Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Energy of Prosperity~ we are both the creative and destructive energy of our lives.

Everything in life is a byproduct of energy. Therefore, if we wish to be successful in life, we must learn how to harness the energy of prosperity. Shakti in Hinduism is believed to be the cosmic energy that moves through the entire universe creating ability, strength, power, potential and capacity. Shakti energy is the force that both maintains the universe and also makes it disintegrate. Shakti is known as the spouse of Shiva the Hindu God responsible for creation, upkeep and the destruction of the world. Together they enter into a dance of creation and destruction. This energy is believed to lie dormant within each of us at the base of our spine waiting to be awoken and lifted to our highest level of consciousness where we realize we are both the creative and destructive energy of our lives. What I am about to teach you is Padmini Vidya; the yoga of prosperity. Padmini means lady of the lotus and vidya means the science of yoga. The lady of the lotus refers to Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and purity. Lakshmi is personified as the shakti energy and also the wife of Vishnu one of the principal deities of Hinduism. Vishnu protects all humans and restores order to the world. He is found in all aspects of creation, as well as destruction and regeneration. Together they enter into the dance that either creates or destroys. Used wisely their energy will protect and regenerate, and this dance has the potential to create prosperity. Let’s begin END: Pay attention to your karma – you are both the creative and destructive principle of your life. Think about the great passions – for example anger. If you create anger you destroy kindness, happiness and joy. Reverse that and you create prosperity for a prosperous life is full of happiness and joy. Use your energy wisely and it will protect and provide all that you need to fulfill your life’s mission. Just remember you have the power and the potential to destroy ,or create prosperity. Keep soul walking and work your karma. EGO: The ego considers success to be accolated, titles and material symbols of wealth, But all of these things are transitory. Money comes and goes; beauty fades and importance can soon be forgotten. What is everlasting is the ability to direct your energy into punja. Draw your index finger in and place your thumb on top. Kindness and generosity create a kind and generous person and a kind and generous person carries that energy no matter what their station in life. Prosperity begins with believing in your ability to consciously create a better state of being and in this you make the word a better place. It takes work – that’s karma. Follow Doctor Lynn for more Books classes

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Prosperity with a Purpose


The genesis for what I am about to teach you came from a message attached to a tea bag. It said to learn read and so I read; to know write and so I wrote, and to master teach and so I taught, and this has led me to discover how to prosper in the world. It is now time for me to share this with you.

What I discovered is that prosperity is everywhere. The challenges of life are simply opportunities to prosper and not barriers; unless you make it so. If you ask the world to bring you prosperity it will. If you ask it for poverty, it will surely oblige.

While working to correct my karma I stumbled upon an ancient yoga text about a lesser-known branch of yoga, Padmini Vidya the pathway to prosperity. As I began to study and teach it in relationship to Karma, I discovered that if you aim your life in the right four directions while paying careful attention to what you think, say and do, you will discover the treasures of life, and in this you will prosper.

Now I wish to share this path with you. Every obstacle in life is an opportunity to reveal the secret treasures of life. These treasures will endow you with all you need to prosper. You just need to know where to find them and then how to use them so that you prosper.

Just remember a secret is only a secret until it is revealed. When the seeker is ready to discover the secret, the secret pathway will be found.

The path to prosperity is not easily found. Like all things in life to truly prosper you must pay careful attention to your karma. The universe has a perfect accounting system. For every effect there will be a cause. Life become hat life does.  Let’s get started.


To prosper you must first learn how-to walk-through life in a soulfully conscious way. While doing this you will have the opportunity to discover the real treasures of life. Use them wisely and you will prosper. These treasures are available to everyone who has the desire to discover and use them constructively.  I have found these treasures to be of great value and so it behooves me to share them with you.

Just like the concept of alchemy, sometimes they come covered with rust, but if you take the time to look deep enough beneath the surface, you’ll find gold. You just need to know where to find these treasures, how to polish them, and then how to use them to prosper.

EGO: Prosperity does not mean to gain at the expense of another. The ego often times takes great pride in displaying its material wealth, or being envious and jealous of those who have more. Watch out for the troublesome four! We equate prosperity to the accumulation of things in the material world. The soul knows different We are not here to acquire but to achieve soul consciousness, and so let’s humbly bow to the soul and remember; money comes and money goes but prosperity once found last forever.


Follow along the pathway of Soul Walking and you too will discover how to prosper ~ here and now. Ask yourself this questions: “Traveler what do you seek here…since this world is not your final resting place?”

Namaste~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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Saturday, January 01, 2022

#Karma ~ Overcoming #Obstacles


No doubt in 2021 we all had obstacles in our lives we needed to overcome, and no doubt as we approach the new year, we will also have obstacles to overcome. Karma means work. The nature of life is to work through life’s obstacles until we find peace and harmony.

To overcome life’s obstacles, we first need to understand the nature of life – it is continually changing, and is simply the result of cause and effect; put simply; life becomes what life does; If you want to change the effect you must change the cause. But we must also take time to reflect and accurately find the cause without blaming others, or falling into becoming a victim of life. This takes some self-realization for we are, at the core of our being, the cause for all that happens in our life simply by our actions and reactions to it. If someone hurts you it’s easy to blame that person. However, if we step back and observe we may find that the real cause is our lack of self-worth, or inability to release ourselves from toxic people and situations.

Yoga presents us with nine obstacles to overcome; physical illness, apathy and boredom, doubting self-worth, being distracted and careless, feeling heavy and burnt-out, having desires and cravings, doubting one’s progress, getting caught in the illusion of life and an inability to maintain and achievement continual practice karma yoga.

Karma teaches us that all of this falls into the four patterns of karma that block our progress. Blocking knowledge, (requires flexibly and being open to learning) blocking feelings, (requires strength) blocking vitality (requires balanced energy) and blocking free will (requires trust and liberation) It takes work to identify these and then to unblock them – that’s karma; let’s get to work.


END: Yoga presents us with nine obstacles to overcome; physical illness, apathy and boredom, doubting self-worth, being distracted and careless, feeling heavy and burnt-out, having desires and cravings, doubting one’s progress, getting caught in the illusion of life and an inability to maintain and achievement through continual practice karma yoga.

So, avoid burnout and stay vital; focus on vital radiant health body, mind and soul. Believe in your self-worth you are unique; seek to always learn and never be bored or distracted by life. Life is real it is your perceptions that get you caught in the illusion of life; be happy with what you have and then reach out for more; and continue to practice karma yoga, for you have made such progress this past year however, you must continue to practice, and when you think you have achieved success, practice some more. That’s karma – it takes continual work.


EGO: flip your hands up and rest them on your knees. Extend out the index finger – the symbol of the ego. Being bored, doubting self, being careless, feeling burnt-out, craving, doubting progress, living in an illusion and inability to maintain achievements are symbols of the egos fight to maintain its importance. Do not seek to extinguish the ego. It is for your self-preservation and self-identity. Simply seek to temper it by drawing your index finger in and placing your thumb on top which is the symbol of our soul; and remember from the soul’s perspective we  all have obstacle to overcome so:

Don’t fall into D-GAP

To overcome deceit and ignorance, be self-aware

To overcome greed and selfishness be generous

To overcome anger and hate be kind and loving

To overcome pride, be humble

Don’t block your progress:

To overcome blocking knowledge; be open and flexible

To overcome blocking feelings, be calm and self-reflect

To overcome blocked vitality, be healthy and radiant

To overcome blocked free will, be trustworthy and trust yourself

To overcome life’s obstacle, continue to practice karma. You have made such great progress this past year. Through continual practice you will achieve and maintain all things that you desire; health, wealth, happiness and peace.

Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Happy Holidays

Doctor Lynn

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