Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What does it take to live a successful life?

Back to work after a two day weekend. I really needed those two days off although in my mind I did do a little work. It’ hard to escape when you are immersed in trying to make a success of a project. It takes a lot of work to make money. It is so much easier to go to work for someone and collect a check. However you are always one check away from being fired, replaced, the company going bankrupt or keeping your mortgage paid. But then again when you work for yourself you are also subject to financial issues.
Well again Napoleon Hill list a cause of failure to be lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity. Meaning we should not be indifferent to what we want in life and be willing to pay the price. And that is the key…you must be willing to pay the price which includes financial commitment and a tremendous commitment of time and energy. Is it worth it? Yes…the enjoyment of creating and achieving is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Sometimes it makes money and sometimes it doesn’t but it is the process and not the final content that makes for excitement.  So as I go back to work today with more work ahead of me than hours in the day I will keep my focus, take my aim and fire. It is my karma.
Karma builds character. Karma energy draws to the individual energy of both extremes. Good and bad, pain and pleasure, sorrow and happiness. It is the stuff of character. We learn from both sides of the spectrum and it is from these lessons that we gain wisdom. It is not about being good or bad but about living your karma which is simply the lessons we need to learn to hopefully ultimately gain wisdom and understand the nature of life.
So today I will remind my students the importance of living your karma and embracing all that life offers you. It is what you do with your karma that determines the nature of your life. Some people take misfortune and turn it into something good and others take good fortune and turn it into a disaster.
Life becomes what life does.
Doctor Lynn

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Successful Life Sept. 20th

To have your children tell you they appreciate you and forgive you for your mistakes for now they understand the role of parenting. My children have thanked me several times over the last ten years. They thanked me for teaching them manner although they complained all the time they were growing up about how strict I was. They thanked me for teaching them responsibility, kindness and caring. They thanked me for exposing them to culture and education. But it wasn’t always like this. When they were young they would complain and rebel. As a parent you ask yourself many times over if they will ever understand that you are doing your best to succeed at a job that you’ve never done before. It’s done out of love. Mistakes are made as parenting is not a perfect science. But those simple words of thank you make it worth all the effort and sacrifice.  
Doctor Lynn

Friday, September 03, 2010

Back story Post Sept 3rd

I’m up before the crack of dawn. Its pitch dark outside and very still accept for the occasional car that rolls down Wilshire Blvd. I did go to sleep at 9PM so I guess getting up a t 5AM is not so bad. Most nights I’m exhausted from long hours of working. I need to stay focused and also need to implement a strong sense of self discipline. This is not something new. My life has always demanded self discipline in order to survive.
There was always money issues, children, work and responsibilities that demanded I be very self disciplined. Persistence is a mark of self discipline or may-be it is just plain stubbornness and an inability to accept defeat. Whatever it is I know how to super impose a sense of discipline upon myself. However there have been times in my life where the self discipline exhausted me and I went in the opposite direction. It’s sort of like denying yourself certain pleasures and then becoming a glutton of self indulgences. I think we’ve all gone there from time to time. The key is to find balance. To find a place where discipline is grounded and at the same time you can take time to laugh and play. Of course that is easy to say when you are not in a survival mode. Poverty and lack of support can be mighty forces in your life.
However I must find that balance point between the extremes. But a little more discipline is needed. I live a privileged life. It wasn’t always this way. I have struggled and gone without. Now I live a very upper middle class life, have money in the bank, travel, have clothes, jewelry and the ability to do what I want without a worry about money. I’ve never had this opportunity in my life.
When I was younger I watched other women who had supportive husbands, money, vacations, clothes, jewelry and all the accouterments of wealth take a position of entitlement without appreciation. It takes going without to learn to appreciate. And if I had to say the one thing that predominates in me these days it is appreciation for what I have because I remember all too clearly those days of struggle.
Character is a bi-product of discipline, struggle and hard work. Do I wish I had been born rich and had everything handed to me? You bet I do…but it would not be my life and I would not have an appreciation for things that most people take for granted.
So here I am about to launch my new classes, finish my book, finish the new DVD in my lovely condo, with money in the bank and an African vacation just on the horizon, appreciating the opportunity to be creative at a wonderful time in my life without the pressure of making money. What I appreciate the most is that at the end of the day I can put down my tools and laugh and enjoy the simple things in life.
Poverty, ill health and loneliness when turned around to become a comfortable, healthy and fulfilled life are a major feat. As I struggled to overcome each issue I remain constantly aware that at any moment poverty, ill health and loneliness can reappear. So for the moment and in the moment it is best to live life to its fullest.
Doctor Lynn