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Let’s begin moving through the energy centers known as the chakras. Sit pressing your sit bones into the mat and focus on your root. Get a sense of grounding and take a deep breath. Move to your sacral between your hip and get centered. Take a deep breath. Move up to your belly and lift with a sense of empowerment; take a deep breath; and now we will begin to open the fourth chakra at the heart; the place before sound which when in balance allows us to become unstuck.

Its related functions are the heart, the thymus gland, circulatory systems and the lungs. Its related diseases are heart disease, lung problems, asthma and circulatory problems.

This fourth center radiates a golden hue with the primary color being green. It is thus balancing and the center of our energy system. Also known as the balancing color on the color spectrum. The most abundant color in nature is the color green and this is why when we are in nature, we feel balanced and calm.

 It is the source of our mental body and the center of love. Its polarity is the thoughts coming in and the thoughts going out of consciousness. When we transcend this polarity, we transcend mind or thought and the result is divine love. You can not express love with words it is something that must be felt and so it is the energy center before sound.

 The beat of the mother’s heart beat while in the womb is believed to be or first experience of consciousness and why we are drawn to drum beats and chanting.

Its first orientation is towards loving others, giving, sharing, feelings and emotions.   But if love gets out of balance, we can end up giving to much and thus losing our grounding in physical reality so that one loses love for self and becomes infatuated or over extended in giving, incapable of saying no, and causing one to feel over whelmed and over extended. This can lead to hardheartedness, lack of compassion and scattered frantic energy. Here we get stuck.

In the second orientation there is a strong lack of love for self and therefore one cuts self-off from others. The quality of love is missing from relationships. Usually, the root of the pain and coldness is stored in some childhood trauma preventing love from flowing in and out. Again, here we get stuck.

 Balancing begins with self-love and self-acceptance, and from there divine love radiates out like the lotus flower. But this takes work and begins with working towards balance, flexibility strength and peace.

Let’s get started


Love too much or love too little and you will lose your balance. Remember that love is not about romantic love; it’s a pure love that no matter what happens is grounded, centered and empowered. Love then expresses itself through kindness, honesty and caring. Love yourself for this wonderful power of love exists within you. Let it radiate out.



EGO: the egos self-importance sometimes demands love and admiration. When we don’t get it, we become resentful, angry and disappointed. The ego wants control, to feel important and to be loved. There are three basic fears in life from which all fears arise; one of those is the fear of not being loved. The soul at its depth is pure love. Pull you finger in and place your thumb on top. Love yourself from your soul, send it outward through all the layers of your being, and then express it through kindness, honesty and caring – these are the markers of true divine love.   

Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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