Saturday, April 30, 2022

The Nidhi – the container that holds the treasures of life

The Nidhi is the container that holds all of life’s treasures known as the Nidhis. Once we find the container and learn how to open its lid, we will find that all the treasures are available to each and every one of us and once attained, is used properly, will bring us prosperity. The Nidhis are somewhat shrouded in mystery and said to be a secret. But remember a secret is only a secret until it is revealed. Here is one philosophical interpretations of the Nidhi and how to find the Nidhis contained within. A person is drawn to pleasurable objects only when they seem to be real, permanent and potentiality satisfying. When we understand that all objects in life are not permanent and always subject to change, our minds become calm and strive towards higher attainment. According to the Hindu scriptures there are nine qualities required to discover the nidhis. Discovering them will bring us prosperity and they are: 1 Calmness 2 Self-control 3. Self-withdrawal (reflection) 4. Capacity to endure sorrows and sufferings 5 Sincerity and intellectual appreciation 6.Tranquility; the poise gained by constant contemplation 7.Discrimination between right and wrong 8. Unshakeable faith, leading one to attain what might appear unattainable 9. Strive to become the perfected human, living connected to the true self; equally disseminating joy, cheer and bliss to all. These are indeed the nine qualities every human must attain to discover the true treasures of life. This leads to nirvana; reuniting self with the universal soul. The soul reaches this state after living many lives and that is why we need to work our karma because to discover nirvana we need the freedom that comes with liberation. You cannot find freedom until you have paid your karmic debt. Let’s reflect on these nine for a moment. Remember; You are a result of every thought word and deed. So, live your life as you would live it in eternity. This takes work that’s karma let’s get started END The habits you form are a result of repeated actions you initiated over lifetimes of experience, be they wise, or foolish. In yoga we call this samskara, or the impressions that get inscribed into the mental grove of our being. These grooves are formed by repetitive thoughts, patterns, or habits that get deeper over time. If negative impressions get ingrained the mental emotional self is unable to integrate with the other layers of self – the physical, energetic, higher wisdom and ultimately bliss. To prosper we must be fully integrated at our highest level. Once you establish a pattern it takes conscious work to dissolve it, or in the case of a positive pattern constant work to maintain it. It may take lifetimes to work this through. That is the nature of karma. We are on an evolutionary journey from lifetime to lifetime to resolve and transcend our negative karma (patterns) and establish ourselves in maksha; the freedom to simply be in a state of eternal bliss. It is by the force of karma that we are born again and again in an attempt to resolve and complete this journey. EGO: flip up the palms of your hand and extend your index finger the symbol of your ego. Feel it pull you away from your center. Freedom to do, think and say as it pleases is the desire of the ego. Karma reminds us that this is not freedom. If we truly wish to find freedom, we must do the karmic work; observe, detach and let go. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top – the symbol of the soul. To discover the container that holds the treasures of life connect with your soul and: 1 be Calm 2 Have Self-control 3.Take time to withdraw and reflect 4.Have the Capacity to endure sorrows and sufferings 5 Be sincere and intellectually appreciate all that comes into your life 6.Be Tranquility; contemplate 7.Discrimination between right and wrong 8.Have Unshakeable faith, leading one to attain what might appear unattainable 9.Strive to become the perfected human, living connected to your true self; equally disseminating joy, cheer and bliss to all. Namaste~ may you walk the path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For classes, course, books and more

Saturday, April 23, 2022

A Day of Prosperity

Each day get up and ask Lakshmi to guide you towards the four directions, or aims in life. She has four hands reaching out offering you wealth, pleasure, harmony and liberation. At the end of the day reflect on how each of these came to you. This is known as gratitude. Each day look to create and appreciate. You will discover wealth, pleasure, harmony and liberation are not that difficult to establish. Do not get caught up in the world of material wealth. Happiness is not found in the size of your bank account. Happiness is simple and pure. It cannot be bought. However, do seek to create wealth in the world. With material wealth we can build a better world that enjoys good health care, education, art, music, shelter and food for all. It is not wealth that destroys; it is greed. Seek to create and then create more. Each time you reach out make punja (good merits and remove papa (bad energy) and you will discover how to follow the four aims that lead to prosperity. Enjoy the pleasures of life, but remember even the so-called good pleasures can turn painful if you are not careful. Enjoy everything, but never to excess. Move in harmony with life. This means to become the observer and not the judge and jury. Discord and dissention will never bring you prosperity. Except things as they are and make peace with them. You can then reach out to change something, but do it from a place of acceptance and contentment. This will bring you liberation. If you have something you are struggling with, observe it and accept it for what it is right here right now. In a moment all things may change and what might be important today might be meaningless tomorrow. Count your blessings and appreciate everything for it is all just a great opportunity to learn, know and master life. Even anger can be a great teacher if you learn to observe it and then use it to remind yourself to be kind. Awareness is the key. In a world full of chaos and cruelty you will need balance, strength, flexibility and peace to navigate the pathway of prosperity. This requires work and that is karma; so, let’s get started END: Each day I ask Lakshmi to guide me. (I have a small statue of Lakshmi on my desk). I ask Lakshmi to guide me toward wealth, pleasure harmony and liberation. And she directs me. For example: One day I receive a royalty from one of my books. It was not a large amount of money, but it was a symbol of my success. I had produced a book and it was paying me money. I am wealthy. A friend called and we had a good laugh. I value her friendship. It gave me great pleasure. My timing was rhythmic as I moved through my workday. I accomplished what I set out to do. I moved in harmony with the universe. Something I wanted to happen did not. I accepted it and moved on without a hitch. It is liberating to fail, or not get what you want and still be happy and at peace. Something better will come my way if I reach out for more from a place of contentment. In this I am truly a prosperous woman. If you feel poor, unhappy, disjointed and imprisoned everyone around you will pick up on this energy. But if you aim for and find, even in the simplest of things, wealth, pleasure, harmony and liberation you will attract what we all desire; prosperity with a purpose. Pay careful attention to energy, direction and consciousness. These three things will guide you towards prosperity. A prosperous world awaits anyone who follows the path with a balanced state of being and a clear mind. Walk, listen, look, feel, smell, taste, touch and intuit the world. Prosperity is everywhere. EGO: Flip your palms up and extend your index finger; the symbol of the go. Feel it pull you from your center. The ego believes itself to be intelligent and thus wise, but remember wisdom is more than intelligence. Wisdom is in knowing that everything constantly changes so don’t get attached to anything. It is also the realization that time has wings; it flies, so don’t waste it. Just remember – you never step into the same river twice – choose wisely, walk softly and stay on the path. Along the soulful path there will be many divergences and zigs and zags. There will be times when you will wander so far off the path you get lost. This is when you know you are being led by the go and not the soul. Pull your index finger in and place your thumb on top; the symbol of the soul. Use the world to realize your highest potential, or the world will use you. This is how you master life and prosper. Karma yoga teaches us that everything is simply cause and effect. What you think, say and do is what you become. Wisdom is in knowing that through your perceptions and attitudes you have the power to bring wealth, pleasure, harmony and liberation into our life. To prosper you need to know how to work your karma and then how to keep your focus on the four aims or directions in life; wealth, pleasure, harmony and liberation. Then next you will need to know where to find the Nidhi; the container that holds the treasures of life. Next week we will begin to look for the Nidhi and its treasures. Namaste~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more classes, books, course and private consultations

Saturday, April 16, 2022

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Lakshmi has four hands. She directs you to find wealth, pleasurer, harmony and liberation every day. Today we focus on liberation. The journey of life is not about your body or about your mind, but about your soul. We are here to understand life and thus to discover liberation. Don’t confuse liberation with having the freedom to do whatever you choose. Liberation means to reach a level of peace with life just as it is - it means to become the observer of life free of disturbance and judgement. With liberation comes wisdom. • Why is it so difficult to accept that change is the only absolute in life? We seek out the permanent aspect of everything because it makes us feel safe, content and connected. We try to control the impermanent aspects of life because the unknown causes us to feel anxious and fearful. But impermanence is exactly what we need if we are to find the ultimate prize of life, and that is liberation; the freedom to accept things and to let them come and go without attachment. There is a proverb that goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This refers to the ever-changing element of nature held fast by the never changing essence of life. Everything in nature is constantly changing, right down to the molecules and cells of your body. But the underlying essence of life stays the same. Love, hatred, war, peace, feast and famine; life will always present us with these basic challenges of existence. It is our approach to these things that constantly changes. Since the beginning of time humans have raged war and conflict. How we approach it and what we call it has constantly changed. We will always need food and shelter. We will always seek love and acceptance and we will always feel fear and anxiety. This is a part of human nature. But if we can develop the ability to pause and catch a breath at the wonders of life, we will realize that everything is simply an opportunity. Become the observer of life and you will discover liberation. This takes work – that’s karma. Let’s get started END You are here to learn, know and master life and with this comes wisdom. Without all the experiences of life wisdom can never be found. One thing I know for sure about wisdom is that it doesn’t come easy and experiences don’t come without living a full life. To discover liberation is to embrace all of life without attachment. But never be indifferent. This leads to wisdom. Wisdom is sometimes defined as knowledge. But plenty of people have knowledge with little common sense, or judgment. Wisdom is far more than knowledge; however, it does require knowledge and experience. Wisdom is the ability to learn, know and master your life. Wisdom is in knowing the right path to walk. Integrity is walking it. This is the great challenge of life. EGO: Flip up your hand and extend out your index finger the symbol of your ego. With your eyes closed feel your ego pull you from your center. The ego gets caught up in attitude and believes this to be reality. Karma yoga reminds us that the entire world is simply our own projection. If you feel bound, you are bound, and if you feel liberated you are liberated. Pull your finger in and place you thumb on top – the symbol of your soul. A wise person knows that if you control your mind, you control everything. Then there is nothing left to bind you. You are liberated. Takes work and that’s karma! Namaste ~ may you walk the path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn Happy Passover and Happy Easter! For more classes, books and private consultation

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Harmony Brings Prosperity

According to Karma yoga the whole material universe consists of five everlasting, enduring substances. It is through their relationship to each other that the whole world unfolds and evolves. Ideally there should be harmony and this will bring prosperity. These five enduring substances are space, motion, rest, matter and soul. Space is the container of everything; motion is required for energy to move and change to occur; and rest is necessary for matter to congeal or accumulate. You, and everything in the material world exist in this space as movement of energy that has congealed to create matter. The soul is the spark or the unifying energy that gives birth to our potential. Therefore, we and everything in the universe exist as matter, occupying space with the potential to create. What we create is what we become. Create harmony and you will prosper. For the most part relationships provide us with an opportunity to discover who we are. We relate to people, to places and to things. We relate to nature, technology, art, music, food and every aspect of life. It is when we are in the disharmony with these relationships that fear, anguish and disappointment are created. remember to remove the D-GAP- deceit, greed, anger and pride. Replace them with honesty, generosity, compassion and humility and in this you prosper. In all relationships, but more specifically in love relationships we are constantly moving between coming together and moving apart, holding on and letting go, yielding and taking the lead. Most people find this dance so difficult. Often, they find themselves deadlocked into opposing positions where they simply fight or take flight. Communication breaks down. Like Lakshmi and Shiva, the dance is either one of creation or destruction. The single biggest problem we face as human beings is communication. Without communication nothing would exist. From the tiniest form of life to the vast cosmos, every part of life is involved in the exchange of information and that is the essence of communication. The age of “information shock or overload” is upon us. Instant anywhere anytime information permeates our daily lives. The computer and the internet make it possible for us to instantly communicate anywhere in the world, any time, on almost any subject matter. The Internet has made us a global communication network. It has compressed time and space into a new reality and with this new reality come the stresses and strains of an evolving world. Although technology has the ability to open many doors of opportunity it equally brings with it added stress, competition and a feeling of information overload. These can lead to disharmony and is exactly why we need to consciously pay attention to how and what information we communicate, if we are to prosper. If you have ever experienced an inharmonious relationship either in your work, your family, your love life, or any aspect of your life, you know the feeling of anguish. It disrupts not only one part of your life, but disrupts all the other parts. Disharmony within a family causes disharmony at work, at play and to your health. Disharmony causes us to pull away, lose our footing, slip and fall into the D-GAP. This takes work that’s karma let; get started: END So how do we maintain a harmonious balance with life? How do we stay on the sharp edge of existence without being too close or too distant, or without the risk of losing ourselves? We want freedom and yet we strive for stability and commitment. We want love and yet we get angry. How can we get close to life, be familiar and comfortable, and at the same time return with a sense of passion and love? We must learn to walk the “middle way”. The middle way means to not become identified with anything: love or hate, happiness or depression, attachment or detachment. Instead, you simply come back to the present moment, putting aside all attachments to any position. Just remember right now one thing may be important, but circumstances will happen and tomorrow it may lose its significance. Harmony requires commitment, understanding, patience, and forgiveness, a lot of hard work, compromise, balance, flexibility, strength and respect. It means to put aside our attachment to being right, or even being wrong, and come back to the present moment and do what it takes to remove discord. Then just like in music, arrange the notes so that what we experience is melodic harmony. We now move gracefully in rhythm with life and this creates harmony. This is how to prosper. EGO Flip your palms up and extend you index finger – the symbol of your ego. Feel it pull you away from your center. Remember the whole material universe consists of five everlasting and imperishable substances; space, motion, rest, matter and soul. What’s important is how matter relates to other matter within the space it occupies. This is something we must constantly remind our ego; it is not the center of the universe. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top – the symbol of the soul. How we relate to life creates either harmony or discord. All of life is equal, but different. And that is what makes life so interesting. Harmonize with life and the obstacles that block success will be removed and you will prosper. Namaste ~ may you walk with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For more classes, books and private consultation

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Harmony – the third direction or aim in life

Lakshmi has four hands in which she suggests we follow or aim for these four things every day. The first is to bring wealth into your life. Wealth is not necessarily in the form of money. It may come to you in good health, in deep friendship, love, or creativity. If you find these things in your life you are a wealthy person. However, it is good for a society to be wealthy when the wealth is used to contribute to humanitarian causes such as good health care, education, art and decent living for all. Pleasure is the second aim. Pleasure is what drives life. If you laugh, enjoy the simple things and find joy in what you are doing you will find pleasure in your life. Just remember pleasure to extremes leads to pain. A wise person will always choose to do what is good over sheer pleasure. This can be interpreted a number of ways. One way is that a wise person will choose what is good over the pleasure of comfort, or a wise person will choose to seek pleasure through effort and depth over laziness and superficiality. It’s not pleasure that destroys the good. It is deceit and greed. The third aim to is create harmony. Harmony is the third direction or aim in life. This means to move in harmony with life and this requires a code of ethics and morals that act as beacons telling us how to behave. In yoga we would call these the Yamas and Niyamas. These basic suggestions give us a guide for creating harmony rather than disharmony. Disharmony creates discord and when we are in discord with the world prosperity is diminished. To use an analogy; when it comes to music harmony builds upon an already existing melody. In its more literal sense, a melody is a combination of pitch and rhythm. Rhythm is defined as the pulse, or beat of an activity. Plato made the observation that rhythm is “an order of movement.” So, for harmony to exist there must be an order to the movement of energy. It is so easy to get caught up in the dramas, problems and stresses of life and to believe them to be the final reality. All that happens in your life is simply an opportunity to discover and correct your karma. When you begin to understand this, you will discover how to bring rhythm and melody together to create harmony. Let’s get started. END The irony of life is that for all our outward striving and drama in the end the sum total always adds up to zero. We take none of the dramas, problems and stressors with us when we depart this world. What we do take is the karma of our experiences. How we use these experiences defines our next reincarnate. If life hands you a difficult problem and you face it with compassion and understanding you create harmony and not discord. It is not the problem you take with you when you depart this world, but the virtue of compassion and this will assist you in this life and all the others lives to come. EGO: Flip your palms upward and extend out your index finger and feel the ego pull you away from your center. By cultivating harmony, we develop compassion and understanding with all our relationships on earth. We move from being separate and bound by the ego to merging past the barriers that keep us apart and at odds. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top, which is the symbol of your soul. When we develop impartiality towards all things of the world, we become one force of energy and with this the emotions of love, caring and empathy endure under all circumstances. However, impartiality does not mean to be indifferent. It means to be undisturbed by the ebb and flow of life. This is how we create harmony. Namaste ~ may you soul walk with health, happiness and peace and may you have a wealthy, pleasurable and harmonious life. Doctor Lynn For Free Health Newsletter, books, classes and private consultation