Saturday, July 17, 2021

Where is the center of the individual #consciousness or #ego?


In balance the first chakra, the root, gives us grounding. The second chakra, or the dwelling place of the self, brings us to our center. When these two chakras are in balance we are grounded and centered.


The third chakra is closely related to feelings and emotions. Its color is a blending of red and green. This blending renders the color yellow. This is the source of the astral body, or the center of the individual consciousness or ego. It also controls digestion and the absorption of food in the body. This chakra is the storehouse for prana. Its polarity is power or powerless, often called personal magnetism or lack thereof. When we transcend this polarity, we find our ultimate strength – we no longer need to exert power, or feel powerless, which are all elements of the ego.

When it is malfunctioning, diabetes, hypoglycemia, ulcers, liver disease, digestive problems, low vitality, nervous tension and fevers will occur.

On a psychological level its first orientation is a strong personality and usually a strong vital body. One has a magnetic personality that can control situations for personal gain. Competition, domination of others, personal success and possessiveness in relationships, as well as repressed emotions are some signs of this center being out of balance, Usually, the person is under tension, or is very tense and tends to be extroverted. The second orientation is introversion and avoidance of competition, insecure with life and relationships, remaining invisible, unnoticed, tense and emotional. The person feels powerless.

We must begin with being grounded and centered so we can balance the energy in the third chakra. Once balanced we are grounded, centered and confident in our strength without the need to overpower others, or get lost in our own sense of powerlessness.  Let’s get started.


END: life is about polarity; the yin and the yang. We all move through times of feeling powerful and powerless. Somewhere in the middle is a sense of balance.   When we transcend this polarity, we find our ultimate strength – we no longer need to exert power over others or feel powerless which are all elements of the ego. When life seems out of balance bring yourself back to your grounding, get centered and find your strength. In this you will find harmony and flow.


EGO: feelings of power and powerlessness are the ego at work. Power over other or feelings of powerlessness in the world throws us off balance.  When we go to either extreme, we lose sight of our ultimate strength – the ability to remain ground, centered and balanced no matter what life hands us. We never truly have power over others – this s a false perception, but we do have power over what we think, say and do and when we harness this internal power, we are never powerless.  Surrender the ego to your soul – stay grounded centered and balanced and observe the harmonious flow of life.   

Namaste ~ may you always go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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