Saturday, October 15, 2022

Compassion creates Prosperity

🧚‍♀️SOUL WALKING🚶‍♀️ ~🎁 Compassion requires an understanding of human nature. Understand it and you will prosper By lifting your thoughts to a higher level of consciousness you open the heart chakra allowing your self to invoke noble thoughts, and by continuing to invoke these thoughts you purify the mind, which in turn allows you to practice compassion leading to a state of peacefulness. In practical terms compassion means - suppose someone says something that is upsetting to you. This person is caught in one of the four great passions. Let’s say it is anger. You have a decision to make. You can react with an equal force of anger, or you can find your balance, tap into your inner strength, stay flexible and open and remain peaceful. When you see the situation for what it really is; an expression of human emotion; you will realize we all experience these emotions. We have all felt and expressed anger. Who doesn’t know what it feels like to be angry? You then have a moment to catch yourself, connect from the heart and practice compassion. By observing, you learn the purpose for practicing yoga. In its purest form we work on balance, strength, flexibility and peacefulness. Find it in your body and you will find it in your mind and your soul. Takes work – that’s karma - let’s get started. END: As we become more aware of the nature of life, we become more self-ware and with this we gain a greater sense of balance, strength, flexibility and peacefulness. We become more aware of how we live and how we interact with all of life. We move from insanity to sanity. It is simply the movement from a passionate reaction to the compassionate realization that we are all interconnected and that at any given time we are all doing the best we can with where we are in our own evolution. To forgive and practice compassion is to practice yoga. The purpose of the yoga poses is to achieve a state of pure balance, ultimate strength, fluid flexibility and peacefulness. This brings us wisdom and prosperity; so, keep practicing. EGO: Flip your palms up and extend out your index finger the symbol of the soul. Feel it pull you away from your center. The ego protects us and as such is always ready to fight, deny and be righteous. Be aware of when the ego arises and then try to be quiet and calm. Pull your index finger in (your ego) and place your thumb on top, which is the symbol of the soul. Remember we are all interconnected. We all share the same feelings and emotions. How we react is simply a reflection of our balance, strength, flexibility and peacefulness. Practice compassion and live from your soul. To understand all is to forgive all. We can facilitate our own and each other’s’ release from suffering by practicing compassion. Look into your own heart and start by being compassionate with yourself and then from your heart reach out and extend compassion to all those in need. Namaste ~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn