Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Recipe of health, sex, happiness and love

The Italians have a special kind of romance. To me it is very rustic and passionate; a mood unto its own. I love the food, the singer Bocelli and the Amalfie coast where my husband asked me to marry him.

So tonight we go simple Italian.

Start with a simple salad of mixed herbs and greens topped with slices of fresh avocado and a sprinkling of goat cheeses. On the side added crusty bread or a cracker I found in Whole foods market called Two Moms in the Raw – gluten free, oil free and sugar free raw cracker made from flax seed and other ingredients. Light a crispy it goes well with a light salad and goat cheese.

Chill and serve a Sauvignon Blanc with the meal

Angel Hair Pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil


Angel Hair Pasta 4 ounces for two servings– I’m using De Boles Organic whole wheat angle Hair

1 tsp minced garlic

2 roma tomatoes chopped into small bite size pieces

¼ cup fresh chopped basil leaves

1 tablespoon of olive oil

½ cup of freshly shredded parmesan cheese

Cook pasta according to package directions, drain and then set aside and keep warm

In a medium size pan coated with a little olive oil sauté garlic until tender. Toss in tomatoes and basil and cook for about 2 minutes. Toss together pasta and tomato mixture. Place on separate serving plates and sprinkle the top of each serving with the parmesan cheese.

Dessert Raspberry sauce over vanilla gelato

Purchase vanilla gelato.

Raspberry sauce

1 cup fresh raspberries

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 tablespoon of orange juice

Combine in a blender and puree

Serve over the top of gelato.

Light and easy this meal can be prepared in no time. You’ll discover the substance of happiness mixed with sexuality and topped with health and then finish it all with a saucy splash of love.

Cibo Molto Buono!

Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A bit of wisdom

The ultimate aim of yoga is wisdom. Wisdom is actualization or realization of the true nature of things. Wisdom teachers us that we create our own universe. As you think, say and do you become. When through awareness you are able to let go of your anguish, fear, guilt, disappointment and egotistical pride you will be able to balance and organize your internal self and from there you will be amazed at how your external world becomes calmer and more orderly. Remember as you think, say and do – you become. Choose wisely.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aero*boga - Relationships are a paradox

Relationships present us with contradictions. They are a paradox. To live peacefully within these contradictions we must learn to walk the middle way. This involves learning not to identify with anything – neither pleasure nor depression, separateness or togetherness, attachment or detachment but simply to practice the middle way where we continually come back to the present moment putting aside our attachment to this or that position and just seeing what needs to be done in the present moment.

Now this does not mean that we should not take a stand – perhaps at this moment I need to assert myself – this may even involve a fight. But tomorrow circumstances may change and I may need to let go of my stand and let my partner’s needs take precedence. Hardening into one position makes us rigid and unavailable for love. The paradox of a relationship is that it calls upon us to fully express our needs and wants and to be firmly grounded, but at the same time to remain fluid and open to change; not to get fixed into any position and become identified with it.

 Relationships are a paradox – asking us to give and receive. When coming from a place of love we learn to bend without losing our footing. We can only do this when we are open to change, energized with life and willing to connect at the spiritual level where we realize we are all one. Walk the middle way.
Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - Natural Ways to boost your metabolism

It’s the Holiday to over indulge so increase your metabolism through a process called thermogentics which means the body heats up burning more calories. Take a tablespoon of hot brown spicy mustard and mix into a glass of warm water. Stir well and drink before your meal. Sauté a few mustard seeds in with your favorite vegetables. Eat more protein than carbohydrates as it take more calories to digest protein than carbohydrates. Get some pre and post dinner exercise. Smile and laugh (burns an extra 10 calories). Hug the ones you love – reduces stress and manages your indulgences!

Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

No doubt you’ve heard this phrase. It is easy for us to let that judgmental critical voice within surface as we are dealing with our impatient self. Impatient criticism and judgment towards others and especially towards us only creates stress and struggle. Here’s a simple exercise to deal with impatience; Sit quietly, close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Continue to breathe deeply. After a few breathes ask yourself just what is it that is making you impatient, critical or judgmental. Instead of feeling down about this- what can you do to change? Can you learn to be content with your life as it is free of self criticism? Throughout the day as thoughts of impatient come up simply reflect upon them rather than letting them control you. What can you do to counter these thoughts and emotions? Perhaps stop, close your eyes and take a deep breath and see them for what they truly are – simply human reactions to perceptions. If you practice this it will ultimately lead to peace of mind. 

Doctor Lynn

Friday, November 18, 2011

Health Tip - A little Seed that does a body-mind good

We all need protein to build strong muscles and support the body’s health. The body actually burns more calories digesting protein than digesting carbohydrates. How can we get healthy protein without a total reliance on animal products? One food we can add to our diet is hemp seeds. No they won’t get you high but they will provide you (in a ¼ cup serving) with about 11g protein plus 2000mg of omega 3 and they contain all the essential amino acids. And further eating hemp seeds help to reduce the carbon footprint.  Sprinkle them on a salad, over cereal and yogurt or eat on its own as a wholesome snack.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aero*boga - Relationships are full of contradiction

Relationships are full of contradiction. They are a breeding ground for resentments – if we let them. We want to be free and yet we want stability and commitment. We want to be loving and yet anger and critical feelings often arise. How can we surrender to a relationship without losing our power and being controlled by another? How can we move towards another person – getting closer while maintaining a safe distance? If we could just keep our boundaries or if we could just completely merge with another person – but neither of these will work. We must learn to balance between too tight and too lose and then our movements ( relationships ) will become more fluid and the dance of relationship will be open, energized and connected.
Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Recipe for Happiness- Go Fishing

Got the blues? Need a little happiness lift? Eat your omega -3 fatty acids or fish that is! When we think of eating fish we think of heart health but fish high in omega-3 fatty acids also appears to help with mild forms of depression. Studies indicate that omega-3 fatty acids may help alleviate some of the symptoms of mild depression. When subjects were given omega-3 supplements along with their anti depressants there was a slight improvement in mood. Furthermore omega-3 fatty acids appear to be helpful with attention deficit disorder.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for human health. The body does not produce omega-3 so we must get them from our diet. Salmon and other cold water fish are an excellent source as well as flax seed oil and bean oils. I preferred flax seed oil as the fish oil gives me an after taste.

But can that little pink salmon sliver of essential goodness really bring us happiness? Well just ask a bear during salmon season or river dwelling people who have depended upon the salmon’s return each year.

Salmon typically (depending upon the particular species) spend one to five years in the open ocean where they sexually mature. Then they make the great migration back to their birth place to spawn. The exact understanding of how they do this is not fully understood but scientist believes it has to do with their keen sense of smell. Seems the olfactory system (sense of smell) locks into the memory system the exact route back home.

Now that’s a happy thought for someone like me who has no sense of direction. If I could just smell my way home I wouldn’t need to learn how to use that navigation system. I could be anywhere, anytime and simply smell my way back. Now I wonder; if I eat lots of salmon will I improve my smell brain and thus my sense of direction?

So tonight I decide to make salmon for dinner and give it a test. Will the thought and the smell of fresh poached salmon send my husband running home with amorous thoughts? Would it make us spawn? No that’s another thought – let’s just stick with happiness.

Ancient mythology tells us that Salmon was associated with wisdom and venerability. In Celtic mythology fish and more specifically salmon were consulted for their wisdom and eaten so that the wisdom would be imparted upon the hero. It was believed that the Salmon ate the nine hazelnuts of wisdom, the primary source of wisdom in Celtic lore. The Salmon is associated with prophecy and inspiration because of its ability to find it distance spawning grounds.

The Salmon’s flesh is pink, although sometimes white. The Atlantic salmon tends to be farm raised where the Pacific salmon tends to be wild. I live on the Pacific Ocean which makes me only too happy to eat the salmon on the West Coast. Artificial chemicals do affect mood.

Pink is a color that has a soothing effect. It is said to reduce anxiety, calm frazzled nerves and relieve stress. Pink is emotionally comforting. It makes us feel happy. Eat Salmon and be happy!
Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leanring to Detachment

Yoga class today

It’s ok to feel disappointment, anger, saddened or any emotion but detachment means you are able to let go of the negative energy and not let it impact your day, your relationship and your life. Detachment means that you continue to strive towards your goal but if things don’t go the way you want them to go you don’t become shattered and lose your sense of yourself. In the practice we go in and out of poses. Some will be easy and some you will struggle with – feel the emotion that arise and using the breath let it go – don’t let one or two struggles keep you from finding peace of mind and enjoying your day.
Doctor Lynn

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thought for the week - Practive Detachment

In the face of any uncertainty or disappointment - step back take a deep breath and detach. Remember to let go of the emotion without losing your deeper sense of who you are...don't allow negativity to impact your day. Keep striving for your goals and never let your sense of your self get shattered. Because life becomes what life does.
Doctor Lynn

Thursday, November 10, 2011

LIke Heaven and Earth

Today in Aero*boga we will practice balance or how to be grounded and strong while being open and vulnerable. This allows us to take risk and taking risk is what allow us to grow. Like the Buddha said -  when you fine tune an instrument the strings should not be too tight nor too lose. If we hold on too tight or let go too much we lose our balacne.
Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Recipe for Great Sex – Bring on the Latin fruit

According to an array of commercials great sex can be had through the ingestion of pills, shampoos, make-up, clothes, cars, vacation…you name it…sex sells. But the real truth is that great sex begins with good health and good health begins with a healthy diet.

On the scene arrive the avocado; a sexy fruit. I know you thought it was a vegetable but actually it is a fruit that is related to the same family as cinnamon and bay laurel. It is high in essential fatty acids, potassium and B vitamins; all nutrients that are good for sexual health. Native to Mexico it was called the fertility fruit. The name avocado actually means testicle; named because it was believe to make a man virile. In some ancient cultures at harvest time women were not allowed to come out of their homes while the men were harvesting the fruit.

However it takes a more than an avocado to create great sex. Just like great guacamole, where the avocado must be fresh and mixed with a good salsa; great sex needs to be ripe and spicy. An avocado is just an avocado until it ripens and blends into a smooth and tasty dish. So how do you ripen into the mood and spice things up?

Oh the mood…that’s the secret to great sex. Without the right mood sex is, well just sex. It’s becomes an act of obligation. Is it any wonder we lose the desire for sex once it becomes as plentiful as a new crop of avocados? I live in Los Angles where avocados are a major fruit. When the avocados season is here we are inundated with cheap and plentiful green looking testicles things that are hard and bitter. They come in bunches and seem to all ripen at the same time. So even though they are cheap and plentiful buying one at a time and letting it ripen to perfection is better than paying less and then rushing through a half dozen or more ripened fruit.

If we  let sex ripen slowly until it is soft and sweet we might just find that sex like the avocado becomes a sexy fruit. Start with the idea of sex and then let it ripen with several hours of foreplay. Tease it like you tease an avocado; slowly let the skin get dark and flush. Give it time.

Then gently slice open the moment, revealing the inner seed of desire surrounded by soft creamy fleshy goodness. Peel away the outer protective skin, softly massage the inner meat and then revel in the sweet taste of passion.

I bet you didn’t know that an avocado could be so sexy? Great sex is all about the interplay. If an avocado is just another thing to eat it becomes common place. But when an avocado is appreciated for all its nuances it becomes a thing of passion. Want great sex? Take your time, let things ripen and appreciate the passion of the moment.
Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Reducing lower back pain with yoga

Did you know that the pillars of the diaphram are attached to the vertebra of the lower spine and that incorrect breathing may be in part attributable to lower back pain? The diaphram is a muscle that expands and contracts as you breath. It helps the body expand and oxigenate. Strengthening this muscle is good for your health. Your breath needs to be full and complete. When you breath try to breath so that the spine stretches and the throasic or chest area expands. This will stretch the spine as the diaphram pulls upward expanding the vertebra. This is one of the many reasons why yoga is such a great method for reducing pain in the body-mind.
Coming therapy classes in LA
Doctor Lynn

Monday, November 07, 2011

Back to Work

After a working three days in Montreal I am back to LA to begin a yoga therapy program. More to come on using yoga as a natural tool for health, happiness and peace of mind.
Doctor Lynn