Saturday, July 23, 2022

Humor is the Tenth Treasure

Never lose your sense of humor! Laughter is a great sound -- that's why we've all heard the saying, "Laughter is the best medicine." There is strong evidence that laughter can actually improve health and help fight disease. Laughter improves immune functioning, outlook, moods and emotions while reducing stress. Studies also show that people with a good sense of humor live longer. Humor (laughter) exists in all cultures and at all ages. It is an essential and fundamental part of human behavior. Humor can be used to make people feel good, to gain intimacy and to help us cope with stress. A sense of humor helps us to form connections to the world and provide meaning to our life. Humor also correlates with learning, wisdom and emotional well-being. The key to a happy life is to laugh and make others laugh without mocking, ridiculing or hurting anyone. It is also the ability to laugh at yourself and the absurdities of life. Self-acceptance of your own idiosyncrasies is the key to a happier and more joyful life. Find the humor in all of life and you will discover the power of laughter. So, let’s get to work and have some fun. END: To me the most beautiful sound in the world is to hear the ones I love laughing. I know in those moments they are experiencing pleasure; one of the great four aims in life. There will always be wars, famine and violence in the world. We should not ignore these things, however, if we focus on laughter and a sense of humor, we might be able to lift the energy of the world to a better place. The quality of a sincere intellectual appreciation for life will keep you laughing. EGO Flip up your hands and extend out your index finger the symbol of the ego. Maya means illusion or boundaries. We’ve all heard it said, “the worlds an illusion.” It is not the world that is an illusion. It is our perception of it. The world is real. It is how we see it and experience it that determine our reality. The ego is here to protect you, but it is also the part of you that gets caught in the illusion of life. The ego often believes that its interruption of life is the final reality forgetting that we all have a unique view of life gathered through our own unique experiences. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top. Surrender to your soul. Just remember the world is made up of real experiences through which we gain real knowledge into the nature of the world and our true self. Our sense of humor is part of our true nature and is an integral part of how we see the world. It is not the world that is the illusion. The illusion is found in our interpretation of our experiences. Life will present you with many challenges. Each of these will test your resilience. If you cannot laugh at yourself and at the craziness of life, you will lose one of the great pleasures of life; laughter and a sense of humor. Never lose it! It’s a great treasure. “If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane?” Jimmy Buffett Namaste ~ may you walk the path with heath happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For mor books, classes, courses and consultation

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