Monday, May 23, 2011

Recipes for Health, Sex, Happiness and Love Introduction

I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow and hope to bring back new ideas, old world experieces and other unique things to share. Amsterdam, Bruge, London and Paris is the two weeks trip. Here is the introduction to my new book. When I return I'll post each day- a recipe to bring health, Sex, Happiness and Love into your life.
Doctor Lynn

I’m not a professional chef. I’m not even a great cook. I’m a good cook who believes that the secret to a successful life is found in recipes for health, sex, love, happiness and good and interesting food. Over the years – thirty-three to be exact - I’ve collected and cataloged into three note books recipes that one day I intended to become a healthy cook book. It all started with an interest in eating healthy, a desire to initiate a little sexual spark, find a lasting love, to be blissfully happy and fill my time with a creative and interesting endeavor.

I bought a book – thirty-three years ago entitled, How to Write Cook Book and get it published. The introduction said, “You can write a cook book. If you’re fooling around with new recipes or collecting old ones, you can write a cook book. The main difference between you and the person who actually writes a cook book is a neatly type written stack of pages containing recipes.”

Now believe this or not when I started to collect and create recipes thirty-three years ago I did not have a PC. I only had a cheap typewriter and the ability to type using only a few fingers. I never actually learned how to type. I was a single young mother working two jobs and providing a home for my children. Time and money were very scarce. However I needed to cook so why not collect recipes, cook them for my children, expand our palettes and teach them something about eating good? So I began to collect, cook and record the recipes in loose leaf notebooks; organizing them into appetizers, main dishes, breads, desserts and condiments.

My little book about writing a cookbook asked me two questions; why did I want to write this cook book and who was it for? My book it seemed needed a theme. I pondered hard to answer these questions. I wanted to write this book because I wanted to teach myself to cook healthy delicious foods. I wanted to be able to enjoy the fun of creativity. I had to cook anyway so I might as well make it interesting and fun. I was under great stress in those days as a young single mother living in Maine. I worked a full time job, taught exercise part-time, managed a big house and cared for my two children. Money was tight but we had to eat. And I discovered that form scratch to finish I could complete ina couple of hours something tangible like a meal that was enjoyable, healthy, good and necessary. I was also exposing my children to different foods and hopefully helping them to develop a sophisticated palette. But I also had another motive.

I thought the cook book should be sexy and provocative. It should be inviting so that when I found the love of my life I could seduce him with my cuisine. I would make for him, healthy, sexy, loving and happy meals that would make my project come to life. So I started to cook and collect recipes. My theme written on the first page of my cook book was;

How to Snare a Man with your cooking, making him rise to any occasion and thoughtfully feeding him healthy foods so he would, in turn be romantic, enthusiastic, innovative and preserve – just what every woman desires!

So I cooked and I collected but I never organized it into a book for publication. It was always my intention. I have carried the note books with me for over thirty-three years. Some of the recipes my children now incorporate into their own home cooking. They fondly remember some of the great dishes I made and we laugh at the total disasters.

But this book is not just a collection of food recipes. It’s recipes for living a successful life which I suggest is good health, great sex, lasting love, blissful happiness and indulging in great and interesting sustenance ( foods and drinks) which provide the essential essence of life.

The definition of a recipe as given by is;

1. A set of directions with a list of ingredients for making or preparing something, especially food.

2. A formula for or means to a desired end: a recipe for success.

3. A medical prescription.

Now my book does have a set of directions with a list of ingredients for making or preparing something; especially food. It is about a formula for or means to a desired end; a recipe for success. It could be a medical prescription if you consider the medical benefits of food, as it pertains to health, sex, love and happiness. This is a book about a recipe for success through the means of preparing something that just might be good for your life. That’s it – the theme!

So here I sit ready to go. I have my theme. I have my method. I have my recipes. Now all it takes is the disciple to sit in front of the computer every day for the next year and write one page after the other. The only difference between me and the one’s before me that have published their books is the number of type written pages. Success begins with that first line. From there it is all about self discipline. It is the difference between wishing and doing.

Why do I want to write this book and for whom? Because it has been sitting quietly for years waiting for the time to be right; the time is right. I have more time now to devote to the things I want to do as opposed to the things I had to do. It is a new technological world with computers, social media, smart phones and apps. I can take pictures and in a moment’s time post them to the internet. I can even make this into an E-Book for immediately download.

I want to write this recipe book so that it is simple and yet thoughtful. I want it to be more than just a collection of culinary recipes. It is about recipes for living a successful life. It is about finding pleasure and joy in the simple things in life. It’s about being creative with or without wealth. Hopefully it will have morsels of wisdom that add flavor to life. For what is life without a little flavor, a little sugar and a little spice? As the French say; joie’ de vi’vre.

Where do recipes come from? They come from everyday life. They are meant to be shared. We prepare them and share them. We break bread, celebrate, entice, care for, share with, derive good health from, sexually entice with, prepare with love and celebrate with happiness the recipes of our lives. Through all the many moments large and small food sits at the center. It defines a culture. It heals, it soothes and it nourishes our bodies, our minds and our souls. A wise person understands that you are what you eat.

Wisdom is the ultimate goal of life. For as we mature through life it is wisdom that befriends the body, the mind and the soul. But wisdom does not come easily. It comes through many moments of trial and error. To be wise you must know and to know you must experience and to experience you must do with great faith and conscious awareness. A good cook knows all the failures that lead to a success. A curious cook is not afraid to experiment. Trial and error repeated until perfection is achieved is the essence of success. Then wisdom teaches us that it is not perfection that makes for success but the very act of doing. So what better way to traverse the road to success than focusing on our health, sexuality, happiness and love? What else could there be? Perhaps wealth? If you have your health, you are sexually satisfied, you’re happy and you have love in your life; you are a very wealthy person. A wise person understands this to be true. As is cooking so is life….

Doctor Lynn

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Want to Lose Weight without Diet Pills?

Feed Your Brain – that’s exactly what diet pills do - they effect the neurotransmitters in your brain – HOWEVER - there is a better way to do this naturally.

From my June 2011  Free Monthly Newsletter

Your brain needs about 400 calories a day. To properly function it requires four ounces of glucose as well as adequate sodium, potassium, unsaturated fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. The brain manufactures hundreds of neurochemicals that affect moods, produce natural pain killers, natural tranquilizers and act as a natural appetite suppressant. Nutritional deficiencies can alter brain states, therefore it is essential that we eat a healthy diet in order to insure proper brain functioning. The brain also requires constant oxygen which it receives from the blood stream and from the oxygen we inhale.

Now if you want to make sure you are getting plenty of oxygen to the brain, suppressing your appetite and lifting your mood feed your brain a daily dose of exercise. Studies have shown that a daily dose of exercise not only burns calories but causes the brain to release endorphins which are neurotransmitters that lift mood and suppress appetite. Oxygen flows to the brain by both heavy breathing and blood flow which is both a by-product of exercise. So if you want to feed your brain a good non-calorie, happy, flowing, appetite control substance – get up and move.

Want an easy exercise routine that you can do anywhere/anytime? Check out Aero*boga™

Learn more about living a healthy lifestyle by following my blog where I’ll share with you my new book Recipes for Health, Sex, Happiness and Love

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Break

Taking a break from cooking and writing this week but not from working. Producing two new videos and taking a little time to visit with some friends. Keeping good friends takes time and energy but it is worth it. Next week it's back to the book and then the next week it's off to Europe!
Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Weeks

Two weeks and I leave for Europe. There is always so much to do before a trip. I have a list and will be ready to post the introduction and first chapter. There is something a little scary about making a committment to post something to the world and then to make sure I follow it through. However I am a very disciplined person and when I set my mind to something I not only follow it through but I stay oranized and ahead of the game. The secret to any endeavor is to stay focused but always remember to be flexible.

Doctor Lynn

Monday, May 09, 2011

Count Down

In two weeks I'm leaving for Europe. Amsterdam, Bruge, London and Paris are on the agenda. Before I leave the begining of the book will be posted. It will be unedited with my side notes. And of course I will return with some news for afar. So here is the countdown.
Doctor Lynn