Saturday, November 10, 2018

#Yoga Today #Pride

Pride is insecurity and fear turned outward in an act of defiance.  It is often used as a means of survival. We use it to disguise our insecurities by appearing strong, independent and full of bravado. Foolishly we use pride to keep other people at bay and away from our inner soul. This of course can leave us lonely and self-absorbed. The inner voice secretly cries out for love and devotion.

Life will presented you with many humbling experiences.  If you look to the work of karma you will discover how to let go of shame and step past the maya or illusion of life and discover the reality of our existence; to learn, to know and to master our karma. Just remember life is real; your perceptions are the illusions and these are often ego driven.

Let’s get to work because it takes balance, flexibility, strength and peace to correct pride.


Pride appears as arrogance, defiance and nonconformity. It is the ego falsely raising itself in importance in an attempt to disguise its fear and insecurities. The ego is artificial and transitory for how you see yourself and the world is constantly changing.  One moment you are full of pride and the next you are full of fear. The ego however should not be annihilated. We need it for preservation and evolution. The problem with the ego is in believing that it holds the knowledge of final reality. In this we set up barriers of arrogance and self-importance. When this happens we stop evolving. The karma term for this is ignorance and ignorance is the cause of all suffering. To transcend pride surrender your self- important arrogance to the compassionate nature of your soul.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, November 03, 2018

Yoga Today ~ ANGER - the third great passion

Anger is probably a passion we have all experienced. Although no one likes to be an angry person it is somewhat easier to admit this passion than the other three passions. Perhaps that is because anger is seen as a worthy passion if it is used to right an injustice. However, it is very difficult to practice the right amount of anger, at the right time, for the right reason; and what is justice?  Who decides what is right and what is wrong in a world without justice? That is why we have laws and one of the laws of karma is to do no harm. When someone is angry everyone gets hurts. That is why it is best to work on removing anger.

Anger is really fear based. Anger often times is an emotion we feel towards ourselves and yet we project it outward onto others. We are angry because we feel disappointed, hurt, used and abused. But the problem with anger is once it gets a hold of you; you become an angry person; things are said and things are done to hurt others. If the intellect is enslaved by anger the mind will also be enslaved.    Once enslaved with anger we lose our balance, flexibility, strength and peace of mind.

It is the nature of the mind to run outward and away from the chakras or self-awareness. We are here to balance the energy of the chakras; to feed them strength and keep them open to the changes and flow of life.  Let’s begin to work on finding our inner strength, flexibility and balance.

To combat anger be compassionate, understanding and kind. When angry the ego throws your body and your mind out of balance. They get weak and ridged. That’s why we need to practice karma yoga; to be more balanced, strong and flexible, and peaceful. Let’s get started.


Anger has a way of enslaving us. It never solved any problem. Being angry we give away our strength, our flexibility our balance and our peace of mind. The wise person realized that you are a result of whatever karma you let occupy your life. Therefore choose wisely what you let occupy your mind, because what you let occupy your mind occupies you.



With anger the ego tries to usurp its power in an attempt to even the score.  Don’t try to extinguish the ego. You need it for preservation. Just surrender it to something higher; your soul; and you will be wise.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, October 27, 2018

#Yoga Today ~ #Greed

Greed is a passion from which we recoil. No one likes to think of him or her as being greedy and yet each of us on some level has been consumed by greed. When we think of greed we usually think of avarice or excessive hoarding of money and material things.  Greed is really fixation upon objects of sensory pleasure and gratification. For example: alcohol, food, or sex. Greed causes us to commit violence against others and ourselves. In the practice of yoga, if we push ourselves beyond our limit while doing a particular asana (pose), it is said we practice greed. Because we desire to keep up with the teacher or go beyond the other students we risk injuring ourselves. When injuries happen we contract and must stop our practice and heal our injury. We therefore stop the flow of evolution and growth. Greed imprisons our time, emotions, and energy. It has nothing to do with the possessing of things and money. It’s really about a feeling of inadequacy and thus not wanting others to have more than we have. We feel a lack of empowerment and therefore greedily hold onto what becomes the most important source of our self-definition. Unselfishness and giving for the sake of giving transcends greed. We can often appear to be acting for others when in fact because we are not free of self-interest our deeds are simply pretexts for receiving gratitude. To transcend greed we need to give without any expectation.
To give without expectation requires the components of yoga; balance strength and flexibility. Let’s get started.
Greed is not excessive hoarding or possessing. It is feeling a lack of empowerment and therefore greedily holding onto and protecting what we think is the becomes the most important source of our self- definition; our ego. The ego wants power and therefore imprisoned itself into a battle to win at any cost. The soul gives without expectation transcending greed and this will set you free.
Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, October 06, 2018

The Root of all Karma

The root of all karma is seeded in the four great passions. One of these passions is more intense in your life than the others; but they all appear at one time or another. The four great passions which are the major causes of all of life’s problems are:

1.     Deceit  -not being honest especially with yourself-fear

2.     Greed – not being content-taking more than you need- fear

3.     Anger – fear of losing control - fear

4.     Pride –arrogance based in fear

These states, which lack honesty, tolerance, unselfishness and humility, are the triggering mechanisms for all karma. They also include a lack sincerity, fairness, joy, admiration, detachment and courage. These give rise to prejudice, sorrow, disloyalty, fear, disgust and cruel joking which will activate karma and get us into trouble.    They are all based in the three great fears; of not being loved of not being accepted and of dying.



Although the soul has an infinite ability for creativity it only has three central activities: thinking, speaking, doing. These three activities create our karma and all karma seeks expression through your thoughts, words and deeds.

Remember, to lighten or soften our karma (aura) we need to manifest certain actions and inhibit others. The practice of yoga (physical) helps us to learn to become motionless and balanced without losing consciousness. This is how we annihilate karma, being balanced and serene while holding onto awareness. This is known as our witnessing consciousness; the observing principle of life.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet
Doctor Lynn


Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Karmic Struggle

Karma is not about punishment or reward. It is a mental or emotional force that causes things to happen. Karma is a tool that allows you to move from awareness of things (the world) to awareness of self. What am I here to learn about me and how can I use the world to discover who I am and not let the world use me?

 Karma is a mechanism that presents you with different events and specific energies that lead you to balanced self-awareness. What you do with these events and this energy determines the outcome.

Karma also means a gravitational pull of extreme importance that draws you to the center of your being. It means to have a leaning towards a particular thing. This could be your occupation, your attitude or your beliefs. It will also present you with blind spots or areas where your view of things gets distorted.  Here we can get disillusioned and confuse reality for something extraneous from us.  We need to be careful to not confuse the map for the territory; the objects for the meaning.

But mostly it is a strong desire towards one thing or another.  We are drawn to certain things in an attempt to learn something about the me that sits beneath the I or the ego.  This is where we need to pull back the ego and surrender it to something more powerful. It is far more powerful to be patient when confronted with a frustration that to burst into anger and thus lose your balance.            

Suggestion: Write a paragraph that describes your life’s struggle. What have you struggled with your whole life? For example, let’s say you have struggled with   loneliness, disappointment,  anger, feeling unloved, poverty, self-image (ex: over- weight), or any other struggle that you believe is a major part of your life. This is the theme that keeps reoccurring in your life. Now make this paragraph a sentence and then make the sentence a word. This is your karmic word. Now exchange it with its opposite word; if you struggle with anger replace it with kindness.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn



Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Four Patterns of Karma

According to karma ignorance is the source of all suffering and this suffering is the result of the four patterns of karma that obscure or conceal the truth.

The first is the karma that blocks knowledge. Our knowledge of the world comes about through the five senses. When knowledge is blocked one cannot see the subtle connection between things and events. It is like the person who is emotionally cruel to their partner and cannot understand why the partner is cold.

The second is the karma that blocks feelings of joy and grief, pleasure and pain. Simply this means that you cannot separate the opposing forces of nature. We cannot remove night from day. They both exist as a reflection of the other. Every experience in life can be seen as pleasurable or painful depending upon how we interpret things. A mosquito bites and you feel the pain of the itch. You scratch the itch and feel the pleasure in scratching. Same bite bringing both pain and pleasure.

The third karma is longevity or life span. The theory of karma states that the longer you live the more experiences you have, the greater your knowledge and so the wiser you become. The length of your life is one thing, but the vitality of your life is another. The vitality you have now is a direct result of the last life. Be tremendously enthusiastic about life now and it will affect this life, as well as the next life. The karma affecting your next life is formed during the last 48 minutes of this incarnation.

The fourth karma is that which hinders your will power. When this kind of karma is operating it makes us incapable of doing even the simplest of things. Negative thoughts grow and become more negative, more emotional and more dangerous. This develops into anxiety, fear, anger and even hostility. Finally it breaks out into self-destructive actions. When you lose the ability to harness your will power many complications will arise in your life.

Master lack of knowledge, blocked feelings, unhealthy lifestyle and inability to harness your free will and you will have the tools to work through your karma. But remember this takes work – that’s karma!

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Karma Particles

Karma particles come into our lives in percentages and these percentages have a great influence on the nature of our lives.

You cannot change your family of origin (your biological mother and father) or your individuality, but you can change everything else about you. You can change your name, the length of your life, your awareness, attitude, perceptions and happiness, but you cannot change the essence of who you are. Accept your being and then become aware of the ways in which you can change your life to make it better. Seeking to create balance, using your inner strength to maintain strong in the face of adversity, and staying flexible to the ever changing nature of life are all essential to finding peace and serenity, and thus happiness. Let’s get started.


We have chosen to return to a particular family as a particular individual for the completion of our karmic lessons. Our life is divided into percentages of things we can change and things we cannot change.  You have the power to control your attitude and your perceptions and thus have the power to create the degree and level of your happiness. Knowing this we can see ways to improve our lives. Find your power and seek happiness.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn