Saturday, July 04, 2020

#Yoga Today ~ Attachment why we should let go

Yoga is more than a set of poses; it’s a way of life.   The poses and the class, however, allow us to practice what is fundamental to a healthy life; being present and one with your breath.  
Today we are going to focus on attachment.  When we practice yoga, it is important to practice on all levels; body, mind and soul. This is what it means to truly practice yoga. Attachment happens in the physical, mental and spiritual world; therefore, it is important to learn how to detach.
 Now with attachment the problem is that once you possess something you begin to fear losing it. The mind then gets distressed and agitated, and an agitated mind scatters your energy into somewhat of a frenzy. You lose your balance and forget to stay flexible and open to the ever-changing dynamics of life. Just remember the only thing you can be absolutely sure of is change. So, stay detached and be willing to let things go as they will.
Attachment brings about greed, anguish and suffering. For these reasons, according to Buddha and yoga, the cause of all suffering is attachment and ignorance. It is good to cherish, enjoy and love things of the earth. Just be willing to accept change, and if need be, to let them go. We do this by being detached not from the things themselves, but from the desire to possess and control.  You cannot control the ever-moving dynamics of life but what you can control is how you treat your body and what you let occupy your mind. So, observer life as it moves around you, be flexible and let it flow.
Remember this; what might be important in this moment might be meaningless a moment from now. Everything is constantly moving and changing.    So today let’s begin our practice by working on our flexibility; body, mind and soul.

As some may know I have been teaching yoga for over 30 years. What I know is life will humble you and to practice the yogi life is not easy. There will always be moments that remind you how easy it is to slip off the fine edge of the present moment losing your balance, flexibility and strength.
The cause of all suffering is attachment and ignorance. It is the ego that want to possess and control.
Extend out your index finger – the ego is artificial and transitory for how you see yourself is an illusion. We think we are important and have control when in fact we possess and control nothing except what we place in our minds and even that will constantly change. The ego is not negative or something to be destroyed. We need it for our preservation and to assist us in our evolution. The problem with the ego is believing it is the final reality; permanent and fixed. This is known as ignorance. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top ; the symbol of your higher power; surrender yourself to the everchanging dynamics of life, stay flexible and remain peaceful; body, mind and soul. In this you are wise.
I am not going back to LA Fitness – for many people a class at home is good. I will be teaching on Zoom twice a week beginning in the fall. Over the summer I will be teaching on Saturdays – missing a few as I am also moving to Florida. I am setting up a studio in my home and will continue to teach on line.  I hope you will follow me as I take on this adventure. Please stay in touch – classes are free until I am up and running and then I have two very special yoga classes to teach you.    I hope you will join me.

Namaste~ may you go with health, happiness and peace
Doctor Lynn