Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Solar Plexus – Add strength to your axis of creation

Stay connected to your axis of creation. Remember, everything has a core or center. The next chakra or energy center that moves up our spine is the solar plexus located around your naval area. It is the seat of your power and an important reservoir for the energy of life. This chakra is associated with feelings of anger, joy, laughter, and personal power. It is the area that contains your ambition, sensitivity, and general ability. Its color is yellow. Blocking the solar plexus may lead to a lack of direction, frustration, anger, or a sense of victimization. When freely flowing, we are focused and fearless. We have a strong will that moves us in a positive direction. When the energy is blocked, a person tends to exploit others or is easily exploited. Yoga poses that help us to open and balance this chakra are cobra, boat downward dog triangle, plank, and warrior one. All of these build strength - Let’s get started END: The three chakras', root, sacral, and solar duplex, are known as the “lower triangle.” Together, they relate to the mind, our patterns and habits, and our beliefs and attitudes. Ideally, this lower triangle base gives us the strength to work towards higher levels of consciousness, as we will find when we work on the remaining chakras. Just remember, a strong base is needed for the support of your axis of creation. Stay strong, stay centered. EGO: Flip your palm up and extend out the index finger – the symbol of the ego. The Solar Plexus is said to be the core of our ego, identity, and personality. It is situated between the navel and solar plexus, making it the center of our willpower. When out of balance, it produces anxiety and fear. Pull your index finger in and place your thumb on top. Take a breath and surrender to your soul. While the Sacral chakra seeks enjoyment and pleasure, this chakra also gives us the perception of who we are. This chakra is closely linked to our thoughts, which are often dependent on our feelings and, therefore, easily get out of balance. When harmonious and balanced, the solar plexus is connected to the soul, where we find the source of our supreme energy and focus. Stay centered, balanced and strong. Namaste~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness, and peace. Doctor Lynn

Monday, November 20, 2023

Three Actionable Tips for Managing Turkey Day Stress

The one thing that accelerates aging and often causes us to put on weight, eat unhealthily, and stop exercising is…STRESS! And what happens during the Holidays? …STRESS! Here are three actionable steps you can take to reduce stress and stay healthy anywhere and anytime. Yoga Breath Not only can the meditative effects of yoga help you manage stress and sleep better, but practicing yoga breath has a slew of other cognitive and social benefits. Cultivating a yoga practice can improve your memory and focus, as well as give you the peace of mind needed to face all the stress of the holidays. The breath is one of the best actionable ways to let go of stress. Letting go requires a connection with the present. Most likely, the stress you are hanging onto happened in the past, and when we are focused on the present moment, the past loses its grip. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, say to yourself, “Let go,” and then count from one to ten as you exhale. The ten count allows the body and the mind to focus on being present and in the moment. I always remind my students that breathing in is cleansing, and exhaling is removing debris. Do this five times. Take a Turkey Trot Walk The turkey trot is a dance, but it is also a brisk walk after your Thanksgiving meal. Not only will you burn calories, but it will also aid your digestion. Walking is easy and stress-free, and anyone can do it. When we walk, we circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body, and that includes the brain. The mind is free from distractions, and we are getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Vitamin D, which we get from the sun (which is the best source), is essential for overall health, including brain health. Scientists know that low levels of D affect cognitive functioning. Positive cognitive functioning while taking a turkey trot is a great way to reduce stress and stay healthy. Talk Talk to yourself; ask yourself this: is it worth hanging onto? Most likely, it is not. What might seem insurmountable today might be nothing tomorrow. It’s the things we identify with that create stress. It’s what yoga calls all the “citta” or useless mind stuff that keeps us caught in the illusion of life. Everything is fleeting. Nothing lasts forever. So, to de-stress and bring harmony and happiness to your world, change the way you look at things, and the way you look at things will change. Just let go and let be. END: We put so much pressure on ourselves to be happy and to fit in, especially during the holidays. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the good things in your life. You don’t need a family gathering, a turkey, or a party to practice gratitude. What you do need is the ability to take a breather, move your body, and let go. Take time to relax and focus on the most essential things in life: your health, body, mind, and soul. If you are healthy enough to celebrate Turkey Day, be grateful for that. Take a brisk turkey trot, and remember, without your health, everything else is meaningless. Happy gratitude-giving! Doctor Lynn FOR CLASSES AND MORE

Saturday, November 18, 2023

How to Strengthen and Support Your Creative Expression.

Nature has given us an “axis of creation” that, if properly used, will bring balance and harmony to our lives. It begins at the root or the base of your spine, known as the root chakra, and then moves to the sacral located between the pelvic bones. The sacral chakra is the second chakra in the human body. It's believed that it governs how you experience sexuality, creative expression, emotions, and more. According to most traditions, it can become blocked and unbalanced, as can the other chakras in the body. When it is out of alignment, we can experience lower back pain, urinary tract issues, as well as an obsession with negative thoughts and patterns that cause blockages that can have a negative effect on our emotional and mental well-being. In order to send energy, or to open the sacral chakra, the best healing practice is movement. When we move, the body releases the tension caused by stress and negative emotions. The bones of the pelvis are a critical part of the central portion of the skeleton. They serve as a transition from the axial skeleton and the skeleton of the lower body, serving as an attachment point for some of the strongest muscles in the human body while withstanding the forces generated by them. Two poses that open the sacral are the half pigeon and the bound angle. Let’s get to work on opening the sacral with a focus on strength and flexibility. END: The sacral physically supports our movements. Emotionally, when open and robust, it supports creative expression and positive emotions. When the energy of the sacral is in balance, we are transformative. If you are connected to this energy, you will have greater control over your body, your mind, and your soul. Stay open, strong, and connected. EGO: Flip your hands up and extend out the index finger – the symbol of the ego. Feel it pull you away from your axis of creation. The ego is the part of you that sometimes likes to deny and bury feelings and emotions. We are here on earth as humans to experience all the feelings and emotions of human life. It is what we do with these feelings that determines our karma. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top, the symbol of the soul. Take a breath and surrender to the soul. It is not feelings that we should block. But we should be consciously aware of how we express them. When unblocked and free-flowing, we experience strength, creative expression, happier relationships, and a personal sense of flair and individuality. Stay grounded and open, and you will begin to feel the power of a balanced and robust axis of creation; body, mind, soul. Namaste~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness, and peace Doctor Lynn

Saturday, November 11, 2023

How to find your grounding in a chaotic world

Nature has given us an “axis of creation” that if properly used will bring balance and harmony to our lives. It begins at the root or the base of your spine known as the root chakra. The chakras are energy wheels that ancient yogis believed ran up and down the spine. There are eight of them. The first is the root at the base of the spine. It reminds us that unless we can ground ourselves at our base it is impossible to move up the charkas. If you are stressed, unbalanced, and disconnected from your base it is impossible to maintain your health and to find happiness and peace. The spinal cord is a column of nerves that connects your brain with the rest of your body, allowing you to control your movements. Without a spinal cord, you could not move any part of your body, and your organs could not function. This is why keeping your spine healthy is vital if you want to live an active life. So, we begin at the root chakra. Its frequency responds to the color red and its quality is the earth element. It connects us to our daily lives through our instincts, survival mechanisms, and habits. When energy is flowing freely through the root chakra we are grounded, dependable, realistic, and secure. If the energy is stuck there is a tendency to be clingy, overly stubborn, and exhibit signs of addictive behavior. Our goal today is to ground and balance ourselves so the energy flowing through us is strong and secure. END: Pay attention to your “axis of creation” beginning at the base of your spine also known as the root chakra. Take time this week to ground yourself especially if you need to make decisions, solve problems, and deal with stress. Remember: You must be grounded and stable if you wish to fly. So, whatever you attempt to do this week, stop take a moment, ground yourself, and begin to work from your root upward into becoming the most grounded, stable, and best of who you can be. In this, you will fly! EGO: Flip up your hands – palms up and extend out your index finger. This is the symbol of the ego. Feel it pull you away from your center. The ego connects to the root chakra in that it always seeks survival and uses its instincts and habits to ensure its needs are met. But sometimes it forgets that staying grounded means being realistic which means being practical and realistic. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top. Take a deep breath and surrender to the soul. The soul is always grounded because it knows that life is constantly changing, and if you don’t want to lose your balance in an ever-changing world stay connected to your root chakra and let the energy of life flow freely with realistic expectations: Nothing is permanent except that which you create within. Be grounded, be balanced, and stay strong, and in this, you will fly. Namaste ~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness, and peace. Doctor Lynn COMING SOON! HOW TO MASTER YOUR KARMA SO YOU MASTER YOUR LIFE Book on Amazon New Karma online class beginning 2024 – join and make this the year you make positive changes in your life.