Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Tunnel of Consciousness

In yoga the spine is considered the tunnel of consciousness. Along the spine we find the chakras and as we ascend each chakra from the root at the base of the spine to the top of the head at the crown we raise our level of consciousness from survival to enlightenment.

To begin we move up through the spine and past the primitive brain or the limbic system located at the base of the skull pushing the energy forward toward the frontal lobe or the point between our eyebrows known as the third eye. This is our intuitive all-knowing self.

Because of evolution our level of consciousness is higher than that of other animals. An easy way to describe this is when a dog is happy they wag their tail which is located at the base of their spine. When a human is happy they smile and laugh at the top of the spine. They raise their head and body upward. That is one reason we lift the spine in yoga. It is to open the tunnel of consciousness.

 As the ego moves upward towards the higher chakras it begins to lose its importance. Now it looks to expand within its own consciousness not only its happiness, but the happiness of others.

The self-expanding ego thinks in terms of serving others rather than being served; it self-sacrifices for the good of many rather than sacrificing for its own good.

The epitome of this attitude is that of the warrior willing to sacrifice for the good of many – a selfless person willing to give his or her own life for the general good. Ideally this person is noble and self-giving. But sadly today many warriors and even political leaders are self-serving and aggressive. Which warrior are you?

The closer the ego approaches the higher levels of consciousness it begins to realize that even noble deeds are self-limiting when coming from ego consciousness. The ego separates us. The warrior then asks itself – how much good can I accomplish on my own. We all need each other to raise the consciousness of existence. So this week seek to raise your level of consciousness beyond the self-serving ego and like the mighty warrior do something good for the many.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Building Healthy Relationships

If we are to reach a higher level of consciousness and to change the course of our karma, we must begin with the desire to build the sacred vessel of relationship. The most sacred relationship is the relationship we build with ourselves.  The problem is that most of us are quite self-centered and spend a lot of time trying to control others in an attempt to get what we want.

How we relate to the world is found in our own thoughts, perception, and feelings about the world around us. As we gain experience, we gain wisdom and this wisdom opens us up to new perceptions that will direct the actions we take as we relate to the world.

As we reaches out from a place of inner consciousness we may encounter others who have not discovered the sacredness of relationships. That is okay, because there is a realization that we are all one, even if some of us are still stuck in the self- centered egotistical view of the world.  Everyone will experience the journey differently. However, there are certain common denominators we will all experience once we are consciously on the journey.

There will be daily practice (devotion) and conscious awareness of the process.  There will be moments of inner silence and a gradual shift from intentions and actions that are outwardly based and focused on outcomes and time frames, to intentions and actions that are based on the inner journey. This naturally leads to more harmonious outcomes.  As we shift to a place of balance and become more unified and harmonious our world reflects this inner peace.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The best way to transcend the continual cycle of karma is to become the very expression of life as a unified whole with divine nature expressed in all actions great and small. To do this we must build the sacred vessel of relationship.

Be clear about your intentions. Openness is required.  Truth is fundamental. We must be committed to building the walls of the sacred vessel; openness, trust, and commitment; without these relationships cannot sustain their strength.

Doctor Lynn

Spiritual Fitness

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Listen to Your Center - Yoga Today


Take a moment and focus on any emotional or physical pain or disturbances that exist in your life. These exist on the periphery or the circumference and not at the center. Now let’s move closer toward our center. Slowly with deep long breathes begin to remove whatever is disturbing your peace. Let go of everything and find your center. It is a vast space of calmness. Here you will find your intuition. Here you will find the answers. If you penetrate deep enough to the center everything will disappear and you will be at peace.

Now project your center towards whatever has been giving you pain. You will begin to realize that even setbacks in life have their advantage. Seek your heart center. It is the place of compassion and understanding. Now project outward towards the center of your disturbance and you will know exactly what to do. Everything in life has a purpose. Sometimes what seems to be a disturbance is really a push to grow stronger, be more flexible and to establish balance. Let’s practice

When life hands you emotional and physical pain go to your center.  Here you will find the answer. Nothing in life is permanent. Everything in life keeps moving and changing. But your center remains strong; it is flexible and maintains its balance. When you live from your center every situation in life will be tuned into an opportunity.  

Namaste- I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn