Saturday, May 28, 2016

Habits Block Your Flow -Yoga Today

To know your true self you must apply constant effort. That means we must constantly be aware of the true nature of self and to strive for it; not to achieve something, but to remove the obstacles in your way which are your habits. When we think of habits we think of the annoying and repetitive things we all do. But in yoga habits are wrong ways of thinking, speaking and doing. They are whatever has come into you from without which cause you to experience wrong thinking, speaking and doing. This is a block to your true nature.

Let’s say you have the habit of getting a Starbucks coffee every morning. You tell yourself you cannot function without it. This would be wrong thinking and a habitual thought that must be removed. Oher wise your energy is not free flowing.  You are controlled by the impulse or habit of having the coffee. This does not mean you need to give up the coffee. It simply means you need to give up the notion that you need it to flow and move. To flow and move through life with balance and ease all you need is your breath, your health and a clear mind. Let’s work on this.

The struggle in life is not against nature. It is against the wrong knowledge within you. This is not your true nature. These are habits and wrong ways of thinking. Your true nature or the ability to flow with life from a place of ease is within you. You just need to remove the self-imposed habits to experience it and when you do this you will experience your true nature which is peaceful and serene and ever flowing.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Fifth Modification of The Mind

There are five modification of the mind; right knowledge, wrong knowledge, imagination, sleep and memory.

Memory is tricky because it can be misused. Your memory is not always reliable. We tend to change, omit, polish and embellish our past. We remember what is best for the ego and tend to forget or eliminate that which is not. So we all have a storehouse of dropped or distorted memories. The key is to be honest with yourself about your past so that you can let go of it and be present. If you know your past as it was then you will not want to repeat it or get caught up in it. Instead you will move forward with a sense of balance, strength, flexibly and present awareness.

Whatever the past, be true to it. When this happens you have freedom because you can then let go of the past and you will be authentic. When you become authentic you become strong and when you become strong nothing can disturb you. In this you can always remove what is wrong. You will find clarity of mind and in this discover the pathway to freedom. Clarity and honesty become the basic ground from which you live your life.

Let’s practice present awareness

The ego remembers what is good for the ego. To transcend this we must be willing to be completely honest with ourselves. Your memory can get you into trouble if you use it wrongly. A clear consciousness allows you to cut away the wrong, know the right, imagine the best and sleep well. Clear the past, don’t worry about the future and be here now.
Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Give Your Brain a Tweak this Week

Researchers have discovers that those who eat fresh fish at least once a week have a lower incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s than those who don’t eat fish. It is interesting that when I was a child my father would tell me to eat my fish because it was good for the brain. We called it brain food.

Now if you are worried about heavy metal poisoning we do know that long term over consumption of  the big fish such as King mackerel, tuna, tile  and swordfish can cause kidney, and  liver damage, however those markers did not correlate with dementia or  have a negative impact on the  brain.

Eating fish at least once a week outweighs any potential risk. The key is to eat in moderation and if you are going to eat the big fish eat it occasionally. Shell fish and the smaller catch of the day would be a wiser choice.  So give your brain a tweak and have some fish this week.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sleep - The Fourth Modification of the mind

There are five modification of the mind. The first is right knowledge, the second is wrong knowledge, the third is imagination and the fourth is sleep. Yes, sleep is an action or change in our mind state because when we go into sleep we become unaware or unconscious. This is different than our waking state.  Sleep is different than dreaming. It means to be totally without content. There is no activity or movement. The mind is totally relaxed. In deep sleep you are in bliss and this state of bliss is good for your health. You will know if you had a good night’s sleep by how you feel when you wake up. If you feel rejuvenated you have slept.

Most of us struggle with sleep. Sleep is actually a nutrient. We require sleep to function and survive. Natural healthy sleep comes to us when we take care of our health, are aware of the difference between right knowledge and wrong knowledge and when we allow our imagination to imagine good and peaceful thoughts.

Breathing and meditation are two tools that we can use to get better night’s sleep. So close your eye and begin to breathe deep in through the nose and out through the nose, quiet the mind and relax.


The mind moves in and out of right knowledge, wrong knowledge, imagination and sleep. Pay attention to where your mind moves.  Simply observe and then get a good night’s sleep. It’s good for the body, the mind and the soul.  

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Imagination – the Third Modification of the mind

The mind has five modifications or ways of being. The first is right knowledge and the second is wrong knowledge. You may think you have right knowledge, but you may be wrong unless you learn to really listen to your inner voice where you will always know the truth and what is right otherwise what you think is right may be wrong.

The third modification of the mind is imagination. Imagination is good and it is beautiful. All great discoveries, all art, music and beauty come through imagination. But everything that is ugly has also come through imagination. Hitler had a great imagination. He imagines the world as being inhabited by a super race and so he set about to destroy what he imagined to be weak

Imagination can give you poetry, music and art or it can give you madness. It all depends upon how you use your imagination. It can bring you peace and serenity or anxiety and paranoia. Ever imagined that someone was upset with you because they didn’t call you only later to find out that they were just busy? Ever told someone they were beautiful only to see their face light up and a ray of beauty ignited from their soul? Tell someone they are stupid and they will begin to believe it. Tell someone they are intelligent and they will also begin to believe it.

The practice of yoga is to teach you to discover your inner voice and use it to imagine and create good.


Pay attention to your imagination. You can use it to create right knowledge or wrong knowledge. You can use it to create beauty or madness. If imagination is used with right knowledge you will know that it is imagination and you will never get lost in it. You will simply use it to create beauty.

Imagination – the Third Modification of the mind
Doctor Lynn