Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Recipe for Health -- Is Champagne good for your health?

Yes, it is and you thought it was only red wine!  Raise a glass or may-be two to your health.  Studies show that those who drink a glass or may-be two of wine a day live longer, are healthier, have better cognition, improved sex life and are generally over all happier than those who either don’t drink or drink too much. There are many reasons for this conclusion.

Wine specifically helps you to relax. It is especially good when dining. It improves circulation and improved circulation brings fresh blood and nutrients to the organs of our body.  This improves our cognition and nourishes the body with good health.

Wine is high in antioxidants and phenols which are good for our health. They help the body to fight off free radicals. Free radicals bombard our being every day. These include pollution, poor diet, aging and stress.

Wine and more specifically all alcohol may just in fact help to kill bacteria from food that could make us sick. After all alcohol is an antiseptic and as a drinkable substance it may in fact be true that a drink of wine with a meal keeps the gut free of bad bacteria. In Biblical times wine was drank instead of water because water was not sanitary and because both wine and beer provided nutritional sustenance.


Champagne has also been shown to be good for your health or more specifically good for the mind. Champagne according to a study in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry is packed full of those wonderful polyphenols, chemical substances derived from plants that are antioxidants which help cells avoid destruction from free radicals. The study showed that a group of neuron cells penetrated with champagne extracts demonstrated significant protection against damage to the brain.

The reason for this they concluded was that the caffeic acid and tyrosol antioxidants in champagne contain anti-inflammatory characteristics. This keeps the cells protected against damage. Furthermore, caffeic acid and tyrosol also have the ability to remove toxic chemicals from the body. So although we think of champagne as a celebratory drink it actually may truly be a toast to your health.

My $300.00 bottle of champagne (given as a gift) Dom Pe’rignon 1996 may well have been worth the price. But is a $300.00 bottle better for brain health than a $50.00 bottle, or are they virtually the same? Does it count if you open a bottle….and well you know….once you open the bottle it needs to be finished?  I think not. Just remember a glass or two to your health and beyond that you’ve had too much to drink. But it is so much fun to drink champagne! 

When I think of champagne I remember back to a couple of weddings I attended where the primary drink was champagne. Those were very jovial celebrations.  Can you remember your champagne celebrations? Most likely they were some of the times we remember the most; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and so on. So bring them on; Dom Pe’rignons, The Venue Clicquots and the Louie Roederers with all their healthful antioxidants and joyous bliss for it is always a time to celebrate when we drink to our health.


Saturday, January 27, 2018

In The End What is the Sum Total?

Nothing in life comes without give and take, and sacrifice. All of life moves in a transition from birth to death. In between we give and we receive both pleasure and pain.  How we experience these things and how we use them in our life determines the karma we are either taking on or extinguishing in this life and all the lives to come.  Life has a perfect accounting system. Nothing goes unnoticed and everything gets balanced. The dramas and striving of life, with all its ups and downs, always brings us back to the status quo; where are you now? Who are you being and what is this all about?  The irony of life is that for all our outward striving and drama in the end the sum total always add up to zero. We take none of them with us when we depart this world. What we do take is the karma of our experiences. How we use these experiences defines our next reincarnate. If life hands you a difficult problem and you face it with compassion and understanding you create harmony and not discord. It is not the problem you take with you when you depart this world, but the virtue of compassion and this will assist you in this life and all the others lives to come.

To overcome the obstacles in life you need to learn how to Soul Walk. It is not a religious path, but it is a path of faith. It is about walking consciously with constant devotion towards making you a better person and the world a better place. It is about never forgetting the importance of health; body, mind and soul. It is an understanding that the path may take a few zigs and zags and a few divergences along the way. Just remember from here to there is never a straight line. You may lose your way, but if you come back to the source, your soul, clarity will be your guide and you will know who you are and exactly where you are going. Keep walking the path and in this you will be wise. Because in the end the sum total always equals zero.  You take none of this with you when you depart this world except the karma you have created.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Life’s Biggest Questions

Just remember that life becomes what life does. You are here to work your karma and part of working your karma is to ponder the questions of life; who am I, why am I here and where am I going?

At some point in everyone’s life the questions of meaning will surface. In fact striving to answers these is the most powerful driving force that will cause humans to question. These questions ponder the design of things, and the purpose and meaning of our lives. Who am I and what happens when earth life ends? We all wrestle with these questions at various times in our lives, no matter what our station, preference, color, gender or creed.

Just remember you are a soul who has taken on this body and this mind to work out your karma.  Work your karma and you will prosper.  Let’s begin by moving our bodies, quieting our mind and focus on tapping into our souls.

Answering the questions of life will require work. Nothing comes instantaneously and without a lot of effort and sometimes turmoil. The Chinese have a symbol for crisis that means both danger and opportunity. How you envision things and how hard you are willing to work determines whether what comes your way is either a crisis of danger or a crisis of opportunity. Stay focused, maintain your balance and you will see life not as a crisis of danger, but as an opportunity to work your karma and in this you will prosper.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Karma – life becomes what life does

What is karma? Sometimes it is best to define something by what it is not. Karma is not about good or bad. That would means judgement. We are not here on earth to judge. We are here to observe. Karma is about cause and effect. Every action creates a reaction so it behooves us to pay careful attention to everything we think, say and do. Karma means work. When we think of work we think of our professions, but that is not the nature of karma. Karma is about working to develop virtues and removes vices and this can only be done when you take on an earthly life.

You are here to work on purifying your being and to do this you must take on and live out all aspects of your life; pleasure and pain. What you do for a living gives you an opportunity to work on your karma, but karmic work is of a soulful nature and not for mental satisfaction and physical comfort.

Part of working on your karma is to work on establishing balance, being flexible and finding your strength. Let’s get stated.


Just remember that life becomes what life does. Every thought, word and action creates a reaction so pay careful attention to what you think, say and do. Karma means work. You are here on earth to do your karmic work. Do it with conscious thought and you will reap the rewards.  

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Beginning Anew

Beginner’s mind means to continually come back to the present moment with a sense of wonder and awe as the mysteries of life unfold. Every moment presents us with an opportunity and yet most of us pass by the moments in hopes of catching some future prize. We want more and when we want more we are never satisfied. This dilutes our focus. Each moment determines the outcome of the next moment and all the future moments to come. Realize this and each moment becomes an opportunity to begin something new. Here and now we understand that our real power is not in brute force, but in being able to use the present to create a better future.

Power is being able to withstand all sorts of events and situations without losing your flexibility, balance and inner strength. With this power comes the ability to feel confident knowing that we may not be able to control the situations that come into our lives, but we can control our perceptions and attitudes and this empowers us. When you begin to observe life from a beginner’s point of view everything is simply an opportunity to begin again with a fresh perspective.

Throughout this coming year no matter what your goals or resolutions there will be challenges. Meet these challenges with a beginners mind. Come back to each moment with a sense openness and eagerness by staying focused and enthusiastic about your goals even when confronted with disappointment and discomfort. Now you are empowered!

Namaste ~ may all your days be filled with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn