practice yoga. I am about to leave for my two year follow-up MRI from my cancer surgery. This is only a follow-up and part of the process of being placed in remission. However the thought of an MRI is filled with past memories. The MRI was how the cancer was finally detected. It’s a solitary experience as you are pushed into the tube, left alone with only your thoughts and the distant calling out of the operator to take a deep breath and hold. Every time I have had a MRI the operators have told me I am very good at holding still and holding my breath. Yoga is how I do it. I pull myself into a cocoon, silence the world and put my mind into a meditative state. It’s as if time stands still.

Am I a bit anxious? You bet I am! Last time the nurse mistakenly hit an artery and with blood spurting all over the place I passed out cold on the floor. When I woke up a nurse standing over me and ready to call the emergency service. These kinds of memories sure can make one anxious the next time you encounter the same situation.

So my doctor prescribed Ativan. Once in the machine and under the influence of ativan I was relaxed. A couple of times I almost fell asleep. Time drifted by slowly without a lot of thought. I just laid still encapsulated in a nonchalant time machine capturing images of my pelvis and abdominal area. It only took about one hour and then I was released back into the world. I walked out into the sunshine that to me was a haze that looked out upon a slow moving world. But I was moving slow too. It all seemed so real and so passive. Everything was gentle, soft and flowing. I smiled as I noticed how different my perspective had become. A small pill made my world seem placid and muted and I drifted away without any emotions or caring. I just existed in a state of passiveness with no pleasure and no pain. Everything became dull and muted with just the drop of a tiny pill. I am sitting quietly contemplating this state of being and now anxiously waiting a return to the vibrant perspective of a world not clouded with allopathic drugs. I appreciate the coming clarity to my brain. Observing without judgment.

Doctor Lynn

Monday, June 28, 2010

Measure of Success

We measure our success by the number of fans we have, the amount of money we make, where we live, what we do, what we drive and the money we have in the bank. But sometimes success is measured by our failures. About a year ago I had an idea for a new exercise class. I put the class together, found an open time slot to teach and  taught the class for 4 weeks. It bombed!  The idea was good and everyone liked the concept but it lacked structure. One month ago I taught a segment of the new and revised version  of this class and it was a success. My success came from my failure and because I taught the class to the same group of peole who took this class a year ago,  I knew I was getting good feedback. They loved it and asked for more.
The moral of the story is; had I of given up and went out in defeat I would not have developed my new class. Instead I realized that it was not a failure but simply something wrong with my plan. So I set about to restructure my idea into a new plan and this time it looks like it's going to work. There are no failures just plans that need to be restructured. Each time it appears you have failed just revise your plan and go at it again. Thinks about this: - how many times did it take Edison to get it right?
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Put it out There

It's Saturday and the end of my week. One more class to teach and I'm done for 36 hours. This week I shot a video, did a photo shoot, found commercial space for my new project, signed a contract, taught my classes, registered my trademark, paid the bills, created my playlist and still found time to chat with a good friend. One thing I know is that if you put the right enegy out into the universe things come to you in strange and exciting ways. That's what my book is really about - how to do it and succeed. But as they say - you should never teach anything you havn't already mastered. Stay tuned...
Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stay to Task

It’s interesting how my ability to make things happen is sharpening itself again. With a little projection and a lot of concentrated energy the pieces of my plan are falling into place. It’s a skill. It’s an ability to focus and then release my desires without attachment and wait for the right time and the right opportunity to arise. It’s about being unperturbed by rejection and disappointment with the full realization that the time and the situation is not right for me at this time.

This week I’m shooting my video for my new exercise class. I have the crew, the facility, the trademark, the concept and the program all organized and ready to go. Last minute details like clothes, food, storyboards, contracts, releases and hair, make-up and nails are all that are left to do. And then we spend the unglamorous and long full day of shooting over and over to get it right. It’s a lot of hard work but I will stay to task and get the job done.

Here’s how it works. I need to give up two yoga classes because the facility where I teach is rundown and the company does not care. I am losing students because the room is filthy. My students have asked me to open my own studio but I just could not find the right situation. I told a lot of people that I was looking and that I would open a studio when I found the right place. In my mind I formed the right time, place and situation. My step daughter in-law asked me about teaching yoga for her employees. I told her I was looking for studio space. She went to her husband’s high school reunion and sat next to a young woman who owned a Pilates studio, was looking for a cycle/yoga instructor and had studio space to sublet. I am looking for a new cycle/yoga class and studio space. She introduced us.

The space is not going to work for my purpose; however it made me think about another space and another way to solve my problem. Every path you follow whether successful or not always lead to another opportunity if you keep your eyes and your mind open.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It’s coming together

Yesterday I did my new video exercise class for my yoga ball students. They loved it and encouraged me to make the video. These people are the best support. They inspire me to reach beyond myself and create. They give me energy. It’s funny how they all tell me that I motivate them. They tell me I say just the right words at the right time to make their day. I am calming, balancing and centered. But they give me so much more. Everyone I have met through my many years of teaching has been a source of inspiration that spurred me on even when I felt tired, sick, sad, lonely and discouraged. And yes I do feel these emotions and experience hard times. I’m just like everyone else. I cry, I laugh, I love and I get sick. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my students stood by me and sent me words and thoughts of good health. They even arranged a group prayer for me even though I am not religious. When I shared with them recently that I had hit the two year mark of post cancer surgery without incident, they cheered me on. Teachers and especially exercise teachers get paid very little for their time. We do it because we love doing it. Our reward is the smiles, the changes we make and the times when someone tells you that what you said or what you did made a difference in their life. Rewards in life are not always monetary. Some time they are subtle and come disguised in the good fortune of meeting and interacting with wonderful people. So as I continue onward, writing my book, producing my new exercise program and creating my nectars I thank all of you for inspiring me to take the leap. Stay tuned and follow me through this journey and I promise you the secret to inner balance will be revealed. Oh and the book is scheduled for publication in August with the video coming out in July. Sign up for my free newsletter at so I can stay in touch. Follow me on Face book at Doctor Lynn and on twitter.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tuesday I met with a photographer who was refereed by my marketing consultant who happens to be just right for me and really gets what I’m doing. It's amazing how when you get the energy moving things happen. These days I’m crazy busy running from one appointment or project to another. The next six weeks are crucial to bringing all the pieces together. Anne the photographer is doing a photo shoot for my website, book and exercise video. We connected immediately. One thing I’ve learned about filming is that the object and the artist must connect for there to be something beyond the ordinary. As an artist whatever your medium when the energy connects creativity moves to a higher level. Here is a flow of energy that takes over your body-mind and moves you into the moment. You experience that moment of complete connection in the here and now.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend that I have not seen for over six months. She used to come to my yoga class until she got really busy with a new and exciting job. She is a business woman with a strong marketing sense. We laughed, cried and shared even though we are different. I am the artist and she is the strong business woman. Her life like mine has been one of struggle as a single mother raising two children. We both have such a strong sense of independence and self reliance. We both are in second marriages and struggle with the nuances of these marriages. She gets it when I roll my eyes and talk about the difficulties of ex’s, children, adjustment, money, careers, friends, family and how very different it is from the early days when you first get married, start a life and build a family. How naïve we are to think it will all be simple. I shared with her the essence of my book and as I knew she would, she supported my work. She understands that I am doing this from a labor of love and a need to create and express. Lunch was too short. We could have talked for hours. Women…we never run out of things to say!

Today I am going to test out my exercise routine. I’m shooting the video that goes with the book next Wednesday. Fortunately for me I have a great group of people who will let me rehearse my routine in my yoga classes. I connect with my classes. Why? Because I care and I give with passion. I love what I do and the people I meet. I meet the most interesting people in my 8 plus classes I teach each week. I learn so much from them. I motivate them and they inspire me. It’s early in the morning and I must go over my routine so that I have it locked into my head before I go to class. Practice makes perfect… so it has been said. Add a little focus, passion and belief, and you have the magic to make things happen.

Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Day at Work 6/15/10

My days are so full with writing my book, and now eight days away from filming the exercise video that compliments the book. I came up with the idea for the video about two months ago. Now I’ve done videos before and they cost a lot of money. This time my budget was almost zilch. So I posted an add on Craig’s list for student interns who wanted to do a filming project. The response was overwhelming. Not just students but professional camera people who were between jobs and wanted something fun and easy to add to their resume. I met with John, camera man /director who happened to have all the equipment we needed and then signed on two interns. Lucky for me I live in a building with a beautiful function room which will work great for the video and is mine to use for free. The cost to me is the food and extras for the shoot. I do intend to give each person some money as a show of appreciation. As well I will list John as the director and camera man on the credits and give him permission to show my video as part of his work. I’m also giving the interns credit on the video which will give them something tangible to put on their resumes. Now all I have to do is spend the next eight days getting my routine down, get an outfit to wear, buy lunch and snacks and make it a fun day for everyone. If I told you I used a little magic to make this all happen you might think me a bit mad. But when you read my book, which will be published in August 2010 you’ll understand what I mean.

Doctor Lynn

PS - where there's a will -  there's a way

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Brass Ring

Today I wrote 30 pages of my book in about ten minutes. How did I accomplish such a feat in such a short amount of time? Preparation and Technology. It all goes back to the simple philosophy of doing what you love to do even if you don’t have a viable plan to put into action. You see, about ten years ago I knew I wanted to write a book and get it published. I did get a few small books published; however I had one book in mind that I could not seem to get to a point of destination. However, I sat faithfully at my computer and wrote, tucking away different manuscripts in my computer files. The time was not right to publish but the time was right to create. There were loops, gaps and pieces missing from the mosaic of my life. I had to complete parts of the picture before I could get back to my original idea. I remember sitting alone in my small apartment not quite sure where life would take me. But rather than sit in depression and discouragement I wrote and I wrote and I wrote tucking away reams of written work. Today as I started a new chapter in the book I went through my files and found 113 pages that would become two new chapters in my new book. I simply did a cut and a paste and a new chapter was born. My time had not been wasted. This philosophy that I learned a long time ago served me well. Don’t wait for your master plan to be fully formed before you begin to create. Create and adjust as you go along. Start where you are with a focus to the future and the master plan will unfold in due time. Nothing comes together and nothing happens until the time is right but if you sit back ideally waiting for the time to be right, when the time is right you won’t be ready to strike. So whatever your dream, even if you can’t clearly see the big picture, start where you are to make your dreams come true and in time when all is ready, whatever you desire will manifest. It will not be as you originally thought it would be, for over time things change, however what is meant to be will come to pass and when the brass ring is thrown you’ll be there to catch it. Two thirds of my book is complete. Each chapter I write brings a deeper understanding of the nature of my subject. What is it? Stay tuned…
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Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Just do it

Over twenty-five years ago someone gave me a book which I still have in my possession. It is tattered and worn but extremely valuable to me. The title is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The main premise of the book is that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to as long as you follow the thirteen basic principles outlined in the book. One of the basic principles is to start where you are no matter what and implement your plan even if it doesn’t make any sense or you really don’t know where you are going.

Twenty-five year ago I knew I had something to do but I wasn’t really sure what it was. So I took the first step and traversed a long and tough road but with each step I accumulated knowledge and experience which has served me well. It brought me to this place in my life. Looking back I can see how each goal that I accomplished was but a building block and although they did not always appear to be compatible, all the various journeys of my life led me here. The bits and pieces of my life all seem to be bound by a common thread…and in finding this common thread it all seems to make sense.

All dreams begin with a burning desire. Without desire nothing happens. It is the ability to hang onto that desire through all sorts of hard and discouraging times, which separate the winners from the losers. Dreams are not realized through laziness, indifference and lack of ambition.

As I spend the endless hours writing my book and developing my projects I do pass through those moments where I ask myself why I am working so hard. I don’t need to work. I could become the stereotypical Beverly Hills Housewife with nothing to do but shop and get my hair and nails done. I could kick back, travel and ideal away the time. But something in me is driven to accomplish my creative goals. It’s a burning desire.

I’ve been disappointed, rejected, abused, mocked, discouraged and broke. But deep inside there has always been a burning desire that no amount of failure could extinguish. I’ve always believed that the only failure is when you lose the desire and pack away your dreams.

My book may not make it to the best seller and it may get rejected by the publishers but I have a backup plan and fully intend to see my dream become a reality. Success I have found is not the end result but all the tiny steps along the way. It’s the little steps that are the essence of life.

If you are on your own creative path, whatever that may be, remember this story:

There was a miner who worked a mine for several years. He spent all his money and still nothing happened. One day he sold the mine to another person. The next person dug for one foot and struck gold. The first miner stopped just one foot from finding his fortune. In my journey through life I have learned one thing. When you have exhausted all your money and all your energy, just make one more call, take one more step, and move forward just one more foot. Never give up just one foot from the “goal”.

Doctor Lynn