Saturday, October 27, 2018

#Yoga Today ~ #Greed

Greed is a passion from which we recoil. No one likes to think of him or her as being greedy and yet each of us on some level has been consumed by greed. When we think of greed we usually think of avarice or excessive hoarding of money and material things.  Greed is really fixation upon objects of sensory pleasure and gratification. For example: alcohol, food, or sex. Greed causes us to commit violence against others and ourselves. In the practice of yoga, if we push ourselves beyond our limit while doing a particular asana (pose), it is said we practice greed. Because we desire to keep up with the teacher or go beyond the other students we risk injuring ourselves. When injuries happen we contract and must stop our practice and heal our injury. We therefore stop the flow of evolution and growth. Greed imprisons our time, emotions, and energy. It has nothing to do with the possessing of things and money. It’s really about a feeling of inadequacy and thus not wanting others to have more than we have. We feel a lack of empowerment and therefore greedily hold onto what becomes the most important source of our self-definition. Unselfishness and giving for the sake of giving transcends greed. We can often appear to be acting for others when in fact because we are not free of self-interest our deeds are simply pretexts for receiving gratitude. To transcend greed we need to give without any expectation.
To give without expectation requires the components of yoga; balance strength and flexibility. Let’s get started.
Greed is not excessive hoarding or possessing. It is feeling a lack of empowerment and therefore greedily holding onto and protecting what we think is the becomes the most important source of our self- definition; our ego. The ego wants power and therefore imprisoned itself into a battle to win at any cost. The soul gives without expectation transcending greed and this will set you free.
Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, October 06, 2018

The Root of all Karma

The root of all karma is seeded in the four great passions. One of these passions is more intense in your life than the others; but they all appear at one time or another. The four great passions which are the major causes of all of life’s problems are:

1.     Deceit  -not being honest especially with yourself-fear

2.     Greed – not being content-taking more than you need- fear

3.     Anger – fear of losing control - fear

4.     Pride –arrogance based in fear

These states, which lack honesty, tolerance, unselfishness and humility, are the triggering mechanisms for all karma. They also include a lack sincerity, fairness, joy, admiration, detachment and courage. These give rise to prejudice, sorrow, disloyalty, fear, disgust and cruel joking which will activate karma and get us into trouble.    They are all based in the three great fears; of not being loved of not being accepted and of dying.



Although the soul has an infinite ability for creativity it only has three central activities: thinking, speaking, doing. These three activities create our karma and all karma seeks expression through your thoughts, words and deeds.

Remember, to lighten or soften our karma (aura) we need to manifest certain actions and inhibit others. The practice of yoga (physical) helps us to learn to become motionless and balanced without losing consciousness. This is how we annihilate karma, being balanced and serene while holding onto awareness. This is known as our witnessing consciousness; the observing principle of life.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet
Doctor Lynn