Saturday, July 16, 2022

Wealth is the Ninth Treasure

When asked whether one wants to be rich, or poor most everyone would say rich. The rich have more choices. They can go first class with everything. When we think of wealth we think about money and what we can get in exchange for it. That’s because monetary exchange makes the world go round. Where would we be without a method of exchange? But wealth is not just about money, or the accumulation of material things. Wealth is the ability to take potential energy and create. But wealth does not come without sacrifice, compromise, accommodating and negotiating. Nothing is life is free. Everything has its price. The universe has a perfect accounting system. If you wish to be wealthy you must do the work. The potential to create wealth exist everywhere. Just keep an eye out for the time gates; the opportunities that exist all around you. When you find them use the power of your courage to stay focused. Then keep moving forward shifting your view from wealth to prosperity. Focus on what you can do to make the world a better place and then do it. Everyone will prosper and you will become wealthy. Remember that wealth is the manifestation of divine energy and this energy must be honored. Wealth if misused will eventually bring Alakshmi the evil sister of Lakshmi; she will rain destruction and poverty upon you. When wealth comes to you, no matter how big, or how small remember that it can rise very fast, but if you are not careful the fall to poverty will be even faster. So, if wealth comes to you use it wisely. Never take without giving something back. END Everything in life must sacrifice. For every gain there is always a loss. A tree blooms. Then its blossoms give way to bearing fruit and then the tree sacrifices its fruit to nourish the earth and replenish. If you want to be wealth you must be willing to sacrifice. But remember Wealth can mean a lot of things such as, good health, great friends, a loving family and a comfortable life. When food, shelter, health, the arts, education and pleasure coexist with good ethics and morals true wealth is achieved. Be generous and count your blessings. The real measure of wealth is not found in your bank account, but is found in the degree of your happiness. Doctor Lynn EGO: Flip your hands up and extend out your index finger – the symbol of the ego. To prosper and become wealthy takes more than pure positive thinking. Wealth is the manifestation of divine energy and this energy must be honored. This stream of energy can reshape your life in either positive, or negative ways depending upon how you use it. Wealth can bestow great power while misuse will surely make a person suffer. Draw you finger in and place your thumb on top – the symbol of your soul. True prosperity can never be achieved when we have more than our share at the expense of others. That’s where good ethics and morals come into play. Use these two treasures together and you will prosper. Just remember wealth is not about possessions, but about an active flow of energy that benefits all of life. Dwell in a state of prosperity and you will dwell in a conscious state of wealth energy. Wealth in its most perfect form, equally disseminates, health, happiness and peace to all. Namaste ~ may you walk the soulful path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For FREE monthly newsletter, more classes, books and consultation

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