Saturday, August 06, 2022

Health is the Twelfth Treasure

Your health is your true wealth and the most important thing in the world. Money won’t buy you good health, however prosperity may afford you good food, warm shelter and good medical care; things that are necessary for good health. Therefore, it is good to live in a prosperous society. Good health is the ultimate treasure of life for it is with good health that we enjoy all the treasures of life. It is very difficult to enjoy life when you are sick and tired. The basic three pillars of health are diet, exercise and sleep. Every day keep your focus on the three pillars for without your health everything else is meaningless. Let’s get started on exercise with yoga. END: Your journey on earth is not about the body and the mind; however, without the body and the mind the soul cannot experience this earthly life. The body is the vehicle and the mind is the GPS of the soul. Therefore, it is our responsibility and duty to take care of our health. Eating healthy, exercising, relaxing, reflecting, laughing and loving are all good for our health. When the body, the mind and the soul are in prefect balance, we have perfect health. And when we have perfect health, we have so much more to give to the world. A healthy, balanced perfected human has the power to equally disseminate joy, cheer and bliss to all. EGO: Flip your hands up and extend the index finger the symbol of the ego. The ego is our friend in that its main purpose is to help us survive in a sometimes-hostile world. The problem with the ego is that is begins to believe it is supreme. We lose sight of our true self which is unlimited. We define ourselves by our experiences in relationship to everything else. This leads to object referral instead of self-referral. We then get caught up in defining our life by the “I”; our body, our relationships, our possessions, our fears and desires. We say, “I am feeling ill.” But it is not the “I” that is ill. It is the body that is ill and not our true self which is the soul. However, without the health of the body and the mind the soul cannot complete its earthly mission and must return again (reincarnate) as another being to work out its karma. Therefore, we need the ego to protect us and give us insight into our experiences, but not as the main reason for our walk here on earth. Pull in your index finger and place your thumb on top – the symbol of the soul. Value the treasure of health above all else by honoring yourself; body, mind and soul, because; “When health is absent wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless and reason is powerless.” Herophilies, 300 B. C. Namaste ~ may you walk the path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more classes, courses, books and consultations

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Beauty is the Eleventh Treasure

Beauty is in the eyes and the heart of the beholder, or simply put; the beauty of the world is within you. Beauty is not found in an image, but in how you see the world. Beauty is as much about attitude as it is about the physical body. Beauty like all of life comes in different forms. It is physical and material, it is conceptual and mindful and it is ethereal and soulful. Mostly we are drawn to physical beauty by conceptually deciding what is and what is not beautiful to us. We then hope to hold onto what we believe to be the permanent and satisfying aspect of beauty. But with all things in life, we must appreciate that beauty is continually changing. The physical beauty of youth gives way to an inner beauty that can only be gained through maturity. The blossom of a fruit is beautiful, but it is only when it changes, ages and ripens that it becomes life sustaining and sweet fruit. Understanding this brings calmness of mind, and with calmness of mind we become poised, tranquil and contemplative. Here we have the opportunity to develop a sincere and intellectual appreciation for beauty. A beautiful thought is to see beauty where there is ugliness. To see the good where there is bad. This is not a naïve Pollyanna approach to life, but rather the realization that beauty is found in symmetry and in contrast. For example: you see a horrible ugly crime, like the Boston Marathon bombing, or 9-11 World Trade Center attack. But with this horror comes the comforting and caring for those who are grieving. This touches the beauty of humanity. Let’s focus on beauty today – takes work -that’s karma END Beauty is one of the great treasures of life. It has nothing to do with attributes and adjectives and everything to do with understanding the true nature of beauty. It is the ability to live fully embracing each moment with joy. When you walk through life with calmness, contemplation and appreciation for all of life you will find beauty everywhere. The world is real and full of beauty. The maya (illusion) is in your perception and interpretation of things. Whether you see the world as beautiful or ugly is all up to you. To see the beauty of life is truly a treasure and sure to bring you prosperity. Beauty is not an image. It’s a vison embedded in your soul. Practice self-control and intellectual appreciation. Look within and you will find beauty everywhere. Doctor Lynn EGO What destroys beauty? Fear! All of the great pleasures of life bring with them the fear of losing them. Beauty is one of those things. It’s alright to have a beautiful face and a beautiful body. The problem comes when we fear losing them. That’s when vanity and ego come into play. Vanity and the ego can blur the line between real beauty and the perception of beauty. In most religious teachings’ vanity is considered to be self-centered and a form of self-idolatry. It means to consider oneself of great importance. Philosophically vanity is referred to as the ego or pride. Nietzsche wrote, “Vanity is fear of appearing original; it is thus a lack of pride, but not necessarily a lack of originality.” Mason Cooley in one of his aphorisms wrote, “Vanity well fed is benevolent. Vanity hungry is spiteful.” It is this last quote that blurs the line between vanity, the ego and real beauty. Show me a person who does not see and appreciate beauty and I will show you a spiteful and angry soul. But show me a person, who sees, lives and believes in beauty and I will show you a benevolent being. Embrace the treasure of beauty and you will prosper. Namaste~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness and peace. Doctor Lynn For more books, course, classes and consultations

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Humor is the Tenth Treasure

Never lose your sense of humor! Laughter is a great sound -- that's why we've all heard the saying, "Laughter is the best medicine." There is strong evidence that laughter can actually improve health and help fight disease. Laughter improves immune functioning, outlook, moods and emotions while reducing stress. Studies also show that people with a good sense of humor live longer. Humor (laughter) exists in all cultures and at all ages. It is an essential and fundamental part of human behavior. Humor can be used to make people feel good, to gain intimacy and to help us cope with stress. A sense of humor helps us to form connections to the world and provide meaning to our life. Humor also correlates with learning, wisdom and emotional well-being. The key to a happy life is to laugh and make others laugh without mocking, ridiculing or hurting anyone. It is also the ability to laugh at yourself and the absurdities of life. Self-acceptance of your own idiosyncrasies is the key to a happier and more joyful life. Find the humor in all of life and you will discover the power of laughter. So, let’s get to work and have some fun. END: To me the most beautiful sound in the world is to hear the ones I love laughing. I know in those moments they are experiencing pleasure; one of the great four aims in life. There will always be wars, famine and violence in the world. We should not ignore these things, however, if we focus on laughter and a sense of humor, we might be able to lift the energy of the world to a better place. The quality of a sincere intellectual appreciation for life will keep you laughing. EGO Flip up your hands and extend out your index finger the symbol of the ego. Maya means illusion or boundaries. We’ve all heard it said, “the worlds an illusion.” It is not the world that is an illusion. It is our perception of it. The world is real. It is how we see it and experience it that determine our reality. The ego is here to protect you, but it is also the part of you that gets caught in the illusion of life. The ego often believes that its interruption of life is the final reality forgetting that we all have a unique view of life gathered through our own unique experiences. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top. Surrender to your soul. Just remember the world is made up of real experiences through which we gain real knowledge into the nature of the world and our true self. Our sense of humor is part of our true nature and is an integral part of how we see the world. It is not the world that is the illusion. The illusion is found in our interpretation of our experiences. Life will present you with many challenges. Each of these will test your resilience. If you cannot laugh at yourself and at the craziness of life, you will lose one of the great pleasures of life; laughter and a sense of humor. Never lose it! It’s a great treasure. “If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane?” Jimmy Buffett Namaste ~ may you walk the path with heath happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For mor books, classes, courses and consultation

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Wealth is the Ninth Treasure

When asked whether one wants to be rich, or poor most everyone would say rich. The rich have more choices. They can go first class with everything. When we think of wealth we think about money and what we can get in exchange for it. That’s because monetary exchange makes the world go round. Where would we be without a method of exchange? But wealth is not just about money, or the accumulation of material things. Wealth is the ability to take potential energy and create. But wealth does not come without sacrifice, compromise, accommodating and negotiating. Nothing is life is free. Everything has its price. The universe has a perfect accounting system. If you wish to be wealthy you must do the work. The potential to create wealth exist everywhere. Just keep an eye out for the time gates; the opportunities that exist all around you. When you find them use the power of your courage to stay focused. Then keep moving forward shifting your view from wealth to prosperity. Focus on what you can do to make the world a better place and then do it. Everyone will prosper and you will become wealthy. Remember that wealth is the manifestation of divine energy and this energy must be honored. Wealth if misused will eventually bring Alakshmi the evil sister of Lakshmi; she will rain destruction and poverty upon you. When wealth comes to you, no matter how big, or how small remember that it can rise very fast, but if you are not careful the fall to poverty will be even faster. So, if wealth comes to you use it wisely. Never take without giving something back. END Everything in life must sacrifice. For every gain there is always a loss. A tree blooms. Then its blossoms give way to bearing fruit and then the tree sacrifices its fruit to nourish the earth and replenish. If you want to be wealth you must be willing to sacrifice. But remember Wealth can mean a lot of things such as, good health, great friends, a loving family and a comfortable life. When food, shelter, health, the arts, education and pleasure coexist with good ethics and morals true wealth is achieved. Be generous and count your blessings. The real measure of wealth is not found in your bank account, but is found in the degree of your happiness. Doctor Lynn EGO: Flip your hands up and extend out your index finger – the symbol of the ego. To prosper and become wealthy takes more than pure positive thinking. Wealth is the manifestation of divine energy and this energy must be honored. This stream of energy can reshape your life in either positive, or negative ways depending upon how you use it. Wealth can bestow great power while misuse will surely make a person suffer. Draw you finger in and place your thumb on top – the symbol of your soul. True prosperity can never be achieved when we have more than our share at the expense of others. That’s where good ethics and morals come into play. Use these two treasures together and you will prosper. Just remember wealth is not about possessions, but about an active flow of energy that benefits all of life. Dwell in a state of prosperity and you will dwell in a conscious state of wealth energy. Wealth in its most perfect form, equally disseminates, health, happiness and peace to all. Namaste ~ may you walk the soulful path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For FREE monthly newsletter, more classes, books and consultation

Saturday, July 09, 2022

The Eighth Treasure

So far, we’ve explored the treasures of sexuality, love, ethics and morals, potential, courage, power and authority and now the eighth treasure; TENACITY Through tenacity we learn to persistently and consistently apply potential energy to our endeavors. Without it nothing will be achieved. Tenacity is at the head of the list when it comes to the use of potential energy. Karma gives us a formula for success; have a vison + a burning desire, backed with a well thought out plan, that you work consistently and persistently. This leads to success no what the endeavor; whether it be work, relationships, or self-related matters. And the only way to do this is to use the treasure of tenacity. Without the ability to withstand hardships and sufferings nothing is achieved. Success is impossible unless you have the will power and determination to move past hurtles and difficulties. Tenacity is the ability to not give up even when met with defeat. It means to have the faith to overcome what might appear impossible. It is an intuitive understanding that defeat is only temporary. The ability to keep marching through all of life’s ups and downs is the marker of a tenacious person. This requires a lot of balance, flexibility, strength and the ability to be calm and find peace. Takes work – that’s karma - let’s get to work. END: In yoga it is said that without the ability to withstand great hardships self-discipline cannot be attained and character cannot be built. Without self-discipline contentment and happiness is impossible. Without contentment and happiness, it is impossible to prosper. It is through tenacity that a person unleashes the energy to attain the unattainable and overcome the struggles and hardships that are part of the human experience. We all have these experiences. Its’ what we do with these experiences determines the direction of our karma. EGO: The ego by its very nature seek to minimize hardships and sufferings. It much preferers pleasure and fun. We should enjoy life and have fun. Pleasure is part of nature’s way of making sure we both survive and thrive. But when the ego believes it has all the answers and is above suffering and hardship something will happen to remind it to humble itself. Draw your finger in and place your thumb on top, the symbol of the soul, and I will remind you that tenacity applied from a place of dedication and love is a treasure not to be missed. Namaste ~ may you walk with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more classes, course, books, FREE NEWSLETTER and more

Saturday, July 02, 2022

Authority is the Seventh Treasure

Authority means to have the power, or right to give orders, to make decisions and to enforce rules of order. This is truly a treasure of great importance for it has the power to create, or destroy depending upon ones moral and ethical underpinning. Just remember orders, decisions and rules of conduct based upon good and sound morals and ethics is the basis of a prosperous society. We all have some level of authority. Mostly it is the authority we have over our own conduct; our perception and attitudes. How we decide and enforce our conduct runs counter to our moral and ethical point of view. So, although we often think of authority as someone with great power it is a treasure, we all share. How we use it determines whether we prosper or not. Authority means the power to make and implement rules of order. Whether it is the head of a household, or the head of a nation rules must be followed The problems happen when authority and power is misused because of greed, deceit, anger and pride. The four great passions will lead to destruction if not tethered by ethical and moral codes of conduct. Never forget that life has a perfect accounting system. Nothing goes unbalanced or unnoticed. The laws of karma state that for every cause, there will be an effect. Life becomes what life does. END Authority brings with it a great responsibility. Someone of great authority is often known as an expert and therefore holds great knowledge. This knowledge often grants power, prestige and position. Authority also means to have the legal and formal rights to give orders and make decisions. How we use this authority determines whether a person, family, group or society prospers, or not. Just remember, we all have the treasure of authority. Every day we make decisions and enforce rules of order. The moral duty of anyone in a place of power and authority is to make the world a better place by making those who they have power and authority over, healthy, happy and safe. Their happiness and welfare then become the authoritarian’s happiness and welfare. When this happens, everyone prospers. Sincerity and appreciation are required to discover this treasure. Authority is truly a great treasure. Use it wisely and you will prosper. EGO”: flip your palm up and extend your index finger – the symbol of your ego. The ego loves power and authority. It gives it a feeling of strength and autonomy. However, when used to dictate, coheres or abuse others, or the world it will always be deflated and depleted. Think of those who yielded great power and authority only to abuse it. Eventually they lost both of these treasures. Pull your finger in and place your thumb the sambal of your ego on top. If you wish to proper do not give away your power but rather use it along with your authority to make the world a better place. Remember do no harm and do not abuse your power and authority. As Gandhi reminded us, “The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.” Namaste~ may you walk with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For a FREE HEALTH NEWSLETTER; course, classes, books and more

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Power is the Sixth Treasure

Power is referred to as the ability to influence the will, or conduct of others. It is also the ability to control and direct your energy towards your goals, as well as control over your conduct. Power resides within the individual. It is independent and informal in nature and is derived from charisma and status. Power allows a person to influence and set an example for millions of people. On a smaller scale we have power over our children, employees, students, family members, friends and ourselves. How we use power determines our prosperity. Power has nothing to do with accumulating great material wealth, however often times great wealth comes as the result of this treasures. Misuse of power is known as manipulation. It may gain you the upper hand temporarily, but it will at some point bring rebellion, disgust, hatred, humiliation and destruction. Think of all the powerful leaders who misused their power. All were eventually met with great opposition, defeat and death. Power at its best is used to empower yourself, as well as others towards making the world a better place. Here we need to implement the qualities of discriminating between right and wrong, self-control and sincere intellectual appreciation for all of life. Takes work – that’ karma – let’s get started. END: Remember as you think, say and do your life becomes. Examine the power of your intentions and remember to do no harm. In this your power will evolve and it will always be used for good. Self-control and sincere appreciation are required to discover the treasure of power. What you do with this power depends upon your moral and ethical understanding. If a friend asks your opinion about taking a new job, or needs a little support when it comes to a love interest are you able to guide them unselfishly? You have just gotten a promotion and are now in charge of other people. Do you treat them fairly, or are you overcome with a sense of misguided power and seek to rule rather than lead? Power brings great wealth. Do you use it to buy and control other people, or do you use it to help other people excel? EGO: flip your hands up and extend out your index finger – the symbol of your ego. Feel it pull you from your center. When it comes to power the ego is all in. Power and control are the nature of the ego. When used properly it seeks to use its power and control to help you both survive and to thrive. But when used in combination with deceit, greed, anger and pride it is destructive. Pull your ego in and place your thumb on top – the symbol of the soul; seek to do no harm. Use your power to make the world a better place by striving to become the perfect human being; true to yourself and equally disseminating joy, happiness and peace to all. Namaste ~ may you walk the soulful path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For classes, books, consultation and more