Saturday, June 25, 2022

Power is the Sixth Treasure

Power is referred to as the ability to influence the will, or conduct of others. It is also the ability to control and direct your energy towards your goals, as well as control over your conduct. Power resides within the individual. It is independent and informal in nature and is derived from charisma and status. Power allows a person to influence and set an example for millions of people. On a smaller scale we have power over our children, employees, students, family members, friends and ourselves. How we use power determines our prosperity. Power has nothing to do with accumulating great material wealth, however often times great wealth comes as the result of this treasures. Misuse of power is known as manipulation. It may gain you the upper hand temporarily, but it will at some point bring rebellion, disgust, hatred, humiliation and destruction. Think of all the powerful leaders who misused their power. All were eventually met with great opposition, defeat and death. Power at its best is used to empower yourself, as well as others towards making the world a better place. Here we need to implement the qualities of discriminating between right and wrong, self-control and sincere intellectual appreciation for all of life. Takes work – that’ karma – let’s get started. END: Remember as you think, say and do your life becomes. Examine the power of your intentions and remember to do no harm. In this your power will evolve and it will always be used for good. Self-control and sincere appreciation are required to discover the treasure of power. What you do with this power depends upon your moral and ethical understanding. If a friend asks your opinion about taking a new job, or needs a little support when it comes to a love interest are you able to guide them unselfishly? You have just gotten a promotion and are now in charge of other people. Do you treat them fairly, or are you overcome with a sense of misguided power and seek to rule rather than lead? Power brings great wealth. Do you use it to buy and control other people, or do you use it to help other people excel? EGO: flip your hands up and extend out your index finger – the symbol of your ego. Feel it pull you from your center. When it comes to power the ego is all in. Power and control are the nature of the ego. When used properly it seeks to use its power and control to help you both survive and to thrive. But when used in combination with deceit, greed, anger and pride it is destructive. Pull your ego in and place your thumb on top – the symbol of the soul; seek to do no harm. Use your power to make the world a better place by striving to become the perfect human being; true to yourself and equally disseminating joy, happiness and peace to all. Namaste ~ may you walk the soulful path with health, happiness and peace Doctor Lynn For classes, books, consultation and more

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