Saturday, July 09, 2022

The Eighth Treasure

So far, we’ve explored the treasures of sexuality, love, ethics and morals, potential, courage, power and authority and now the eighth treasure; TENACITY Through tenacity we learn to persistently and consistently apply potential energy to our endeavors. Without it nothing will be achieved. Tenacity is at the head of the list when it comes to the use of potential energy. Karma gives us a formula for success; have a vison + a burning desire, backed with a well thought out plan, that you work consistently and persistently. This leads to success no what the endeavor; whether it be work, relationships, or self-related matters. And the only way to do this is to use the treasure of tenacity. Without the ability to withstand hardships and sufferings nothing is achieved. Success is impossible unless you have the will power and determination to move past hurtles and difficulties. Tenacity is the ability to not give up even when met with defeat. It means to have the faith to overcome what might appear impossible. It is an intuitive understanding that defeat is only temporary. The ability to keep marching through all of life’s ups and downs is the marker of a tenacious person. This requires a lot of balance, flexibility, strength and the ability to be calm and find peace. Takes work – that’s karma - let’s get to work. END: In yoga it is said that without the ability to withstand great hardships self-discipline cannot be attained and character cannot be built. Without self-discipline contentment and happiness is impossible. Without contentment and happiness, it is impossible to prosper. It is through tenacity that a person unleashes the energy to attain the unattainable and overcome the struggles and hardships that are part of the human experience. We all have these experiences. Its’ what we do with these experiences determines the direction of our karma. EGO: The ego by its very nature seek to minimize hardships and sufferings. It much preferers pleasure and fun. We should enjoy life and have fun. Pleasure is part of nature’s way of making sure we both survive and thrive. But when the ego believes it has all the answers and is above suffering and hardship something will happen to remind it to humble itself. Draw your finger in and place your thumb on top, the symbol of the soul, and I will remind you that tenacity applied from a place of dedication and love is a treasure not to be missed. Namaste ~ may you walk with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more classes, course, books, FREE NEWSLETTER and more

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