Saturday, March 17, 2018

Why do we need the body-mind?

Remember we are comprised of seven layers of energy; body, aura, emotion, intellect, soul, cosmic and beyond knowing We are also swirling fountains of energy that lie along the spine better known as the chakras. We need to balance and support the positive integration of the lower layers of energy and the lower chakras in order to be able to transcend the ego’s hold. This transcendence moves us beyond the world of emotion, attachment and fear and into the realm of the intellectual self. As long as we are caught in the maya( the illusion) it is impossible to tap into the intellectual energy of the soul. When stuck in the negative aspects of physical weight, cravings, self-doubt, fear and the inability to speak and live the truth it is impossible to discover the resourceful energy of the soul.  When you learn how to move beyond the body, above the aura and detach from emotions the mental self is free to discover how to transcend the weight of the world and tap into your intellectual soulful self. It is here you will begin to discover how to live a prosperous life. Remember this for it is very important; when bogged down with physical weight and emotional turmoil quiet your mind and let your energy slip into your intellectual soulful self. This is transcendence and the pathway to prosperity.

Although the soul is our purpose for being here on earth we often usurp its importance in favor of the body and the mind. We relegate the soul to the back of the bus. But it does not feel slighted. It quietly sits back watching the body-mind act out its life. It matters not whether it gets heard in this life or the many lives hereafter. A life is a blink of time for the soul. It knows eventually it will get where it desires to go. But we do need the body and the mind to take us on this journey known as life. They are the vehicle and the GPS for the soul. It behooves us to treat them well and attend to their good health.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, March 10, 2018

It’s the Process and Not the Content

Life is like the famous Buddhist paradox or Koan, What is the sound of one hand clapping? This places us outside the limitations of the rational mind. There is no right or wrong answer to this paradox as there are really no right or wrong answers to life.  How you live your life is based upon your morals and ethics, your level of consciousness and your state of being. Like the Koan, paradoxically the content of your life is irrelevant and at the same time the content is necessary for the process of learning. It is only through the process of life that we learn. The content is simply the teacher. You cannot discover the process of love without an object of love to teach you. And what are we here to learn? We are here to learn how to bring balance, strength, flexibility and peace to our lives no matter what the content may be.

The content of our lives provides us with the opportunity to discover, correct and adjust our being. Anger, for example, will appear throughout our lives. It is not wrong nor is it right. We are presented with situations that create anger and then asked what we choose to do with them. We can be cruel or we can be kind. The choice is ours, and how and what we choose determines our karma. There is no right or wrong answer to life. It is simply cause an effect. If you act cruelly you become a cruel person.  So it is suggested that with all of life’s content we choose wisely. Life presents itself to us for the “soul” purpose of using the content of life to remove vices and add virtues.  Just as in yoga, we are here for the  process and not the poses, and yet we need the poses to help us discover the process of balance, flexibility, strength and peace. Pay attention to the process of life and use the content wisely.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Where to Find Enlightenment

As we begin to expand our consciousness we will see patterns of behavior that have been dictating our lives. These forces are nothing more than energy that we have taken on for our own evolution. That is the purpose and true nature of our being. But we can remove them, change them and create them. That is karma and why it is said that we become the creator of our own destiny.  As we remove the veil of ignorance (maya), we discover that our purpose for being here on earth is simply to remove vices and add virtues.  We have an opportunity to discover this through the contents of our lives. When we discover how to use all the content of our lives to remove deceit, greed, anger and pride we are on the path to enlightenment. That’s soul walking.

This process of soulful discovery is found through the contents of our lives. We just have to remember that the world is real and available for our evolution. It is our interpretation of things that creates the illusion. When we discover our true mission, the drama and dynamics of life give way to the process of enlightenment.  Enlightenment is found is those ahha moments. Be on the lookout for those moments as they will reveal to you the meaning of life. Just remember life is not about the accumulation of things. However, it is because of the material world that we have the opportunity to discover our reason and purpose for being here on earth. The work you do, the relationships you have and the things you accumulate can be powerful tools for your evolution. Use the world wisely or it will use you.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Center Everywhere Circumference No Where

According to Eastern thought, our being consists of seven layers of energy. The final and most noticeable layer of energy is the physical body. This layer of energy vibrates at a frequency lower than the other layers, which accounts for its visibility in the physical world. The higher frequency layers cannot be seen, but still have an effect on our physical self. All of the layers of energy are interdependent and cannot be separated. As long as consciousness exists the layers exist.  Our task is to find balance so that we stay connected to the center of our being and not the extraneous dramas, stresses and problems that are the circumferences of life.

The seven layers of energy are as follows. The first is the physical self, the second is the etheric self or the vital energetic self (known as the aura), the third is the astral or emotional self, the fourth is the mental self where thoughts are formed, the fifth is the soul or intellectual self, the sixth is the cosmic self (sometimes called the “pure intelligent self”), and the seventh is like the Tao impossible to name, as it is beyond name and form. It is the integration and balance of all the layers of energy that create a harmonious aura and thus a healthy body, mind and soul.  We then use this integrated energy to project our strength, flexibility and balance outward from the center of our being.  When in balance we exude self-confidence, self-esteem, happiness and peace.

When we attach ourselves to the extraneous dramas, stresses and problems that are the circumference of life we lose sight of our center and thus we lose our balance, flexibility, strength and peace. So stay connected to the center of your being and remember center everywhere circumference nowhere.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Karma – how do you know you have a soul?

If we can’t measure the soul how do we know we have one?  How do we know it exist? Take a breath. What causes you to breathe? Not oxygen, but the power that causes movement and that is prana the life force that gives rise to your existence. Here you discover your soul.
In yoga the life force that vitalizes everything in the universe is called prana. It is actually the energy responsible for the movement of all consciousness in the world. What lies beneath your consciousness is a force (prana) that causes it to rise. This we call thinking. As you think so you become. Prana gives rise to the breath and this gives life to the body and the mind. When this happens your soul begins to walk its earthly life.

Prana is pure self. It is pure consciousness. This is the force that pushes the soul to reincarnate. It is the vital energy that brings everything into being. It lives in the organs of our body and unites all parts of the body into one unit. The soul gives consciousness to the mind. And so the mind begins to think. You must now work your karma. But we can’t do the work without the help of the body. That’s Hatha the physical aspect of life.  And so we are here on earth to work on finding our balance, flexibility, strength and peace of mind.

Karma exists as the manifestation of pure energy. It is the vital force behind the movement of all action and thus the resulting effect. Prana is simply the movement that gives rise to breath, but is not the breath. Karma is the energy that gives rise to your actions and thus you experience the results. Prana gives us the power to think. Karma gives us the power to act. Unlike Descartes who professed,” I think therefore I am.” Karma yoga teaches that I am therefore I have the power to think and act. Prana is pure and simple energy that gives birth to the complexities of life.  Karma embraces the complexities, acts as it wills, and must therefore except the consequences.  So think kindness, contentment, generosity, happiness, love and peace and you will discover liberation. And it is here you will find your soul.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, February 03, 2018

What Are the Three Biggest Obstacles that Challenge our Karma?

Two of our three biggest obstacles along the pathway of life are our beliefs and attitudes.  Our beliefs are tied to our value system, which is ingrained into our consciousness by our upbringing and experiences. An attitude is the feeling we have regarding our beliefs. We defend our values through selective perception, or the ability to disregard anything that challenges what we believe. Although it is important to have a value system it is necessary to be open to the values of others if you are to Soul Walk. One of our biggest challenges is to be nonjudgmental, tolerant and compassionate, as well as open toward others who may have opposing views.  Our attitudes and beliefs get tainted with deception, greed, anger and pride. This is the challenge of karma. These take us off the soulful path. Practice nonjudgement, tolerance and compassion and your beliefs will take on an attitude of respect and benevolence towards all of life. To meet this challenge you will need balance, flexibility, strength and tranquility.

Our third biggest obstacle is keeping the body and the mind healthy in a world of disease, pollution, corruption, and low self-esteem and self-worth. We have measurements and definition for what is consider physical and mental health. IQ test, blood test and many more tests give us insights into our health. But they cannot measure with accuracy the existence or the health of the soul.  But if you take a moment to be quiet and listen to your soul, your soul will tell you how to proceed. The only test needed is your ability to truly listen to your inner self. When this happens your attitudes and beliefs will shift and change. You will begin to see the world not as physical measurements of gain or loss, but as soulful pursuits. This is karma and why you are here.


Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Recipe for Health -- Is Champagne good for your health?

Yes, it is and you thought it was only red wine!  Raise a glass or may-be two to your health.  Studies show that those who drink a glass or may-be two of wine a day live longer, are healthier, have better cognition, improved sex life and are generally over all happier than those who either don’t drink or drink too much. There are many reasons for this conclusion.

Wine specifically helps you to relax. It is especially good when dining. It improves circulation and improved circulation brings fresh blood and nutrients to the organs of our body.  This improves our cognition and nourishes the body with good health.

Wine is high in antioxidants and phenols which are good for our health. They help the body to fight off free radicals. Free radicals bombard our being every day. These include pollution, poor diet, aging and stress.

Wine and more specifically all alcohol may just in fact help to kill bacteria from food that could make us sick. After all alcohol is an antiseptic and as a drinkable substance it may in fact be true that a drink of wine with a meal keeps the gut free of bad bacteria. In Biblical times wine was drank instead of water because water was not sanitary and because both wine and beer provided nutritional sustenance.


Champagne has also been shown to be good for your health or more specifically good for the mind. Champagne according to a study in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry is packed full of those wonderful polyphenols, chemical substances derived from plants that are antioxidants which help cells avoid destruction from free radicals. The study showed that a group of neuron cells penetrated with champagne extracts demonstrated significant protection against damage to the brain.

The reason for this they concluded was that the caffeic acid and tyrosol antioxidants in champagne contain anti-inflammatory characteristics. This keeps the cells protected against damage. Furthermore, caffeic acid and tyrosol also have the ability to remove toxic chemicals from the body. So although we think of champagne as a celebratory drink it actually may truly be a toast to your health.

My $300.00 bottle of champagne (given as a gift) Dom Pe’rignon 1996 may well have been worth the price. But is a $300.00 bottle better for brain health than a $50.00 bottle, or are they virtually the same? Does it count if you open a bottle….and well you know….once you open the bottle it needs to be finished?  I think not. Just remember a glass or two to your health and beyond that you’ve had too much to drink. But it is so much fun to drink champagne! 

When I think of champagne I remember back to a couple of weddings I attended where the primary drink was champagne. Those were very jovial celebrations.  Can you remember your champagne celebrations? Most likely they were some of the times we remember the most; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and so on. So bring them on; Dom Pe’rignons, The Venue Clicquots and the Louie Roederers with all their healthful antioxidants and joyous bliss for it is always a time to celebrate when we drink to our health.