Saturday, May 18, 2019

#Yoga Today ~ #Time Gates

Time gates are passageways or spaces we step into at a particular time that change the direction of our life.  Time gates exist everywhere without regards for time. They are simply space providing the means for change.  When we refer to change we refer to time and not space.  However, all points in space are relative to one another and therefore a time gate cannot exist in empty space. It must be linked to a specific event and events happen as a result of time.

Wherever you are in the world you will be faced with time gates. These gates are constantly opening and closing. When we step through a time gate we either consciously or unconsciously set off a stream of time space events that can have a power influence upon our life. In an instant our life can change. An artist is discovered, a lover is found, and a leader is toppled. From the outside it appears that a person’s life has changed dramatically, for better, or for worse when in fact one has simply stepped through a time gate and the space you occupy has changed. Whether it is prosperous or not depends upon a number of circumstances. What might appear to be a stroke of luck might turn out to be a burden.

A story: in a small village a young boy received a pony from his parents for his birthday. Everyone in the village remarked to the old sage of the village on how lucky the boy was to receive such a wonderful gift. The old sage said, “We’ll see if this is luck.” The next week the boy was riding the pony when something scared the pony and he was thrown off and broke his leg. The villagers said to the old sage, “Oh how awful what bad luck. The poor boy will not be able to play with the other children and must spend the summer in bed.” The old sage said, “We’ll see if this is bad luck.” The next week the country went to war and all able bodied boys were called up for duty to go and fight and possibly die for their country. The boy with the broken leg was spared from going to war and the possibility of being injured or killed.  


Our karma will draw us to certain gates and bind us to others. The gate to prosperity may open before us, but because of our karmic blindness we might walk right by it. We might be given a stroke of luck that might turn into a stroke of bad luck and then find that it will bring us a different stroke of luck. When things happen be aware, open and watchful; and when questioning whether it is stroke of luck or bad luck say to yourself, “we’ll see.”.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, May 04, 2019

#Yoga Today~ Finding Your #Life Mission

In a pure yoga sense this means to devote your energy towards a higher power. This is about devotion not to an idol, but to your chosen endeavor. Your Isvar is that aspect of life that you devote yourself to with unreserved, unequivocal, absolute and total dedication.  This of course should be done in thought, word and deed.

What we devote ourselves to is what we become. By devoting ourselves to something larger than ourselves we have the opportunity to achieve a state of harmony with life. In the truest sense your Isvar is what you choose as the basis for your devotion. It begins with what inspires you. Yoga suggests we become inspired by that which gives us meaning. Anything that is done because it is meaningful in and of itself will bring you to your Isvar.

Our devotion does not need to be fixed nor should it be. Life is ever changing and the flexibility we apply will allow for growth and opportunity. This is a paradox in that we all desire to be free and untethered and yet the desire to merge with our Isvar constantly tugs at our consciousness. We all want to find and establish meaning in our lives.  Meaning requires devotion and devotion requires discipline Therefore we must devote ourselves completely so that we become what we seek. Remember; life becomes what life does.

When seeking your Isvar choose wisely. Your Isvar is a reflection of you.  For it to bring you happiness you must be clear about your intentions. Stay open and flexible and allow the energy of life to move through you and all around you.

Once upon a time there were two medical students. One was interested in fame and money. The other wanted to heal and help people. The first student struggled everyday with his studies while the other student found joy because the studying in and of itself brought him satisfaction. For the student waiting for fame and money every day was painful. For the other student everyday was pure joy.

When we experience the deep devotion and passion expressed through our Isvar, we are lifted to a place where our Isvar becomes a way of life expressed through our daily living.  It is a place of union where our Isvar and our earthly journey become one.  Find your Isvar, whatever it may be and devote yourself to it with unconditional love.  Find your Isvar - Be devoted

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn