Saturday, August 24, 2019

#Yoga Today #Karma ~ What is the sound of one hand clapping?

#Yoga Today #Karma ~ What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Life is like the famous Buddhist paradox or Koan, What is the sound of one hand clapping? This places us outside the limitations of the rational mind. There is no right or wrong answer to this paradox as there are really no right or wrong answers to life.  How you live your life is based upon your morals and ethics, your level of consciousness and your state of being. Like the Koan, paradoxically the content of your life is irrelevant and at the same time the content is necessary for the process of learning. It is only through the process of life that we learn. The content is simply the teacher.  For example -you cannot discover the process of love without an object of love to teach you. And what are we here to learn? We are here to learn how to bring balance, strength, flexibility and peace to our lives no matter what the content may be.

Anger, for example, will appear throughout our lives. It is not wrong nor is it right. We are presented with situations that create anger and then asked what we choose to do with them. We can be cruel or we can be kind. The choice is ours, and how and what we choose determines our karma. There is no right or wrong answer to life. It is simply cause an effect. If you act cruelly you become a cruel person.  So it is suggested that with all of life’s content we choose wisely. Life presents itself to us for the “soul” purpose of using the content of life to remove vices and add virtues.  Just as in yoga, our practice is about the process and not the poses (asana), and yet we need the poses to help us discover the process of balance, flexibility, strength and peace. Pay attention to the process of life and use the content wisely.

Let’s get started -

Awareness is the task of exploring our vices and virtues.  Our daunting task is to uncover the elements of self that need correction and replace them with virtues. The content of our lives is a vehicle full of potential for the “soul” purpose of bringing us awareness. It is only the potential. Unless we consciously choose to bring about constructive change our lives will appear to be chaotic, confusing and disappointing. Just remember that the process of life is not about the content, but about the relationship we have with life and whether we choose to make it harmonious or tumultuous.  Choose wisely and the dramas and dynamics of life will give way to the process of enlightenment.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 17, 2019

#Yoga Today #Quantum #Physics

Quantum physics tells us that if we take gross matter (E=MC2) and vibrate it by the speed of light, it will change form. Everything in the universe exists as solid, liquid, or vapor. If we take water and apply heat (increase vibration of molecules) we create vapor and if we apply cold (decrease the vibration of its molecules) we create ice. Quantum physics further tells us that if we move beyond the atomic level and the subatomic level, we find pure energy, made up of waves and particles moving through the universe. These waves and particles are pure energy. They are not made of energy; like you they are energy.

The world view of particle physics is one of constant creation, destruction and transformation. So how does the concrete world come into existence?  Subatomic particles are either a negative, positive, or neutral charge. As such, they enter into the dance of attraction and repulsion. Positive, negative and neutral particles come together and form atoms, which form molecules, which form cells, which form organs, which form organisms and thus the physical world is formed. The electromagnetic charge of pure energy is the fundamental glue of the universe. This is true of the physical world and the metaphysical world of the mind and the soul. Since energy can vibrate at different levels, it is possible for it to exist in many forms. Remember water can be solid, liquid or vapor and thus you exist as body, mind and soul.


As we begin to expand our consciousness we will see patterns of behavior that have been dictating our lives. These forces are nothing more than energy that we have taken on for our own evolution. That is the purpose and true nature of our being. With energy you can remove things, change things and create things. That is karma and why it is said that we become the creator of our own destiny.  As we remove the veil of ignorance (maya), we discover that our purpose for being here on earth is simply to remove vices and add virtues.  We have an opportunity to discover this through the contents of our lives.   The work you do, the relationships you have, and the things you accumulate can be powerful tools for your evolution. Use the world wisely or it will use you.

When we discover how to use all the content of our lives to remove deceit, greed, anger and pride we are on the path to enlightenment. That’s soul walking.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 10, 2019

#Yoga Today ~ Your Seven Layers of #Energy

According to Eastern thought, our being consists of seven layers of energy. The final and most noticeable layer of energy is the physical body. This layer of energy vibrates at a frequency lower than the other layers, which accounts for its visibility in the physical world. The higher frequency layers cannot be seen, but still have an effect on our physical self. All of the layers of energy are interdependent and cannot be separated. As long as consciousness exists the layers exist.  Our task is to find balance so that we stay connected to the center of our being and not the extraneous dramas, stresses and problems that are the circumferences of life.

The seven layers of energy are as follows. The first is the physical self, the second is the etheric self or the vital energetic self (known as the aura), the third is the astral or emotional self, the fourth is the mental self where thoughts are formed, the fifth is the soul or intellectual self, the sixth is the cosmic self (sometimes called the “pure intelligent self”), and the seventh is like the Tao impossible to name, as it is beyond name and form. It is the integration and balance of all the layers of energy that create a harmonious aura and thus a healthy body, mind and soul.  We then use this integrated energy to project our strength, flexibility and balance outward from the center of our being.  When in balance we exude self-confidence, self-esteem, happiness and peace.

When we attach ourselves to the extraneous dramas, stresses and problems that are the circumference of life we lose sight of our center and thus we lose our balance, flexibility, strength and peace. So stay connected to the center of your being and remember center everywhere circumference nowhere.

You are made up of seven layers of energy. It is the balanced integration of all layers that create health, happiness and peace for the body, the mind and the soul. You are body, aura, emotion, thought, intellect, pure energy and something beyond name and form. This something beyond name and form is the realization that your individual soul and the universal soul is one. This unites all the layers of yourself into a balanced whole. You are not made up of energy; you are energy and how you direct that energy determines the outcome of your karma.  With awareness you will begin to realize that the dance and the dancer are one.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, August 03, 2019

#Yoga Today ~ How do you know you have a #soul

As you begin to walk the soulful path you will begin to see the world not as physical measurements of gain or loss, but as soulful pursuits. That is karma and why you are here.

How do we know the soul exist if we can’t measure it? Take a breath. What causes you to breathe? Not oxygen, but the power that causes movement and that is prana the life force that gives rise to your existence. Here you discover your soul.

In yoga the life force that vitalizes everything in the universe is called prana. It is actually the energy responsible for the movement of all consciousness in the world. What lies beneath your consciousness is a force (prana) that causes it to rise. This we call thinking. As you think so you become. Prana gives rise to the breath and this gives life to the body and the mind. When this happens your soul begins to walk its earthly life.

Prana is pure self. It is pure consciousness. This is the force that pushes the soul to reincarnate. It is the vital energy that brings everything into being. It lives in the organs of our body and unites all parts of the body into one unit. The soul gives consciousness to the mind. And so the mind begins to think. You must now work your karma. But we can’t do the work without the help of the body. That’s Hatha yoga or the physical aspect of life.  And so we are here on earth to work on finding our balance, flexibility, strength and peace; body, mind and soul. Let’s get started.

Karma exists as the manifestation of pure energy. It is the vital force behind the movement of all action and thus the resulting effect. Prana is simply the movement that gives rise to breath, but is not the breath. Karma is the energy that gives rise to your actions and thus you experience the results. Prana gives us the power to think. Karma gives us the power to act. Unlike Descartes who professed,” I think therefore I am.” Karma yoga teaches that I am therefore I have the power to think and act. Prana is pure and simple energy that gives birth to the complexities of life.  Karma is the action we apply to the experiences of life and must therefore except the consequences.  So think kindness, contentment, generosity, happiness, love and peace and you will discover liberation. And it is here you will discover your soul.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn