Saturday, October 30, 2021

Time Gates - the door to opportunities


Watch Out for Time Gates

Time gates are passageways or spaces we step into at a particular time that change the direction of our life.  Time gates exist everywhere without regards for time. They are simply space providing the means for change.  When we refer to change, we refer to time and not space.  However, all points in space are relative to one another and therefore a time gate cannot exist in empty space. It must be linked to a specific event and events happen as a result of time.


Wherever you are in the world you will be faced with time gates. These gates are constantly opening and closing. When we step through a time gate, we either consciously or unconsciously set off a stream of time space events that can have a power influence upon our life. In an instant our life can change. An artist is discovered, a lover is found, and a leader is toppled. From the outside it appears that a person’s life has changed dramatically for better, or for worse when in fact one has simply stepped through a time gate and the space you occupy has changed. Whether it is prosperous or not depends upon a number of circumstances.  Be careful because what might appear to be a stroke of luck might turn out to be a burden.


There are creative and prosperous time gates and then there are destructive and disastrous time gates. It is our level of perception and the depth of our wisdom that determines which gates we step through and which we avoid. Our karma will draw us to certain gates and bind us to others. The gate to prosperity may open before us, but because of our karmic blindness we might walk right passed it.

Being aware and open to opportunity allows you to discover time gates. You cannot be in a hurry to find them, but you must overcome the four patterns of blocked knowledge, blocked feelings, blocked vitality and blocked free will to discover them. Be open to receiving information, none of us have all the answers. Experience all feelings for this is what it means to be human. Keep yourself vital and healthy, and remember you have the power to choose what and how you let things into your life. But this takes work and that is karma.



Being stuck in negativity at the lower chakras and at the lower layers of your being will blind you from the prosperous time gates and bind you to the destructive gates. Free up your energy, lighten your load, and keep your eyes open for opportunity. Look for knowledge, acknowledge your feelings, stay vital and healthy and remember you have the power to choose what and how you let things into your life. Work on your karma and be aware. You have the power to choose which time gates you walk through and which ones to avoid.


EGO: The ego often thinks of itself as having all the answers, justifies its feelings, thinks it is strong and like to use free will to justify any and all actions. None of us have all the answers in life and often times our feelings are miss construed. The ego is weak in that it can easily be crushed and free will does not mean to justify any and all actions. The soul reminds us that being open to all of life without judgement gives us the ultimate in power, for we realize from the soul’s perspective that we are all a part of this vast universe. Each with a significate part to play. Be open and aware. Stay vial and strong and choose the path of the soul and prosperous time gates will open for you.  

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Karma - Reincarnation – how did I get here?


Whether you believe in reincarnation or not here is an interesting thought;

according to karma yoga and physicist we are simply a bundle of energy. And according to the laws of thermodynamics energy is never lost, but simply changes form. Our energy field (body, mind, soul) is a subtle form of motion like a wave or a pulse that goes on and on. It’s energy and movement. We could conclude then that our energy (self) is never lost; it simply changes form.

According to karma and many other philosophies when we die our energy changes to a different form of energy and that energy maintains the potential to return again to earth and change its form again. We call it reincarnation

According to karma when we transcend to the astral world (die) we go to the holdover place, which is not the final resting place. It is a place for reflection. Free of emotions and sensations we make an accurate appraisal of our deeds and misdeeds. We then decide what areas need improvement and what areas need to be atoned. After we have reached the decision, we find a suitable body and parents that will best help us accomplish our mission. Because we cannot accomplish this without human emotions, experiences and sensations we return to earth to take on earthly form and begin again.

On the spiritual plane, the karmic debts appear reasonably easy, but in the physical world we once again experience pain, cold, heat, grief, fear and physical limitations. We may become so frustrated with the load of our karmic debt that we forget what we set out to do. Life then becomes a repeat of a former life with different props and players. However, if the new self does meet the challenges of life the individual is on the road to enlightenment. Transcendence frees us from the hold of the ego and from the cycles of physical rebirth and death, and the wheel of karmic debt.

According to the laws of karma humans reincarnate on earth until they have regained their status as children of the spiritual universe.  Our present task is simply to make this chapter (life) of our evolution a happy and fulfilling journey. It is about releasing our soul from the bondage of karma so that we can find freedom, purity and serenity.

When we uncover our karmic obligation, we are faced with a decision; to conquer our fears and guilt, or allow them to overwhelm us so that nothing gets resolved. To awaken and grow we must be willing to become the witness and observer of our lives and learn to live from a place of compassion, faith, balance, serenity, peace, strength and divinity. Not an easy task. It takes work and that is karma. Let’s get started.




Remember, the present is created in the past or the memory. We must, however, not be too frustrated if we do not accomplish all that we would like in this lifetime. Simply let this chapter of your life be a reflection of a truthful, happy and loving existence. Remember, this is only a chapter in your book of life. There is no time limit for completion of the book. And yet in a sense there is a hurry because if you wish to end your suffering and continual rebirth you must sincerely seek to transcend the lower humanly aspect of yourself. It is easy to fall into D-Gap and allow deceit, greed, anger and pride rule your life. It takes work to identify these things in yourself and overcome then with honesty, generosity, kindness and humility. But when you learn to work you karma your life will begin to work for you.



Reincarnation will not provide you with a straight and clear path. You will soon discover that from here to there is never a straight line. There will be many twists and turns, as well as many detours. There will be low valleys and high mountain tops, as well as many ravines. How low you go or how high you climb will depend upon your moral compass. Let it be your guide and not the ego.

When life takes you on a detour don’t resent it, fear it or avoid it. Be on the lookout for opportunities, adventures and chances to learn and grow. You never know what you will find. But remember as along as the ego is pushing you towards the path you are not on the path. You must know when to pull back to your soul and work your karma, so your life works for you. The true purpose of your journey here on earth is to do the work that frees you from all encumbrances; body, mind and soul.

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