Saturday, June 08, 2024

Deceit – a destructive passion

The root of all karma is seeded in the four great passions. One of these passions is more intense in your life than the others, but they all appear simultaneously. The four great passions which are the major causes of all of life's problems are: Deceit Greed Anger Pride Deceit means lying or not telling the truth to most of us. If someone deceives you, that person may deliberately make you believe something false for the person's advantage. But we also deceive ourselves into false beliefs by telling ourselves we are less than or superior to others. Blaming others for the nature of our present and past existence is also a form of deceit. Here's an example of deceit: In one of my workshops, a woman named Julie discovered her central karma as deceit. At first, she was distraught, believing she was a good, caring, and honest person. As we worked on her karma, she began to see that she had always been a caregiver to others. She had done it because she wanted others to love her so that she would give so much of herself to others with little in return. She resented the selfishness of others. Now, Julie could see that she had been deceiving herself into believing she would be loved and considered a good person if she gave. She gave of herself to gain a feeling of self-worth. She discovered that she was deceiving herself by looking to others for approval. END: Deceit affects all of us. It is a false belief in something, whether about something outside of ourselves or something deep within ourselves that we fear. Karma reminds us to be aware of deceit when it arrives and then consciously turn it into honesty; in this, you are working your karma. EGO: Flip your palm up and extend out the index finger. Feel the ego pull you away from your center. Fear is at the root of all our problems. Deceit is a form of fear wrapped in a lack of self-worth. Pull your finger in and place your thumb on top. Take a breath and surrender to the soul. Honesty in your outward actions and how you see yourself taps into the soul's quest for truth and honesty. Be honest and truthful with others; you will work on your karma. Namaste~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness, and peace. Doctor Lynn For books, classes, consultations, and more

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