Saturday, December 10, 2016

Making Spiritual Progress

Spiritual progress should be natural like the growing of a tree and not forced, frenetic and chaotic. It requires commitment and patience and the greatest obstacle in its way is the “chitter” or chattering of the mind. Although we like to think that we construct and direct our world from our conscious thoughts, it is really from the subconscious that our life takes shape.

The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all your thoughts and experiences in this life and in past lives. To best understand the subconscious mind thinks about driving a car. How many times do you automatically drive your car while your mind is a million miles away? Suddenly you realize you have been driving without awareness of where you are or where you are going. The subconscious mind does the driving while the conscious mind speaks on the phone.

The subconscious mind is responsible for the automatically triggered feelings and emotions that you suddenly experience upon facing a new situation. You begin a new job feeling a bit insecure or unsure of yourself. This is the subconscious mind bringing emotions to the conscious mind.

The conscious mind on the other hand is responsible for logic, calculations and all actions that are performed while you are conscious. The subconscious mind also controls other functions in your body like breathing and heart beats.

Right now you are breathing without any conscious effort. But if I ask you to stop and focus on your breathing each breath becomes conscious. This is how we lift from the subconscious to the conscious mind relaxation, peace and serenity.

We need to go deep into the subconscious and then cultivate it so as to bring to the conscious mind health, happiness and peace. How? Quiet your thoughts stay present and focus on discovering balance, strength, flexibility and peace.

Let’s get started.


Just like your body has got its defenses against physical wounds and injuries your subconscious mind has got its defenses against emotional shocks and wounds.

These are called ego defense mechanisms or unconscious defense mechanisms.  Some of these mechanisms are denial, suppression, anger and regression. The ego defense mechanisms' main function is to protect your well-being and to help you overcome emotional shocks. But it doesn’t always work because the ego is what separates us. To unite the subconscious and the conscious we must be willing to surrender the ego to something higher; our higher self.


Doctor Lynn

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Finding Peace in a Restless World

The process of spiritual growth should be natural like a growing tree and not forced or frenetic. It requires patient to find stillness and contentment. Think about how many things you do in hopes of resting after you have achieved your goals. First let me get this and then let me get that and then I will relax and enjoy life.

Thus we acquire the habit of seeking more and more in an attempt to be able to relax and enjoy our life. The problem is that we never arrive. We get caught up in the rat race. Stress becomes prevalent in our lives. Soon the stress leads to illness.

It is not that we should cease to be active. It is that we should be peacefully active in all our activities. When we are doing we should be doing with a sense of peace and contentment no matter the outcome.

Yogananda once was asked if the spiritual path had an end. He said “No end. You go on until you reach endlessness.”

Don’t let your approach to life be so achievement oriented that you forget to enjoy the moments. In the end you can’t take with you even one copper penny.

Let’s practice today not to achieve anything, but simply to enjoy the process of discovering peace.


Peace isn’t waiting for you over the next hill. It is not something you construct like a house. It is something you already possess deep within your soul. The ego will constantly pull you here and there searching for satisfaction, but the soul, if you let it, will teach you to be, as Yogananda said,” Calmly active and actively calm.” This is how to find peace in a restless world. Be at peace with what is…

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Tunnel of Consciousness

In yoga the spine is considered the tunnel of consciousness. Along the spine we find the chakras and as we ascend each chakra from the root at the base of the spine to the top of the head at the crown we raise our level of consciousness from survival to enlightenment.

To begin we move up through the spine and past the primitive brain or the limbic system located at the base of the skull pushing the energy forward toward the frontal lobe or the point between our eyebrows known as the third eye. This is our intuitive all-knowing self.

Because of evolution our level of consciousness is higher than that of other animals. An easy way to describe this is when a dog is happy they wag their tail which is located at the base of their spine. When a human is happy they smile and laugh at the top of the spine. They raise their head and body upward. That is one reason we lift the spine in yoga. It is to open the tunnel of consciousness.

 As the ego moves upward towards the higher chakras it begins to lose its importance. Now it looks to expand within its own consciousness not only its happiness, but the happiness of others.

The self-expanding ego thinks in terms of serving others rather than being served; it self-sacrifices for the good of many rather than sacrificing for its own good.

The epitome of this attitude is that of the warrior willing to sacrifice for the good of many – a selfless person willing to give his or her own life for the general good. Ideally this person is noble and self-giving. But sadly today many warriors and even political leaders are self-serving and aggressive. Which warrior are you?

The closer the ego approaches the higher levels of consciousness it begins to realize that even noble deeds are self-limiting when coming from ego consciousness. The ego separates us. The warrior then asks itself – how much good can I accomplish on my own. We all need each other to raise the consciousness of existence. So this week seek to raise your level of consciousness beyond the self-serving ego and like the mighty warrior do something good for the many.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Building Healthy Relationships

If we are to reach a higher level of consciousness and to change the course of our karma, we must begin with the desire to build the sacred vessel of relationship. The most sacred relationship is the relationship we build with ourselves.  The problem is that most of us are quite self-centered and spend a lot of time trying to control others in an attempt to get what we want.

How we relate to the world is found in our own thoughts, perception, and feelings about the world around us. As we gain experience, we gain wisdom and this wisdom opens us up to new perceptions that will direct the actions we take as we relate to the world.

As we reaches out from a place of inner consciousness we may encounter others who have not discovered the sacredness of relationships. That is okay, because there is a realization that we are all one, even if some of us are still stuck in the self- centered egotistical view of the world.  Everyone will experience the journey differently. However, there are certain common denominators we will all experience once we are consciously on the journey.

There will be daily practice (devotion) and conscious awareness of the process.  There will be moments of inner silence and a gradual shift from intentions and actions that are outwardly based and focused on outcomes and time frames, to intentions and actions that are based on the inner journey. This naturally leads to more harmonious outcomes.  As we shift to a place of balance and become more unified and harmonious our world reflects this inner peace.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The best way to transcend the continual cycle of karma is to become the very expression of life as a unified whole with divine nature expressed in all actions great and small. To do this we must build the sacred vessel of relationship.

Be clear about your intentions. Openness is required.  Truth is fundamental. We must be committed to building the walls of the sacred vessel; openness, trust, and commitment; without these relationships cannot sustain their strength.

Doctor Lynn

Spiritual Fitness

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Listen to Your Center - Yoga Today


Take a moment and focus on any emotional or physical pain or disturbances that exist in your life. These exist on the periphery or the circumference and not at the center. Now let’s move closer toward our center. Slowly with deep long breathes begin to remove whatever is disturbing your peace. Let go of everything and find your center. It is a vast space of calmness. Here you will find your intuition. Here you will find the answers. If you penetrate deep enough to the center everything will disappear and you will be at peace.

Now project your center towards whatever has been giving you pain. You will begin to realize that even setbacks in life have their advantage. Seek your heart center. It is the place of compassion and understanding. Now project outward towards the center of your disturbance and you will know exactly what to do. Everything in life has a purpose. Sometimes what seems to be a disturbance is really a push to grow stronger, be more flexible and to establish balance. Let’s practice

When life hands you emotional and physical pain go to your center.  Here you will find the answer. Nothing in life is permanent. Everything in life keeps moving and changing. But your center remains strong; it is flexible and maintains its balance. When you live from your center every situation in life will be tuned into an opportunity.  

Namaste- I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Choice and Karma

Can we predict the effect of every action we take? Should we search into our past lives for answers? Wouldn’t it be wiser to practice a little flexibility and be willing to move and flow as life dictates, while not losing sight of our vision? From here to there is never a straight line. It takes flexibility to navigate the twist and turns of life.

While it is not possible to fathom the full consequence of karma through our actions, we can choose how we envision our world and what we do each day. The actions we choose will have both short term and long term consequences. However, these actions will be influenced by the habits we have developed. Develop the habit of lying and each action we take in life will be marred with lies.

 It is the awareness of these habits and how they influence our lives that is the determining factor. Change begins with stillness and the ability to reflect upon self.  Who are you and what are you doing? As we come to know our inner selves beyond the influences of life, this knowing will have a profound effect upon the choices we make.

Choose wisely from the stillness of your soul. The choices you make will determine the path you take because life becomes what life does.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, September 24, 2016

What is Yoga -Yoga Today

Yoga is not a belief, it is not a faith. It is a discipline; a way of life. It takes discipline to practice yoga. That is because yoga means to live from the center of your being. At the center of your being you are balanced, flexible, strong and at peace.  To get to your center takes work and that requires discipline. That is why we practice the tree. It teaches us to connect with our center where we find balance and grounded strength, while at the same time having the flexibility to sway and move with the changing winds of life.

The center of your being is without gender, color or creed. It is simply the center of your being. At your center if you hold still you will discover peace and serenity. But it takes conscious effort or discipline to find it. Let’s begin our practice.

You will come to understand yoga not through belief, but though experience. As the winds of life move you about this week draw back to your center and hold strong to your roots. It will take conscious effort. Inner peace is worth the effort. It takes discipline to find peace. This is yoga.

Namaste – I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, September 22, 2016

If you don’t like your Karma

In our western society we often refer to karma as good or bad. But that predisposes judgment. Good and bad signify punishment or reward based upon our actions.

Karma however is pure action without any moral attachment. Karma yoga simply means cause and effect. So if you wish to change your karma you have to consciously work to change your actions. If you want to be healthy you need to consciously do things that support your health. If you are ill it is not because you are bad. For example: if you have arthritis, weak bones or high blood pressure it is most likely because of an underlying conditions that get exaggerated due to over use, diet and stress. We may not be able to change the situation, but we can change how we approach it. Approach life by knowing, that with the power of your thoughts, you can change the nature of your life.

Arthritis or any other health condition may be permanent and painful, but approaching it with an attitude of health by eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting plenty of rest is taking the action that will get you the results of a healthier and happier self. Because life becomes what life does.   

 If you don’t like your karma do something positive to change it. It is not about being good or bad. It is about accepting what comes our way and then the choices we make that turn bad karma into good karma. Make conscious healthy choices - Because life becomes what life does.   

Doctor Lynn

Friday, September 16, 2016

Right attitude is only the beginning – Yoga Today

Right attitude is only the beginning of the spiritual journey. Although this is the beginning it can take lifetimes for us to achieve right attitude. To achieve right attitude we need to learn to listen not only with the ear, but with the soul. It’s not about listening to sound, but listening to the silent language of an inspired soul. The first Yama (abstinence) or non-violence is a good example.

 Practicing Non-violence means to listen to your inner voice. If you can remain quiet you will perceive clearly any violence you create by inflicting harm on yourself or anyone else.  Criticism, bigotry and anger are the sounds of violence. Violence begins in thought and projects outward through our words and our deeds. So the right attitude is to bring to your consciousness peace and serenity and with that bring non-violence to you, others and every aspect of life. We need to silence the chitta (meaningless chatter) so we can hear the sound of peace. That is the practice of yoga. Let’s begin by working through the chakras or our energy centers bringing them into balance by staying flexible and open and working on our inner strength.


Right attitude is only the beginning of the spiritual journey. Listen to your inner voice and if it should speak of violence,( criticism, bigotry or anger) silence it. Experience the peace within and continue on the journey towards spiritual enlightenment. It begins and ends within the depth of your soul.


Doctor Lynn

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Health-Style Fitness™ – because health and fitness are always in style!

In yoga anything that is excessive, “inflames” our passionate and emotional self. We know that excessive physical and mental stress can lead to problems with physical inflammation. Excessiveness can also lead to a mind that becomes “inflamed”. Greed (excessive desires) is one of the four great passions of karma yoga. All our problems in life stem from one or more of the four great passions.

Everyone is here today for a reason. It may be to improve your balance or may-be to quiet the thrashing in your mind. Whatever brought you here today the focus should be on taking care of your health body, mind and soul. So take a moment and focus on what you need to work on today to be healthy. This class will improve your balance, stretch your joints and strengthen your bones and overall body structure. It will also, if you let it help you to find a few moments of solace from this hectic world. We are all here for some reason. Make that reason to support your health body, mind and soul.

Today let’s focus on movement of the body and quieting the mind to see if we can ease any excessive inflammation.

The most important thing in your life is your health. So focus on bringing health to the body and the mind because without a healthy body and a healthy mental outlook it is impossible for the soul to complete its mission which is to remove karma and find eternal peace.

Doctor Lynn
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Going Bananas – should you eat the rotten ones!

The other day I was standing in line at the grocery store and I overheard a conversation between the clerk and a customer. The customer had several brown spotted bananas in her basket. She said she was always happy to find the brown ones because they are the sweetest. The clerk smiled and said that they always left brown bananas for customers just like her.  She said that most people think they are rotten and won’t buy them. The brown spots are actually the starch in the bananas turning into sugar. The clerk went on to say that the green/yellow bananas contained more potassium so they are actually better for you than the brown ones. She was right about the sugar. He was wrong about the potassium.

Whether ripe or not bananas contain the same amount of potassium. The difference is that the ripe bananas are easier to digest and a good choice for anyone with a digestive issues such as IBS. However, the ripe bananas do contain more antioxidants than the green/yellow bananas. So the store clerk was really off on his bananas. The brown spots actually contain something called TNF (tumor necrosis factor) which scientists have identified as having anti-cancer properties. The caveat though with over ripe bananas is that the high sugar content can be a problem for diabetics.

If the brown bananas are squishy, too soft and smell they are over ripe. These are the rotten ones. These are the ones you should not eat. But just remember soft and a little brown might be just what the doctor ordered for your daily dose of potassium and TNF.

Why do you need potassium? It is the mineral that is involved in nerve transmission and muscle strength as well as proper heart functioning. Minerals support our bones and the functioning of most all the vital organs in our body. Too much or too little and we experience muscle weakness, palpitations, fatigue and intestinal problems.

Each day we need about 4700 milligrams of potassium. Potassium can be found in foods such as bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, meats, fish and leafy green vegetables, as well as rice bran. Chances are if you eat a healthy diet you will get the right mix and balance of vitamins and minerals. Too little or too much and you’ve lost your balance. It is the right balance of these nutrients that creates perfect health. So go bananas and don’t scoff at the ones with some brown spots. With a combination of potassium, antioxidants and TNF they might just be the best choice after all!

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Raising the Level of Consciousness – Yoga Today

The practice of yoga is more about raising your level of consciousness than it is about the poses. However, the poses help us to discover yoga. We use the chakras as markers or guidelines along the path of self-awareness. There are seven chakras along the spinal cord and hundreds of other chakras spinning out from the center of our being. The major chakras connect to vital organs throughout body. For example the throat chakra is connected to the thyroid. The thyroid is the organ that balances our metabolism or our energy. Our goal in yoga is to balance out the energy of the chakras. As we move up the spine we move closer to raising our level of consciousness.

The lower chakra or the root is the seat of our ordinary day to day life. When free flowing we are grounded, dependable, realistic and secure. When it is out of balance we tend to appear spacy, stuck and stubborn, and may exhibit signs of addictive behavior.

If we look into our ordinary day to day life we will all find problems or situations that throw us off balance? We may even feel stuck on a problem. When these problems take over our level of consciousness we remain seated and stuck in the root chakra. Consciousness gets stuck at its’ lowest level.  All we can do is toss about in a state of unrest. To transcend we need to become grounded and still. Problems will come and problems will go. We will have good days and bad days. The challenge is to remain grounded and strong no matter what the situation in life. When we do this we are able to transcend our daily problems and reach a higher level of consciousness which is where peace and serenity are found. So today let’s practice letting go of our problems. Set them aside and focus on discovering balance, strength, flexibility and peace. It is through these attributes that we practice yoga. So let’s begin.


When your life gets challenged this week (and it will) try to draw yourself back to the root chakra. Find your grounding, establish balance, stay flexible and open, hold onto your strength and be at peace with what is, because what is, is exactly what you need to keep you practicing yoga.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Make A Giant Difference – Proactive Aging

Last week I read a story about Donald Henderson a U. S. Doctor who led the successful campaign to wipe out small pox worldwide. He was 87 when he died. He was hailed as a “giant” in the field of public health. He advised three Presidents. I wondered how many people read his obituary and how many people knew who he was?

Small pox was a highly contagious virus. It is the only infectious disease to have ever been eradicated. Smallpox has been recorded in the human population for over 3,000 years. A man who lived to 87 eradicated a virus that managed to live for 3000 years! Amazing! This man definitely proactively aged.

Proactive aging is a dedication towards something bigger than you. It transcends your aches and pains, your sadness and your pleasure. The eradication of anything that has the potential to create harm takes time, patience and dedication. All of those attributes can only come with time. With time come age and the question, “what are you doing with your time?” Most of us will never be the “giant” Dr. Henderson was, but we all have the potential to create a better world.

In yoga there are the yamas or things we should abstain from doing. The first yama is violence. It is said that if we all practiced nonviolence we would not need to worry about practicing the other yamas.

Violence is a virus that has existed since the beginning of time. It is the breeding ground for hatred, greed and bigotry. A virus is something that infects, copies, corrupts and destroys. Violence is the worse virus of all. Practice nonviolence in your thoughts, words and deeds.

In 87 years Dr. Henderson eradicated a virus that managed to live for 3000 years.  If you live to be 87 and beyond (and I hope you do) remember in 87 years you too can help to eradicate something that has been recorded in the human population for millions of years; violence  Simply do your part to help your fellow humans and to protect the environment. Work to eradicate violence through benevolence and compassion and although you may never be called a “giant” together we can all make a giant difference! 

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Power Your Vision

Ishta means devotion or surrender to divine energy, and that divine energy, in practical terms, is the inspired vision that focuses our desires. We know that desire leads to action and action leads to achievement, but desire left on its own without an underlying vision has a tendency to move in many directions at the same time. We desire this and we desire that, lacking focus. A clear vision gives us direction.

Our emotions first express themselves in our mind. From there they give outward expression through words and deeds. It all begins with how we direct our emotions.   When left undirected our emotions become fragmented, destructive, and chaotic.  Desire is always seeking more, so it is up to us to bridle our emotions with a clear vision.  Our chosen ideal becomes the vision.

Let’s work on staying centered and focused so we can give our Ishta the energy to focus our vision with a clear direction.

What is your vision? How are you fueling it today? Be focused, present and take action today that will insure that tomorrow you will move towards that which inspires you to live the most ideal life possible. How? Surrender to the divine energy of your Ishta and then mindfully choose your thoughts words and actions. You have the power.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 20, 2016

You Are the Light – Yoga Today

When we accept with kindness the many attributes of life we become attuned or receptive to all of life’s energy. Remember that life is an interconnected web of electromagnetic energy. That is why we need to stay centered because the core of our being is the source of life. Center everywhere circumference nowhere. Remember the only differences you see are the ones you draw outward from the core of your being, Judgment and ego separate us. Connecting at the center joins us all together.

Today we are going to start with a short meditation. Meditation is the fastest way to connect with our center. This meditation will show you how the mind works when it changes its perspective. What happens to your being depends upon which way you are looking out from your center. You will notice that when we look down the mind tends to be more introspective. Like when we bow our head to pray. When we look straight ahead we become focused and alert and when we look up we tend to soar and feel inspired.

Let’s sit quietly and begin a guided meditation so we can experience these various states of being.

 Close your eyes and take in a few deep breathes. Now open your eyes, look down and then close your eyes. Now begin to feel yourself sinking deep below the earth as if floating downward into a deep soft cushion. Feel the softness, the warmth and the comfort. Take a few breathes and enjoy the freedom from all your earthy responsibilities, from demanding projects, from your fear and from worldly ambitions. In this gentle comfort and warmth I am at peace.

Now with a quick breath, raise your head look straight ahead and open your eyes. Shake off any passivity and say to yourself with a burst of energy, I greet the world!

Take a few deep breathes waking yourself up and energizing your body, mind and soul. Now look up throwing your arms up, fingers pointing the sky and say to yourself I awake to the light. I am joyful and free. I awake to the light.

Each day take time to be introspective. Sit quiet and gather your energy. Then wake up with a burst of energy and positively greet the world. Throw your head back, look up and be joyful and free beacause you are the light.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Unlearning – Finding Your Center- Yoga Today

To find your center you must accept yourself and everyone and everything else with kindness and then attune or become receptive to all of life. Be open and with compassion and understanding because life is one big interconnected web. Finding your center is about unlearning. Not unlearning the knowledge you have gained in this world, but what we must unlearn are the limitation imposed upon us by our egos.

I am a women, I am a man, I am white, I am black, I am a European, I am a Persian I am a Mexican, I am a American and so on are all titles we give ourselves. These titles are objective reality and separate us from our center which has not color, no gender and no nationality. These ideas about the world are self-limiting. We need to go deeper to the depth of our center and find our souls. It is here that we realize we are all connected.

Neti Neti is a kriya yoga expression that means “not this - not that.” It means to remove from our mind every false notion of who we think we are. It means to be at our eternal center no matter where the body happens to be. We are all the center of the universe. There is no outward circumference or outward expression of life except as we draw them. Let’s begin to find our center.

When we accept all of life with kindness and attune to the universal connection of life, we begin to find our center and realize that the only circumference, differences or outward perceptions are the ones we each individually draw.  Neti – Neti -Center everywhere, circumference nowhere.   

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Third Attitude for Finding You Center

To find your center depends upon holding the right attitudes. The first is acceptance, the second is kindness and the third is attunement or the ability to be receptive and open. Accept yourself and everything just as it is with kindness and you will begin to discover compassion. Next you must attune yourself from your center to the center of everything. Be open and receptive to all of life. The more that you discover the interrelationship between all thing the more you will understand life. With acceptance and kindness comes compassion. With attunement comes understanding.

We can try to intellectualize compassion and understanding, but it is impossible unless we feel it.  Intellectualizing separates and compartmentalizes things. But when we feel things we truly begin to understand them. Listen to music and watch what happens when you become attuned to the beat. You and the music become one. Feel your breath and the poses as we move through our yoga class and you will begin to attune yourself to a deeper understanding of the nature of life. Accept yourself and your shortcoming, as well as others and their shortcomings. Be kind to yourself and attune yourself with the nature of yoga which is to discover balance, flexibility, strength and peace.

Hold to your center. Accept all of life with kindness. Use understanding and compassion to attune yourself to the very nature of life which is an understanding that we are all interconnected in this vast web called life. What you do to one you do to all, so be kind, accept things as they are and stay open and receptive. In this you will find your center and at your center you will find peace.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Two Important Questions

Who am I and what am I doing here? These questions can only be answers when you go to the core of your being.   To get to the core of your being takes time and experience. The true goal of yoga is to discover wisdom. This comes with understanding and compassion. But to truly understand and have compassion we need to be aware and learn to observe both ourselves and all of life without judgement. We don’t need to run away and live in monastery to discover truth. Our life provides plenty of opportunity to observe and choose. What we observe and what we choose answers the question of who we are and what we are doing here. Who are you and what are you doing here? You are a soul who has taken on this body and this mind for the purpose of discovery. What you discover depends upon how you observe life. Observe love and you will discover love. Observe hatred and you will discover hatred. Then you are free to become whatever you choose.

Who are you and what are you doing here?  You are the observer of life.   Observer without judgement and always choose love over hate.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kind Acceptance –Yoga Today

The first thing in finding your center is to accept yourself. Don’t draw comparisons between yourself and others. Instead try to focus on living up to your highest potential. The second attitude necessary for centering yourself is kindness. But to achieve kindness you must first be kind to yourself. You will never overcome your failings by focusing on your short coming and allowing yourself to indulge in unkindness and non-acceptance towards yourself. Don’t get confused and allow kindness to excuse your need to work on achieving your highest potential.  Just use self-acceptance and kindness to help you find your center. You’ll know it when you find it. It is balanced, flexible, strong and peaceful.  Let’s see if we can find it today.

Kindness is necessary for understanding yourself and others. Without kindness there can never be acceptance of anyone or anything. Accept yourself and your shortcoming with kindness. Accept the shortcomings in others with kindness because kindness always leads us towards our highest potential.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Be Your Center - Yoga Today

We all have the habit of living life from the periphery rather than our center. To find our center the first thing we must do is self-acceptance. You are who you are so you must first learn to accept yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. Envy no one. Instead encourage yourself to attain your highest potential. As you try to live up to the highest that is you, you will find yourself progressing towards soul consciousness. But this will be difficult as the ego will constantly be tempting you to compare and envy.

Self-acceptance is not something that comes from the outside inward. It comes from the center and projects outward. This journey requires that you resist the lower tendencies to judge, hate and attempt to control.  It’s about acceptance. You must find it within your conscience. With a clear conscience you can strive for your highest self. With a clear conscience you will be able to quiet your mind. Without a quiet mind you will not be able to find your center. Let’s practice quieting the mind and locating our center.

Self-acceptant makes it possible for us to view others from their highest potential. Only from within will it be possible for you to truly know others. When you relate to others from your center they may or may not relate to you from their center. We cannot control another person’s level of self-acceptance. But at least you will be able to see the potential in all of life. Souls always speak to other souls. They listen too. So be centered, accept yourself for who you are and relate to the world from your center. Remember center everywhere circumference nowhere.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Seek Balance in all things

Some people feel that if their life is not full of drama and stress they are not living a full life. They seem to thrive off the energy until one day they collapse. With drama and stress we fall victim to negative attitudes. The world becomes dark and full of fear.

Balance on the other hands is a place of stillness, quietude and harmony. This is the place where we support our health body, mind and soul. The natural tendency of the body is to seek homeostasis or balance. The natural tendency of the mind is to run wild with emotions. When the mind is running wild the body reacts and we experience the negative effects of stress.

So we need to learn to control the mind if we want to maintain our health.  We begin with our attitudes which should be focused on our higher power and not the ego. And this all begins with learning to love and accept ourselves and others for the uniqueness and beauty we all are as individual human beings while understanding that we are all also connected as one great web of energy. Without you I could not teach this class and without me you would not have this class to attend. Together we all create the energy of cohesiveness. This is our higher power.

So lets’ stretch, move, breath and dance together and support the most important thing in our lives – our good health; body, mind and soul.

We can practice being quiet and still, but it only serve us when we use this practice to find the divine energy within. Each of us is a unique person with a connection or bond to the whole of life. We need each other to support life.  So be your unique beautiful self while appreciating the beauty in all of life and you will rise above the drama and stress and find balance. Seek balance in all things and in all things find balance.

Doctor Lynn