Saturday, June 22, 2024

How to Find Calmness in the Storm: Harnessing Anger Through Yoga

Anger, a passion that resonates universally, is an emotion we have all encountered. It's a complex emotion to navigate, even though it's easier to acknowledge than others. This could be because Anger can be perceived as a justifiable response to an injustice. However, it's a challenge to wield Anger in the right measure, at the right time, and for the right reason. Feel the grip of Anger after an argument with someone, and you can feel the body tense, and the mind becomes scattered and irrational. Basic instincts such as violence kick in as the adrenaline runs through our bodies. Often, we say and do things we later regret. But Anger, like everything else in life, is transient; it comes and goes, and sometimes, we can't even remember what angered us. Anger destroys self-awareness. Anger rushes through the body, causing it to go off balance while enslaving the mind. In yoga, we embrace a positive approach to Anger. We strive to maintain our composure, and instead of reacting aggressively, we aim to respond with actions that elevate our sensibility and rationality. This practice holds the potential for profound personal growth and transformation, offering a beacon of hope in the face of Anger. Managing our emotional balance and regaining our inner equilibrium is a journey, not a quick fix. It requires us to recognize our emotional imbalances and find the strength and flexibility to bring ourselves back to a state of balance. Balance is a challenging task, but it becomes more attainable with practice. Let's get started on this journey together. END: Savasana ~ In savasana, your mind is now flooded with strong, vibrant thoughts. You have exercised the body with the asanas. Now relax and let go. At this moment, your mind is like a battery fully charged. What you let into your mind will have a hundred times the force it usually has—think kindness and peace. END: Anger, like all emotions, is transient. It comes and it goes. When it gets its grip on you, try to stop and ask yourself if it is worth letting the tension and irrational thoughts take away your balance, your inner peace, and your opportunity to inspire rather than take the path of hatred and violence. EGO: Flip your palms up and extend out the index finger. Feel the ego pull you from your center. Like all the great passions, the ego gets attached to Anger, for it is the ego that seeks self-preservation. It is a basic instinct to lash out when someone or something angers you. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top. Take a breath and surrender to the soul. Feel the rationality and the calmness in your body, mind, and soul. Remember, when Anger arises, and it will, return to this state of peacefulness; it is only a breath away. Step back, find your balance, take a breath, be kind, and inspire. Namaste ~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness, and peace. Doctor Lynn For books, classes, consultations, and more

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