Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This week I worked so hard to get the first 50 pages of my book edited so I could submit a proposal to agents. After completing the editing process which took long hours and total discipline, I decide to go fishing and see if I could get some interest. Afterall I did have something tangible to submit to an agent even if the book is still in process. So I wrote a brief email and sent it to about a dozen agents. As I pushed the send button on each email I felt the pit of possible rejectoin in my belly but at the same time felt the exhileration of the possibility of acceptance in my heart.
Rejection is a very hard emotion to feel. Most of our lives we hold back because of the fear of failure and rejection. But now at this stage in my life I have felt enough rejection to let the slam of a door push me to open another. They say it takes 100 no-s to get a yes. It takes making one more call or sending one more email after you have exhausted your energy to make it happen. It reminds me of the miner who stopped one feet from the gold, sold his claim and the next person became rich. Never stop when you believe in something and never stop believing in yourself. It's only when we give up that we fail.
So I have now started to recieve my rejection letters. Two to be exact. However the rejections differ. The first rejection was from a woman who chastised me for using her first name in the greeting of my email. She went on ranting and raving about how I did not even know her. How dare I address her by her first name! Then she went on to let me know that my questions ( how would she like me to submit the proposal) were stupid. She wrote a whole page of half strung together sentences that did not make any sense at all. The email was the equivalent of an 8x11 page. I wanted to email back and tell her she did not know me well enough to send such a lengthy email, but I refrained. None of her sentences were complete or made any sense. And this woman promoted herself as a professional literary agent!
Then I received another rejection email.Everything was friendly and on first name basis. The agent thanked me for the query and said it was not for them but that I should not take this as a rejection of my work. It just did not fit with their need at this time. They ecouraged me to submit to other agents because," it only takes one yes to make it happen."
So I have received 2 rejections and if the statistics are right only 98 more and I'll get my yes. Remember in life there is a nice way to handle matters and a nasty way. Karma doesn't happen immeditely but it is true that life does become what life does. Stay tuned for the next chapter.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Takes Discipline

In my yoga class this month we are practicing the path of celibacy or more specifically the path of self discipline. When the senses are over stimulated and the mind is scattered and cravings springforth it is difficult to find peace and creativity. When we take the time to quiet the mind and slip into a quiet moment in time where body-mind surrender to the peace of the soul what emerges is a burst of creativity, insight and wisdom. But it takes discipline to get there. Writing a book takes discipline. One must block out time and committ to a solitary existance allowing creativity to spring forth onto the pages.  I've completed the first 60 pages of my book. The pages have been sent off to an editor. Once edited, I'll make the corrections page by page, line by line, word by word. Then it's off to the four agents and one publisher who have agreed to look at my proposal. They will either reject or either case I will keep writing. Then changes will need to be made. The rest of the book will need to be written, edited, changed, submitted, reviewed, changed and may-be published. It will take over a year from conception to is the creative process. It's all about discipline and the strength to endure rejection and then keep coming back to a place where the process of creativity out weighs the end result. Celibacy means when you write, you write and when you love, you love. It is the art of self discipline and focus.
My book is a natuoapthic look at sexual health with a hint of lust, lore and magic. And what is sexual health but creativity at it's best.... take a quiet focused mind.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Every book begins with a blank page

The idea rumbled around in my head for a good six months. I knew I wanted to rewrite a book I had written many years ago. I wantd to update it and give it the maturity and professionalism that it lacked. I wanted it to be more than just another book on health. After all the subject matter is sexual health and sexual health is sure to get attention. Like it or not - sex sells! So for six months I thought about the project and stared blankly at a blank screen unable to get it started. The book dovetails my nectar, Damiana's Nectar - an herbal concoction mixed with chocolate, honey and a drop of magic. It was from the discovery of this nectar that I happened to find sexual health. Now if you think sexual health is only about the "deed" you'll miss the point of the book and the magic of charisma, sensuality, passion and love will slip through your fingers. Follow along with me as I soldier through the discipline it will take to get this book ready for the agent and then onto the publisher. I'll share with you my progress as well as the sory of  Damiana's Nectar.
Doctor Lynn