Saturday, April 28, 2018

Taming the Whirling Chaos of Life

The chaos of life will always be whirling around us.  But chaos can present us with opportunity for growth and the ability to reach higher states of being. We just need to realize that we have the power to turn chaos into opportunity. The chaos of life will challenge our sense of balance, our strength and our peace of mind. We must decide to either walk our soulful path or let the chaos of life sweep us into frenzy.  Just remember the basic nature of cosmic energy is chaos with the potential to create or destroy. How we use this energy depends upon our strength and our ability to bring balance to our lives. 
Cosmic energy, which can appear chaotic is void of judgement and so can move in any direction.  We just need to realize that we have the power to choose stability and balance over anguish, fear and pain. Discovering and harnessing this awareness we are empowered to continually create anew.  Whatever comes our ways we have the power to let it make us stronger or whirl us into a destructive chaotic frenzy. To find our strength and balance we must ground ourselves in the present moment, sit still, take a breath and then move towards creation rather than destruction.

Taming the chaotic nature of life is work and will not come without a lot of effort. That’s karma. It means action with moral consequences. The paradox is that although this work takes tremendous conscious effort, when living it, we find peace and tranquility. However, along the way there will be many temptations. The greatest temptation of all will be that of the ego. It is the ego that thinks it can justify anything and everything; even violence. It is the ego that throws up walls of division.  Consciously taming the ego we remove these walls and learn to embrace the unity of life and that is soul walking.   

Lesson - Can you consciously identify a vice you may need to change? Here is a hint— you’ll find it in your karma – read on.

Try to let go of negative feelings. Stress is at least one I know we all harbor..  Stand tall in warrior pose. Try not to feel anything accept using the strength of your body and the strength of your mind to connect with the consciousness of your soul. That is where your virtues lie and your vices can be extinguished.

Doctor Lynn