Saturday, February 26, 2022

Be the Master of Your Life - To Recap karma

If you want to prosper you must work your karma, and then uncover the four aims of life, as well as find the container that holds all the treasures that lead to prosperity. Keep all of this in mind as we now begin to walk the pathway of prosperity. Be careful not to fall into D-GAP and be controlled by The Troublesome Four. Don’t forget to unblock the four patterns that hold us back from working our karma. Remember the four great passions will get you into trouble and prevent you from working your karma if you are not consciously aware of them and use them to create punja or good merits: they are Deceit, Greed Anger and Pride. The troublesome four will surely get you into trouble as well; Envy, Jealousy, Resentment and Revenge will deter you from the pathway of prosperity. Also keep mind the four things that block you from working your karma; blocked Knowledge, blocked Feelings, blocked Vitality (health) and blocked Free Will; decisions and choices. Remember you are the master of your choices and must live with the consequences, so choose to think, speak and act as you would for eternity. Be open to constantly learning, open to experiencing all feelings and emotions of human life, pay attention to your health and your vitality and use your free will to choose what is the best pathway for you without doing harm. Let’s get started END Be careful not to fall into D-GAP and be controlled by The Troublesome Four or get blocked by the four patterns of karma. When you work your karma Lakshmi will show you the four directions in life and the fourteen treasures. If discovered these will bring you prosperity, but you must consciously work your karma or Alakshmi her evil twin will wreak havoc on your house. Next week we will begin to follow the four direction or aims of Lakshmi that will lead to prosperity. This week pay attention to your karma and consciously work it so that you bring healthy balance to the body, mind and the soul. EGO: Extend your index finger the symbol of your ego. Feel it pull you away from your center. The ego if you let it will direct your karma. It will seek to be right, to be discontent, to be restless, judgmental, prejudice, bias and to control. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top. The ego’s only purpose is to insure survival. If we truly want to survive as a species, we need to follow the pathway of the soul which is always to seek kindness, compassion, generosity and peace. Walk this path – the world surely needs it. Remember ~ Life becomes what life does ~ so work hard to master your karma and you will begin to prosper. Namaste~ may you walk with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For classes, courses, books and private consultation

Saturday, February 19, 2022

To Understand Affluence

To fully understand how to use the energy of affluence, we need to follow the four aims or directions of Lakshmi, the Goddess energy of prosperity, as well as learn how to find and use the treasures of life found within the container known as the Nidhi. But before we do that, we must fully understand how the energy of affluence works. Padmini Vidya reminds us that creation and destruction are powerful forces. But we should be forewarned; many sacred texts mention Alakshimi the evil sister of Lakshmi. With Disregard for order, disrespect of nature and poor hygiene she will bestow poverty and misfortune upon your house. If you want to bring prosperity into your life, let the energy of prosperity flow out towards others. Apply the Golden Rule of prosperity; do not take without giving back. Those who lookout for ways to help others and ways to contribute to the betterment of life, without expecting anything in return are sure to prosper. They have found a need and are fulfilling it. This brings us wealth in many forms. The goddess Lakshmi tells us that prosperity has far more to offer us than a beautiful home and a large bank account. Death won’t let you take any of these things with you. But abundance of potential energy brought into existence through conscious thought will bring you wealth. You are the source of your wealth. Whatever you have increase it. Instead of saying it could be less; say it could be more. Say I would like to have this, but do it from a place of consciousness contentment. Be content with what you have and then reach out for more. Lakshmi gives wealth and success to those who ask with sincerity and are willing to do the work. The work involves developing conscious awareness of how to use the dynamics of potential energy in complete harmony with the soul’s path. When you combine the infinite force of the soul with the finite source of the material world to create good, anything and everything is possible. This is the pathway to prosperity. END Remember this – the most abundant thing in the universe is energy. Use it wisely. Remember disregard for order, disrespect of nature and poor hygiene will bestow poverty and misfortune upon your house. The punja or merits we accumulate as we travel through life are with us from lifetime to lifetime. They define us and are by far our most valuable assets. Thea re the key to prosperity. Money can’t buy you happiness, but prosperity can! “Although you may gather a million gold coins, upon death, you cannot take with you even one copper penny.” (Chinese Proverb) EGO: The ego looks for control and power in the world. It believes itself more important than its’ mission. The ego is here to protect and not to accumulate material goods, accolade and titles. Pull your ego back and place your soul on top: Remember the golden rule of prosperity; give more than you take. Be content with what you have and then from this place og goodness reach out to create more and you will prosper. Namaste~ may you walk the path of Soul Walking with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more classes. Books and consultation

Friday, February 18, 2022

Redefining Success Now

Saturday, February 12, 2022

What is Affluence?

Lakshmi reminds us that affluence should be respected because in reality affluence is a forceful stream of energy that has great power. It can create or destroy depending upon how we use it. In the tradition of Padmini Vidya, wealth is not the accumulation of material things. Wealth is the ability to manipulate the energy of consciousness so as to bring about prosperity. Material things come and go, but once achieved the consciousness of prosperity is eternal. It becomes our frame of reference and our way of looking and acting within the world. The material world, on the other hand is a constant flow of changing energy. Youth changes to old age and day to night, but the consciousness of prosperity, once found and fully understood is eternal. You carry it with you forever. Although many people have the determination to create wealth, their attitudes in doing so can greatly influence the outcome. The accumulation of wealth takes more than positive thinking. It is a mindset that seeks to create. But we should remember that inert symbols of affluence are not wealth. Wealth is the byproduct of the energy of prosperity. As you think, speak and act so you become. Let’s get started… END: affluence should be respected because in reality affluence is a forceful stream of energy that has great power. It can create or destroy depending upon how we use it. Affluence means abundant energy. As long as you are alive you are abundant earth energy. Nothing in the material world can be created without energy and likewise nothing gets destroyed without the use of energy. You are the creative and destructive principle of your energy force. Use it wisely and you will prosper. EGO: when the ego thinks of abundance it thinks of the abundant material things that have been accumulated. The more accumulated the more owned and the more owned the greater appears the wealth. But things we accumulate whether it be a house, a car, a diamond or a large bank account must be maintained by our energy, or they will decline and disappear. It is the source of our creative and destructive energy that is the true source of abundance and not the inert material possessions of the world. You ae here on earth to work your karma so that you add to your abundant source. When you depart this world, you take none of your material possessions with you, but what you do take is what you have created and what you have destroyed. Your sold knows this – listen to your soul and use your abundant energy to make punja. Namaste ~ may you always walk with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more course, private consult and books

Saturday, February 05, 2022

What are the four goals, or directions leading to a successful and prosperous life?

To prosper we need to follow Lakshmi the Goddess of the energy of prosperity. Her name means, “aim” or “goal”. She has four arms which signify her power to grant the four goals, or directions towards a successful and prosperous life: wealth (artha), worldly pleasure (kama sutra), harmony by adhering to a good moral and ethical code (dharma) and soulful liberation (moksha). These four goals grant us a fulfilling and prosperous life. The aim of the goals is to direct your highest potential into creating a prosperous and wealthy life. Lakshmi teaches us the Padmini Vidya or the yoga of prosperity. Prosperity is seen as good and necessary for a healthy and successful society, as well as for the individual. Surprisingly only a small fraction of yogis denounces the material world. That’s because yoga is really a very practical scientific method for living a balanced life. It does not denounce anything, but simply calls upon us to consciously inspect how we conduct our actions; that’s karma- the law of cause and effect. We must remember that every action in life creates a reaction, just as a mirror reflects an image. If we wish to prosper, we must pay attention to how our thoughts, words and deeds both create and destroy. Remember you are the power to both create and destroy. Contrary to what some people may believe the practice of yoga is not about living in a cave in an impoverish austere manner. The practice of yoga fully acknowledges the realities of living in a material world. It encourages us to incorporate the four important goals of; soulful growth, meaningful work, pleasure and wealth into living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Yoga encourages us to prosper while consciously paying attention to how we use our energy. Life is a dance of creation and destruction. Let’s get started creating healthy flowing energy while destroying negative and harmful thoughts words and deeds. END: Karma and Padmini Vidya are practical means for living a prosperous life. Just remember you are both the creative and destructive principle of life. You have tremendous power to direct energy towards that which is good and that which is not. Make punja, (good merits) and you will remove papa (misdeeds). The more you consciously do this the more prosperous your life will become for the universe will always provide for those who aim to make themselves and the world a better place. EGO: it is easy to compare yourself to others and feel that others are more successful and happier. The ego forgets that it is on a soulful journey and not about material possessions. Everything that comes into your life is simply an opportunity to discover how to use the energy of Lakshmi to prosper. We prosper when we stop looking outward and start looking inward. The soul in very powerful it can create prosperity while removing poverty; on all levels; if you let it. See prosperity and poverty for what they really are – simply the use of energy to create and to destroy. Namaste ~ may you walk the path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For online classes and books ~ The Soul Walking Series