Saturday, August 30, 2014

Yoga today - The Third Secret to Concentration

The first secret is to be able to gently pull your mind back to the object of concentration. It is the nature of the mind to drift. We must learn to consciously and gently pull the mind back.

The second secret to concentration is the ability to hold your mind to the object without adding details. Remove the details of what makes you happy and just focus on happiness.

The third secret to concentration is the mode of return.  Let’s close our eyes and focus on happiness. What makes you happy? Observe the mind wander and fill in the details. Now gently bring the mind back to the object of concentration; the feeling of pure happiness. Sit for a moment and feel happiness. Don’t be concerned if the mind begins to fill in details. It is the nature of the mind to wander. If we follow the details gently and then bring the mind back to the experience of pure happiness we have completed the cycle known as the mode of return. We have learned how to gently bring the mind back and experience happiness independent of anything.

Doctor Lynn

It is not how long you practice, but how you practice that brings health, happiness and peace to the body, the mind and the soul.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is the true nature of love and how can it bring you success?

Aero*boga – Bhakti yoga means “love” or to participate. When we participate in love we discover the full essence of life. This does not mean romantic love, although romantic love is very important. It means to devote yourself to that which you love. When this happens we participate fully in the dance of life and in this we discover the true meaning of love; devotion. With devotion we find success.

Love contains everything. Step outside and you will discover a void. Step back in and you will discover it all.

From Spiritual Fitness by Doctor Lynn

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Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Recipe for Happiness –Marsala-Marsala-Marsala

Its’ all in the grapes; so it has been said. Catarratto, grillo and Inzolia are the three primary grapes that make up Marsala wine. These grapes blended together create a port like wine referred to as Marsala wine.
Marsala is made in the “solera” tradition; meaning a melding of years. First a keg is filled with wine from the current vintage of grapes. Later vintage wines with similar taste are placed in kegs above the current keg. When liquid is drawn from the bottom of the oldest keg, it is refreshed with wine from the next keg and so on. The taste remains the same with every bottle of wine (potentially) the same as the first.

Marsala is a city in the west section of Sicily, the island near the foot end of Italy. In 1798 the Sicilians managed to substitute their own wines in place of the standard rum in an English naval shipment. In those seafaring days, something had to be done to wine to allow it to last the long ocean journeys.  Brandy was added to allow the wine to last longer, and to be more resistant to temperature changes. These were called "fortified wines."

Once the British tasted Marsala wine the demand grew. In the United States during prohibition Marsala wine was bottled to look like medicine. This made it less risky to get wine. Although not as popular now for drinking, Marsala wine is still used in cooking.

Through a melding of the years ( solera), blending together three bold grapes and fortifying the wine; marsala wine had a great shelf life, gave a better kick, was readily available and tasted great. That’s enough to make  anyone happy! What else could we want but to meld the years of our life into a blended taste of experience fortified with wisdom?

Sicily is a vast wealth of culture influences by the Arabs, the Europeans, the Greeks and the Romans. Many legends abound. One is worth remembering. Zeus had a son named Dionysus the God of fertility, joy and well being. Dionysus left the kingdom and headed for Sicily with the root of a grape vine. To carry the vine safely he first planted it in the bone of a bird, then the bone of a lion and finally the bone of a donkey. The vine flourished and so did the following saying; "A good glass of wine makes you light as a bird, another drink and you are courageous as a lion, but when you exaggerate with wine, you end up an ass!"

Sharing with joy and well being a glass or two of a good wine with an appreciation for the culture, nature and history of the things we consume makes tipping a glass or two a happy moment. Smile, be happy and enjoy!

 Recipes for Health, Sex, Happiness and Love By Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yoga today - The Second Secret to Concentration

The first secret is to be able to gently pull your mind back to the object of concentration. It is the nature of the mind to drift. We must learn to consciously and gently pull the mind back. Last week we focused on happiness. Let’s sit for a moment and focus on being happy. Close your eyes and focus on what make you feel happy. Take a few breathes and enjoy the moment.

The second secret to concentration is the ability to hold your mind to the object without adding details. Remove the details of what makes you happy and just focus on happiness. You will notice that as you begin to experience happiness the mind will wander and you will begin to fill in details about the place, person and things that make you happy. Try to hold your mind onto pure happiness. Be happy independent of anything. We are attempting to isolate happiness from everything else in the universe so that we can experience pure happiness. We are attempting to separate our consciousness from the matrixes of life and gain insight into our consciousness for it is in consciousness that we have the opportunity to truly know happiness. It is not outside of you. It is found within.

Don’t worry if you struggle with this. Just gently bring the mind back to the moment and know that with practice and dedication you will soon discover the secret to happiness.

Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A recipe for Sex – It’s not just Vanilla

Did you know vanilla is an aphrodisiac? Vanilla is not just plain old vanilla. It has qualities that make it the most widely used flavoring. It’s expensive, second only to saffron. It is a flavoring extracted from the orchid genus vanilla which grow in Mexico. It is also cultivated in other countries.
There are three main commercial uses of vanilla; in the pod, ground and as an extract. All three are used in products. Since vanilla is every expensive often times artificial vanilla flavoring is used in baked goods and other foods. Beware of artificial vanilla- it’s just plain fake.

The major use of vanilla is in flavoring ice cream and the most common ice cream is vanilla. Therefore it developed the nick name “plain vanilla” to mean a default or common basic flavor which is not true at all. Vanilla is often times used to enhance chocolate and other flavored ice creams and foods.
Vanilla is considered an aphrodisiac.  The Aztecs used it as an aphrodisiac and in 1776 a German study gave men a medication based upon flavored vanilla, which was said to cure their impotence.

 Vanilla has been used as a popular scent in Aromatherapy since the late 80s, described in 1991 by Sloan-Kettering as,
"Vanilla, a homey scent which may remind people of food, may be a preferred scent [for this stress research test]. Its recent rise in commercial popularity is well-deserved."

But is it really an aphrodisiac? When it comes to sex vanilla is often referred to as just plain old boring sex. Could this not be true? If vanilla is so expensive and if vanilla is the major flavoring that is added to other flavors to enhance them then if we add plain good old vanilla to the other flavors of sex don’t we enhance them?

Vanilla is considered an aphrodisiac because the scent of vanilla (the chemical molecules) mixes with human pheromones and enhances our scent making us more attractive to a potential sex partner. That’s why vanilla is includes in so many perfumes. Vanilla also quells the appetite for sweet foods. The scent seems to give us sweet thoughts instead of sweet cravings and sweet thought are good for sexual appetite!
Drop vanilla beans in brandy or dessert wine and let them sit for a few days. The vanilla will release into the liquor and add a delicious flavor. Drop a bean into a cup of hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Burn vanilla candles (make sure they are aromatherapy candle and good quality).

Or add a little vanilla to a sweet dessert and serve it to your lover. The flavor and scent will excite the sense and surely bring thoughts of sex to your body, mind and soul.

From Recipes for Health, Sex, Happiness and Love by Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Concentration -three secrets

There are three secrets for controlled thinking or yoga concentration. Concentration is the ability to hold your mind to an objective and make that objective subjective or yours. Lets’ say you want to concentrate on happiness. It is objective or outside of you until you learn how to concentrate on it and make it you. This takes practice. It matter not how many times your mind wanders away from the object, what matters is how gently you bring your mind back to the object of concentration. The nature of the mind is the wander. The first secret is that no matter how far the mind wanders you gently bring it back. Concentration begins when the mind of its own volition holds to the object without any departure.

Let’s concentrate on happiness: Close your eyes and focus on something that makes you happy. In your mind hold your focus.  Breathe happiness into your being. What does happiness feel like? Sit with this for a moment.

Happiness - To me is a feeling of joy and delight, and I find that when I hear the sound of laughter especially from the ones I love.

Most recently we had a family party. All of the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren were there. It was the laughter that made me the happiest.

Doctor Lynn

Practice Spiritual Fitness

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Recipe for Health – is Boron boring?

Is Boron a boring trace mineral? What does it have to do with your health? Isn’t it best known as Borax -- a cleanser and mineral used in the making of glass?

Boron is a trace mineral found in plants. Plants take the mineral out of the soil and give it back to us when we eat the fruits and vegetables. We cannot get our minerals directly from the soil so we are dependent upon plant life to supply us with the necessary minerals to insure health.

Boron has recently been shown to be effective in preventing bone loss and deterioration. In a US Agricultural study boron was given to post menopausal women, who were at high risk of osteoporosis. The results of the study suggest that boron works much like estrogen to help prevent bone loss. But don’t rush out and buy boron supplements. A healthy diet and a multi- vitamin should give you enough boron. Check with your primary physician if you are considering supplementing.

There appears to be no shortage of boron in humans due to only a limited amount of boron is needed and it is highly available through the fruits and vegetables we eat. Boron is a trace mineral and not an essential mineral meaning we only need trace amounts for health.

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources for boron; meat and fish are poor sources. A diet containing a variety of fruits and vegetables will supply adequate amounts of boron. One such fruit that is rich in boron is the pear. Pears contain large amounts of boron and thus pears help to prevent osteoporosis.
Besides boron, pears are an excellent source of water-soluble fiber.  They contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, folic acid and niacin.  It is also rich in copper, phosphorus and potassium, with lesser amounts of calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, sodium and sulfur.

Some varieties have more iron content than others.  This can be seen when a cut pear turns brown.  If it doesn't turn brown, it means that the iron content is very low or non-existent.

In Greek and Roman mythology the pear was sacred to Pomona the  Roman goddess of gardens and trees. In Europe it was customary to plant fruits trees when a couple got married. The longevity and fruitfulness of the trees were thought to give strength to the marriage and children. As each child arrived, an apple tree was planted for every boy and a pear tree for each girl.

Somehow, boron doesn’t seem so boring when you bite into a fresh succulent pear and partake of all the wonderful nutrients that nature so aptly provides. If we let her; Mother Nature will always take care of our health.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Seven Spiritual Rays of Discernment - Who, what, where, why, which, how and when

Everything on earth sprang forth from the seven rays of light. Light is energy. It is the essence of life. According to Karma we are all here to live out our purpose and find meaning. The problem arises when we distort the pure nature of life which can only be found through the soul.

Life began from a burst of energy. Whether you call this pure consciousness, God, the Absolute or the big bang all of life began as a burst of cosmic energy. This energy burst into the seven rays of light or the seven rays of discernment. This burst created both an outer sense of reality and an inner sense of knowing. The outer separates us. It is called the ego. The inner unites us. It is known as the cosmic consciousness.
As human being we are constantly seeking meaning. It is what motivates us and gives us a sense of purpose. We all seek to discover the unity and oneness and this is what defines the soul within us. The soul is the inherent divine sense that gives us purpose, direction and fulfills our destiny.

We all take on a false sense of self. This is known as the ego. It traps us into a life of illusion, temptation and seduction. It distorts our pure view of the world. It traps us into thinking that success is in having rather than being. The soul becomes less and the physical world becomes more. This always leads to a feeling of wanting, lacking and needing.

We witness this every day in the struggles we all feel. In our distorted view of the world we get attached to things, relationships, looking good, having more and being successful. The material world limits us and thus we become stuck in our limitations and experience unhappiness and disappointment.

Every situation in life presents us with an opportunity. We can either separate and live from the ego or internalize and reconnect with the soul. If our goal is to find the inner unity in life, we will find that when we express our inherent gifts we achieve harmony and flow easily with life. The problem arises when we distort life and see ourselves as separate (the ego). This creates fear and discord.

Once we begin to consciously recognize how we distort our lives we can with concentration and commitment overcome the obstacles and begin to express our inherent gifts and thus liberate the soul and reach a state of enlightenment.

Concentrated effort to transcend the distortions of life creates peace and harmony, and in that you will discover your purpose and meaning.

To simplify – it is that place where you consciously observe the expression of yourself and learn to step back from the distortions (deceit, a greed anger and pride) and align yourself with the inner voice of the soul.    
Follow along as we discover the seven rays and the discover the distortions and how to voer come them.
Doctor Lynn