Saturday, July 03, 2021

Where is Your #Personal #Power?


Where is your personal power? First, we need to get grounded – we begin at the root – sit quiet and let’s find our grounding – a quiet place from which to begin our journey today. When grounded we are reliable, secure, dependable, centered and our earth life is stable. Breathe deep into your root. As you exhale feel it pull you to the earth and ground you.

Now we move to the second chakra called the dwelling place of the self-it connects and disconnects us from relationships. This center draws the energy from the sun through the aura and disperse it throughout the body. When in balance we are connected to our personal relationships and this gives us our sense of personal power. There is a great drive here to love and be loved. If overly developed a person tend to be an extrovert; if under developed a person tends to be an introvert. So, the idea is to balance the energy so we find that perfect place of personal power between putting out two much energy and not putting out enough. Too much energy and we feel stressed and overtaxed – we lose our personal power - too little energy and we feel lethargic, lost, unmotivated – we lose our personal power. Breathe deep into the sacral between your hips. Find your personal power; a place where you are grounded, balanced and open while connected to the world, relating harmoniously to all of life.


END: When stressed and feeling scattered take a moment to center and ground yourself. Sit close to the earth and let the energy of the earth fill your root chakra reminding you to be like the tree; hold steady and strong against the storms of life by your grounding roots. Then find your balance in the sacral, for how you relate to life determines the vitality of your body, mind and soul. Here you find your personal power; the ability to use your energy constructively, wisely and harmoniously with all of life.

EGO: When relating to others it is easy to put up walls, give false impressions and be defensive. The ego never likes to show any weakness, or loss of personal power. When we lose our personal power, the ego comes rushing in to defend and protect, and this is not always bad. It’s the job of the ego to defend and protect so that we might survive. But it also important to remember that sometimes the ego is the cause of our loss of personal power. Know the difference between protecting your personal power for survival and giving it away through force, defenses and false projection of who you really are… you are a beautiful soul here on earth for the purpose of learning, knowing and mastering life. Let your soul be your guide and you will always have your personal power.    

Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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