Thursday, June 30, 2016

Healthy Relationships – Doctor Lynn’s Daily Dose - how to relate

We are all in relationships; simply by being here today you are relating to others. How we relate is of vital importance if we are to establish healthy relationships. Balance is required. We cannot hang on too tight nor stay too distance, but must find that place of balance between the two. What we need is respect, trust and compromise. If you do not have respect and trust the relationship can never be healthy. Compromise means the ability to step back and see the other person’s point of view without becoming overly identified with our own wants and needs. In other words we need to let go of the controlling ego and realize that everyone shares the same feelings and emotions. It is how we handle them that makes the difference. Relate from the soul and not the ego because we are all one.

A healthy relationship is a fine choreographed dance. We cannot connect with another until we dissolve the boundaries that are keeping us disconnected. At the same time we cannot completely merge with another or we risk losing our sense of self. So how do we dance on the fine edge of balance? Open your heart with understanding and compassion as you give and receive for the soul.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Source of Happiness

Nothing is gained without consciousness. That is why awareness is so important. Sit quietly; close your eyes and focus on something that brings you pleasure and makes you happy. It could be good food, money, power or another person. Focus on it. Where is it coming from? What is the source of your happiness? Are you the source of your happiness or is the source coming from somewhere else? If the source is coming from someone or anything outside of yourself you will never find happiness because you will always be dependent upon outside sources for your happiness.

When you are happy your body reacts by producing neurochemicals. Nobody else or anything else can produce these chemical reactions in your body.  You are the source of your physical and mental happiness. Sit quiet, let go of the outside source and be happy just as you are in this very moment.

 Be the source of your own happiness independent of all things. This does not mean you do not enjoy things in life. It simply means that it is not something outside yourself that makes you happy. You are the source of your own happiness. If you look to outside things to make you happy you will always be dependent on outside sources for your happiness.  Once you realize that the source is within you will be able to enjoy everything in life more because happiness cannot be taken away. It simply exists within you. So be the source of your own happiness.

Doctor Lynn
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Saturday, June 18, 2016


In New York I went to the top of one world observatory and saw a panoramic view of New York. Below are the ground zero monuments and the museum. The monuments are serene, but the museum is humbling. Inside there is a quiet sense of remembrance for that awful day on 9/11. It reminds us of both the horror of hatred and the beauty of human kindness. It’s important to remember both the good and the bad. They both keep us humble.

After that we ventured to Nashville and Memphis where the heart and the soul of the culture is music. The blues, country and rock and toll were born in the South and are a part of our heritage. The people are extremely friendly and the culture is simple, but the energy is vibrant.

The south also reminds us of slavery, war and hardship. It shows us the good and the bad of humankind. Again it is good to look at both for they humble us.  The world is based upon duality. There will always be pleasure and there will always be pain. There will always be war and there will always be music. This is human nature. To uplift this we need to tap into our spiritual consciousness. This is the place where we all unite as one. This place is found in the quiet moments between thoughts, emotions and opinions. This is why we stop to do a sitting Zen. This is why we practice yoga. It humbles us.   


Sit quiet in the moment free of thoughts, emotions and opinions. Tap into your spiritual consciousness and be one with all of life. Although there will always be war and hatred there will also always be love and music. It’s in our souls!

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Following Rules - Yoga Today

Practicing yoga is not about following rules. Yoga is simply suggestions for living a healthy and peaceful life. These suggestions are not to be followed, but to be understood.

If you understand rules you will follow, but if you follow rules understanding will never come.

If you understand the rules of yoga, or for that matter the rules of life, then following the rules will come automatically as a backdrop to your life.  You won’t think about what is right or wrong you will simple move in the right direction.

For example desire-less-ness is a suggested direction to be followed in yoga. If you follow it as a rule you will kill all desire, and if you kill all desire you will be  desire-less However, you will also be dead because desires are not only desires they are the flow of life. We desire to eat, to sleep and to love. To be without desire, in yoga, is to be without discontentment. Contentment is one of the suggested rules of yoga.

Here is a story about rules. A man was hired to be a doorkeeper at a museum. Before he started he was handed a book of rules and told to memorize them. The first day on the job a man came to the museum and the doorkeeper told him to leave his umbrella outside.  “But I don’t have an umbrella,” said the man.  The doorkeeper said, “In that case you will need to go home and get an umbrella because the rules say unless a visitor leaves his umbrella outside with me, he cannot be allowed in the museum.”

Rules are to be understood not followed blindly.


Remember rules are to not be followed blindly. They are to be understood and when you understand the rules of life you will flow with life effortlessly without the attachment of desire. You will simply move in the right direction.

It is okay to have desires, just don’t let them control your life. If you let them control you, you will need rules and rules followed blindly destroy life. Understand the nature of life and then follow its natural flow. If love is not in your life today don’t obsess over it. Let the energy of life flow and be the love you seek.

Doctor Lynn



If you came to my yoga class- you would practice:

Are you quiet and respectful (phones off) in yoga class because it is the rules, or do you understand the significance of being quiet and respectful. Both allow you to find peace and humility; two very important aspects of yoga. Don’t be quiet because I tell you to be quiet. Do it because you understand why.

If I ask you to take a deep breath, do you do this by following the rules, or do you understand that deep breathing is a necessary part of practicing yoga. It is not a rule to be blindly followed.  It is a suggestion that if followed will improve the nature of your body, mind and soul.

Sava Sana is practiced at the end of yoga class. Not as a rule to be followed, but with an understanding that the ultimate goal of yoga is to work toward bringing peace to the body, the mind and soul. Be at peace.


May you go with health, happiness and peace.