Monday, February 28, 2011

The Book

Introduction is done and the first chapter is almost written. Need to organize this week and then we're ready to go....stay tuned for healthy, sexy, happy and lovingly recipes.
Doctor Lynn

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Successful Dinner

Last night I made the first dinnner for my new book. It was a success. Stay tuned and the book will begin to be posted chapter by chapter...
Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Successful Life - getting Away

Some times just getting awsy from it all and visitng a quiet part of nature is all it takes to get the creativty back. This is from White Water Preserve in Palm Springs - a free nature walk through the desert. Take  a little time to shut off the phone, get away from the noise and enjoy a bit of nature - it will do wonders for the body, mind and soul. And stay tuned for my upcoming book and new exercsie program - it's sure to get you healthy, sexy, loving and happy.
Doctor Lynn

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Successful Life - New Book

Finally after many weeks of pondering I have come up with the direction and theme for my new book. Watch for it as I will be posting daily to the blog. What is is about? Recipes for good health, great sex, lasting love, blissful happiness and once a week a real recipes for making healthy, low fat dishes that are good for your health, sex, love and happiness. Stay tuned...sign up for the free monthly newsletter and stay in the loop
Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Successful Life – is a $300.00 bottle of champagne worth it? 2/16/11

Last week my husband and I celebrated out anniversary. Tucked away in our wine closet was a $300.00 bottle of Dom Pe’rignon that my husband had been given as a gift from one of his clients. We decide to crack open the bottle of bubbly and give it a try.

When you think of champagne you think of the French. During the 17th century France enjoyed a luminous era under the leadership of King Louie the XIV. He became known as the “sun king” for his benevolence and his patronage to the arts. At the Palace of Versailles King Louie was the first king to drink champagne.

Our bottle of champagne was entitled “1996 a year of light.” It’s description; eight minutes from sun to earth, long hours of August warmth to mature the grapes, seven years of maturing the shadows of the cellars breathe energy, depth and brilliance into Dom Pe’rignon. Then finally the magic moment when Dom Pe’rignon 1996 bursts from the bottle to enchant the eyes and the palate with its unique, sparking magnanimity. Ok I’m in- let’s drink!

We popped the bottle, poured the champagne and toasted to many more years. It was dry and subtle, soft and yet so bold. Nothing harsh or fruity about this bottle. It was sophisticated. Very easy to drink another glass and then another glass….to finish the bottle. We drank it with caviar which made the whole experience very decadent.

I’m not a real champion of champagne. All I know is the next day I felt no hangover. The subtle and yet sophisticated taste of the champagne lasted in my memory. Was it worth $300.00 a bottle? Not sure so we decide that one day soon we would open a bottle of $80 Dom and see if we could tell the difference. In the mean time I was off to my French class with my new found class buddy, Jeff the sommelier. Surely Jeff could tell me about my bottle of champagne. I brought the insert listing it as a 1996 Dom Pe’rignon. Jeff took one look and smiled. “An excellent bottle of champagne.” he proclaimed. He went on to describe it as subtle yet sophisticated. Almost like slightly stale bread or nuts that are dry without the bold flavors of newness. He hit it on the head. He told me that there was a rose of this same vintage that was very expensive but equally as good. It was a great bottle and a great experience.

Would I spend $300.00 for another bottle of 1996 Dom Pe’rignon? No, it is an extravagance that is better left as a gift received.

Doctor Lynn

Monday, February 14, 2011

Two of Life's Aphrodisiacs

Did you know that caviar is an aphrodisiac? Fish roe is high in zinc and other minerals that support a heathy sex system. When a  man ejaculates he loses zinc. Caviar is also high in phosphorous which transforms into metabolic activity and penile erection. Champagn is more than just the "bubblie" - it's also a memory enhancer - yes that's right the grapes and the fermentation process has been shown to enhance memory - so not only do you get to enjpoy robust sex but you also rmemeber it!
Happy Valentines Day - more on caviar and champage later...
Doctor Lynn

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Successful Life – Baking a Honey Cake

Today I’m baking a honey cake so I can take a picture and email it to my PR firm so they can email it to a website that wants to feature it as an alternative to chocolate for Valentine’s Day. It’s a recipe I discovered and changed a bit. It is a feature in my book about Sex and Love. I’ve never had a cake featured or for that matter any other food I’ve created. It comes for a cook book I have in hand written (collected and organized long before we used computers at home) form that I always intended to publish. Perhaps the time is near. It even has a theme – well it has two themes: one is to catch a man with your interesting cooking and the second is to keep him healthy. The recipes are all healthy and low calorie-low fat. It’s a project that will take time and thought.

I’ve cooked every one of the recipes. I only included one’s that I thought was good and that my family and ex-boyfriends really liked. The idea was to become an interesting healthy cook. I grew up in a place where the basic were cooked never veering off from local dishes. The food was good and hold some but heavy, fatty and sometimes a bit boring. It was easy for me to master comfort home cooking. I wanted to do something more. With no one to teach me I began to explore other taste and other cultures.

I moved to Los Angles and was exposed to a variety of foods and cultures. I love the variety and like most every food except kimche, some Korean, some Vietnamese and old Chinese. Thai and sushi work for me however I will eat just about anything – and have! To my surprise sweet bread is quite good!

So late today I’ll bake the cake and then decorate it so I can take the picture to match the story to be posted on a few website. This is fun and creative. I’m thinking about making it a feature on my blog – a healthy dish with a theme. Together it will become a healthy cook book. May-be after twenty-five years it will get published.

A honey cake is not a simple thing to make. It is sweet but it is also healthy. It’s not low in calories. It’s not the best cake I’ve ever made but it has a theme. It’s a honey cake for your honey – an aphrodisiac of sorts. Honey and the spices in it are all foods that support a healthy sexual self. They inspire energy, endurance, circulation, warmth and strength.

The sight of a fresh baked honey cake made specifically for your lover will insure that he or she gets in the mood. The thought, the time, the effort and the magical ingredients will spark the fires of love making. Because you see – nothing brings on love like a caring thought and, something you made to give from your heart. And if that doesn’t get them – the ingredients will!

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Honey Cake for Your Honey

Chocolates, wine and roses are easy but did you know: (recipe below)

You can catch more love with honey than chocolate this Valentine’s day?

Bake your Honey a Honey Cake

Did you know that honey is an aphrodisiac? Honey is a complete food used throughout history for its ability to supply energy and nutrients. When tested against other foods it ranked number one for sustaining performance and quick recovery. Sounds like an aphrodisiac to me! So how about a honey cake for your honey sprinkled with aphrodisiacs spices and erotic wine for Valentine’s Day?

Original recipe By Doctor Lynn from Sex Matters… so get Sexually Healthy the Natural Way

Honey Cake

Serving honey is an ancient way of honoring guests.

1/2 cup of honey

1/2 cup of Strega wine (or any sweet white wine, but Strega is best)

5 egg yolks

7 egg whites

1½ teaspoons of salt

1 tablespoon of grated orange peel

1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons olive oil

1 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon each of cinnamon, cloves,

and nutmeg

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Line the bottom of an 8-inch spring-form pan with oiled parchment or a brown paper bag cut to size. Oil the pan and paper well.

Whisk egg yolks with honey for five minutes. Add orange peel. Sift flour with salt and spices. Gradually stir into egg yolks and honey mixture. Add wine and olive oil, stirring constantly as you add small amounts. Beat the egg whites until stiff and then fold into batter. Pour batter into pan and bake for 20 minutes. Turn oven off and let cake sit for 10 minutes. Remove cake from oven. Turnover and detach from spring pan carefully.

Sprinkle top with a mixture of cinnamon and ground dark chocolate. Serve with a side of orange sorbet.

From Sex Matters so…Get Sexually Healthy the Natural Way

By: Lynn A. Anderson Ph.D., N.D.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sex Matters

You bet it does! Check out my book Sex Matters... so get Sexually Healthy the Natural Way

Monday, February 07, 2011

A Successful Life – Fix it when it’s not working? 2/7/11

When something is not working should you try and fix it or abandon it and move on? If it has value to you and you believe that it has some merit then perhaps a little fixing might make it work. It’s so easy to throw away and quit when the rewards for your efforts are not met. That is when it is time to reassess your goals and your values and decide to fix it or not.

I wonder if Oprah would like to do a show on people who are trying to accomplish something and no matter how hard they try things never seem to work out. What is it that makes something work and at the same time makes something else not work? Same effort but different results.

Could be timing, wrong exposure or no exposure. May-be it just doesn’t appeal to anyone or it’s not unique enough to stand out above the crowd. Whatever it is – it appears broke and the question is do I fix it or throw it away?

Some people fix everything. My husband loves to fix things. He will spend hours fixing a small object that if he added up his time was a total waste of money. But he gets satisfaction in fixing an object. May-be this is not such a bad idea. The world is very wasteful. If we fixed things instead of throwing them away may-be the world would not be so cluttered with junk. Seems like there is more junk in the world every day.

I am taking a couple of vest to the tailor to have them retrofitted. It’s cheaper than buying new. The vests are vintage and unique. I’m trying to recycle my clothes and my shoes and my project. What does that mean; I ponder? What does it mean to recycle your life? Webster’s defines it as causing to repeat a cycle. Isn’t that what mid life crisis is all about? We try to repeat an earlier cycle only to find that things have changed. The old material is not the same as it was thirty years ago. The fabric has faded and is a bit torn but with a careful eye we can recycle back again with a better perspective and better use of our time.

Should I try and fix it? There’s an old saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” If it is broke and it can’t be fixed – recycle it. Isn’t that the mark of a successful life? The ability to recycle over and over until you get it right.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Successful Life Getting Organized

Some days I feel like I am organized and others fly by without any feeling of accomplishment. But just exactly what does it mean to be organized? Getting a lot of things done? Having everything in its place? Is it really worth it? Wouldn’t it be more fun to simply take things as they come to you? Or would a bit of irresponsibility create chaos and stress?

The practice of Karma yoga teaches that life becomes what life does. You reap what you sow. However there is a fine line between overly organized and chaos. It is called the middle ground where balance is found.

I am about to make some changes in my approach to my projects. To date what I have done has not worked. I can blame myself and believe it to be a failure or I can reorganize and set about with a new plan. If I throw my hands up in despair I have truly failed but if I carefully analyze my situation from a balanced and grounded point of view without the mixture of emotion I can see that the direction I choose is not working. Perhaps another direction will get me to my destination.

But what if life does the very best it can and still it comes up with failure? Is it really failure or an attempt misguided? I did not listen to my intuition this time although I knew that the potential for failure, or should I say not to succeed, rested in both the source and the ability to organize and implement. The organization was there but the implementation I questioned.

I’m about to reorganize. Will this guarantee success? There a e no guarantees in life only opportunities that get discovered when a person is willing to take a chance. And sometimes taking a chance means letting go of well organized ideas and habits. Being too tightly organized can destroy the flexibility and spontaneity of life. If life becomes what life does than a little spontaneity just might be the antidote that helps us reach the middle ground.

Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Successful Life – The Road to Hell

Dante said the road to hell was paved with good intentions. So I have found. What a disappointment when your intentions are good and they are received with such anger and the anger is directed at you. For all the trying you receive a bitter blow of being blamed for all the ills that might befall a person. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

What do you do with a good intention? If you see a loved one in trouble, do you ideally sit by and let them falter because it is easier and safer than trying to help? It is one thing to think you are right and that there is only one way to do something and you must impose this on another person even if your intentions are good. However it is another thing to reach out when you see someone you love hurting themselves and their health in a destructive way. How do you help someone who is on a path of destruction. It’s not about being right and it’s not about knowing better. It’s not about having things your way – it’s about love and caring. It’s about concern for the welfare of a loved one. As a mother it is always a challenge – do you speak up when you see your grown children hurting themselves or do you sit by and let things go. It is always a dilemma as to how far we can assert our intentions even if they are good and well meant.

My intentions did not go well. They were met with anger. The solace I take is that I know in my heart the intentions were good and never meant to bring about anger and hurt. I cannot be responsible for the way another person sees or feels. How another perceive a situation is often so far from what is intended.

In situations like these we must always return to the truth – the truth is that the intention was good even if the other person sees it as criticism. However we must also accept and acknowledge the other persons point of view. If they saw it as criticism ( and this is their truth) then unless they can also see our point of view the intention becomes another cobblestone along the road to hell.

Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Successful Life – And it came to me

What is this mysterious thing that seems to come from nowhere and is suddenly the answer you have been looking for? I have been struggling how to turn my next book into a book. I needed a title and a direction. Then suddenly in a book store waiting to go to a movie the title started to pop in my head and I realized that the title defined the direction and would bring all of my ideas into a central theme which was what I needed to do. Then I got a better idea – the title would start with a text message! After all I is destined to be an eBook. But now I need to learn how to write the title in text messaging. I’ll look it up on the internet because everything can be found on the internet accept my intuition. I wonder if anybody today listens to their inner voice for direction or do they simply Google for a response? Does anybody rally get quiet and listen? When was the last time you consciously heard and felt your breath?

Now the next step is to turn this blog into the book so I implement the discipline to get the book written. Without the time and application of thought and organization nothing ever gets written. And of course nobody may ever read it. But if I don’t write it than for sure no one will ever read it.

As I sit here early in the morning enthusiastic about my new found direction, I wonder why I feel compelled to write another book when I have written about four and one of them have amounted to much in terms of material success and fame. But that’s not why I do this thing called writing. It’s because I love the process and the satisfaction of watching something abstract come to life.

My new book has received several nice reviews from professional book reviewers. Things are different now. It’s not about getting a publisher. It’s about publishing our own book – which everyone is doing so that everyone is an author – just as everyone is now an artist and everything else due to the changing structure of the world. Perhaps that is a good thing. For too long, too few people held the keys to success. If you knew someone – success could happen. It was never about how much you knew but who you knew. Now it’s more about who you can get to follow you because you have something interesting to share and that does not equate to money for most people. In some ways the whole process is tougher and in some ways it’s easier – and isn’t that progress?

I’ll write my book the old fashion way – one page at a time and hope for the best or at least the opportunity to share something of value.

Doctor Lynn