Saturday, April 25, 2020

Yoga Today ~ I am becoming a #recluse - #time is all we have

A recluse is defined as a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people. Corona Virus certainly has made me a recluse. Normally I am very social. My days are full of human interactions. I enjoy my friends, my students and my family, but these days I am like everyone else; in social isolation.

I’ve forgotten what day it is and time simply slips by like a wave or a whisper; not really heard; not really counting for much. I am in an existence that seems to be going nowhere and at the same time I seem to be everywhere. Although I have retracted into my own little world the world at large meets me every day through the news. I didn’t choose to be a recluse, but I must admit I am getting used to being alone. It reminds me to be present and in the moment; as the saying goes; be here now.

Be here now is a familiar phrase, but its true meaning often eludes us. It reminds us that the present is the only moment from which things happen. You cannot prepare yourself for the uncertainty of the next moment, or all the moments that will follow. Corona Virus has taught us that. (Be focused like the warrior)

If you expect something to happen in a certain way you will position yourself to deal with it. But if it should happen or come at you from a different direction you will need to reposition and in the time it takes you to reposition you will lose your balance. To be here now is to be prepared to move in any direction as the moment dictates. That is why it is important to stay centered and balanced. (Do a tree)

 Reclusiveness has its benefits.

You get less pressure and stress from the world and more control over your life. Your perceptions and attitudes begin to change. What seems important at this moment might be meaningless in the next. Just look at the empty paper good shelves in the stores. This tells us much about human nature. (Humble warrior)

With time you become more independent and your life can be more peaceful. You can limit your interactions with toxic people and situations, and you get quality time to yourself and with your family. But being a recluse also has its downside.

You can get bored, lonely, there’s less emotional support from others, no one is there to help you and intimacy fades. Gone are the friendly hugs, daily smiles and moments of quiet sharing. (Fold into child’s pose and give yourself a big hug)

Becoming a recluse I am not trying to avoid people, but I am becoming very adept at keeping myself busy. I’m not bored or lonely, but I do miss the laughter and comradery of my students and friends. I think its Monday but it feels like Friday; my days are all mixed up!  Time, the only thing we really have, is shifting our view of things. The days are irrelevant, but the moments are precious.

In yoga they say liberation lies in the interval between thoughts. In our mind one thought follows another without interruption until we link our thoughts together creating a chain of emotion that often binds us into chaotic frenzy. When emotions arise, and they will, close your eyes and take a breath.

Using the sitting Zen we sit quiet in a state of contentment and peace using the three breathes to clear our thoughts, and then in the split second that follows we find infinite bliss. This is a reclusive moment; a moment of liberation.  This is just you sitting here now in the moment. This is liberation; this is peace.

Whether we are in isolation or socially active time is all we have. Use it wisely for in life you will soon discover that time flies whether you are here now or lost to the chaos of the world. Being a recluse has its benefits and one of them is the ability to appreciate the only thing we really have and that is time and believe me it really flies!

Namaste~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

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