Saturday, October 26, 2019

#Yoga Today ~ #life becomes what life does

Essentially, the laws of karma state that every action, thought, word, or deed produces a physical or mental effect. It also produces an invisible intention or inclination. This proclivity is stored in your soul (the memory track of your spirit). Everything that we do, say, or think, affects us on all planes; body, mind, and soul.


Because the invisible effects of our actions are stored in our souls, they endure beyond our earth life, maintaining the potential to be energized in future lives. According to karma, the soul chooses the nature of its earthly experience based upon the desire to present itself with the potential to work through a piece or pieces of karma.

If in your past life you were cruel and abusive you will come to your present life and experience those things in an attempt to find compassion and understanding. Awareness is the key.


When we come to earth we bring with us the seeds of compassion, forgiveness, joy, love and fearlessness. But to cultivate and realize these we must experience the opposite. You cannot forgive if you have never asked for forgiveness. You cannot be compassionate unless you understand what it is like to be heartless and cruel and you cannot find love and joy unless you know hatred and pain. Everything in life has its counter opposite. Everything in life has the potential to be both pleasure and pain. A mosquito bites you and you feel the pain of the bite. You scratch the itch and feel the pleasure of the scratch. Same bite brings both pain and pleasure. You cannot experience one without the other. So to find and know balance, flexibility, strength and peace we must be aware of the opposite. Observe and be aware.  Let’s get stated.


Karma is present energy that, under certain conditions, changes from invisible to visible form. We look upon these manifestations as either rewarding or punishing when in fact they are simply results of past actions and attitudes. If you are heartless and cruel that energy makes an impression and under certain conditions will bring you unhappiness. Therefore we should seek to be aware of heartlessness and cruelty and then combat it with caring and compassion. In this we change our karma and in this we make the world a better place. Just remember life becomes what life does.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, October 19, 2019

#Yoga Today ~ When we are feeling #weak and #indecisive we need to find the #strength to regain our #balance.

Life will present us with many opportunities to lose and discover our balance.  To find our balance there must be clarity, focus and strength. To lose our balance is to allow the emotional aspects of life to throw us into a tailspin. When we allow emotions to dominate our mind the life force gets scattered and the body gets weak. Balance brings with it clarity of mind and a strong and healthy body. When body, mind and soul are in perfect balance we have perfect health. Emotions always muddy the clarity of the mind and  cause us to lose our balance. For example if you lose your patience with someone you might become angry. Anger throws us into a tailspin and this tailspin causes us to be scattered and unbalanced. You then become an unbalanced angry person. That’s your karma! Your life becomes scattered, decisions are more difficult and problems don’t get solved.  But in this there is a lesson.  When deep emotions come into your life, such as anger, life calls upon you to observe and own your anger, rather than blaming everyone and everything for your anguish. Each lesson in life gives you a choice. Observe and remain balanced or buy into the emotion and become scattered and weak. Patience is what is required when emotions arise. It is said for the friendship of two the patience of one is required. When you practice patience over anger you change your karma and when you change your karma you get closer to nirvana. It all begins with balance, flexibility and strength. Let’s get started.

Karma yoga reminds us to stay centered and grounded no matter what life hands us. It also means to not go to extremes. It means to walk the middle road. This means to not identify with anything – remain detached and then come back to the present moment and see what needs to be done to recover your balance and find peace. Balance means to detach, remain still and let life flow as it will, but never be indifferent to all that is happening around you and within you.

 Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, October 05, 2019

#Yoga Today ~ the #chaos of#life

The chaos of life will always be whirling around us.  But chaos can present us with opportunity for growth and the ability to reach higher states of being. We just need to realize that we have the power to turn chaos into opportunity. The chaos of life will challenge our sense of balance, our strength, our flexibility and our peace of mind. We must decide to either walk our soulful path or let the chaos of life sweep us along into a frenzy.  Just remember the basic nature of cosmic energy is chaos with the potential to create or destroy. How we use this energy depends upon our ability to be flexible when faced with change, be strong in the face of opposition and to maintain our balance when challenged with the storms of life.  

Cosmic energy, which can appear chaotic, is void of judgement and so can move in any direction. It is simply energy in movement.  We just need to realize that we have the power to choose stability and balance over anguish, fear and pain. Discovering and harnessing this awareness we are empowered to continually create anew.  Whatever comes our ways we have the power to let it make us stronger or whirl us into a destructive chaotic frenzy. To find our strength and balance we must ground ourselves in the present moment, sit still, take a breath and then move towards creation rather than destruction. This we will work to find today in the sitting Zen. Let’s get started.

Taming the chaotic nature of life is work and will not come without a lot of effort. That’s karma. It means action with moral consequences. The paradox is that although this work takes tremendous conscious effort, when living it, we find peace and tranquility. However, along the way there will be many temptations. The greatest temptation of all will be that of the ego. It is the ego that thinks it can justify anything and everything; even violence. It is the ego that throws up walls of division.  Consciously taming the ego we remove these walls and learn to embrace the unity of life.   

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

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