Saturday, May 25, 2024

Why Practice Yoga - Turning Passion into Compassion Brings Balance to Your Life

Before prospering in life, we must learn how to identify and address the karmic energy of passion. Being passionate is not “bad.” Passion just needs to be directed in ways that create balance. It begins with awareness of how we use our energy physically and mentally to bring about soulful awareness. As we become more aware of how to direct our power, we better understand how we live. We become mindful of the importance of being flexible, open, strong, steady, balanced, and still. This moves us from chaos and insanity to calmness and peacefulness. The awareness of the simple movement of passion to compassion then forms compassion into wisdom. This requires engaging the body and the mind in the present moment. Ultimately, this is the purpose of the yoga poses and why we practice yoga. Let’s get started. END: According to karma, our true purpose is to return to balance, love, happiness, and abundance while removing our negative karma. A change in attitude is usually what brings about a shift in karma. However, be careful with attitude for it can sometimes lead to passionate imbalances. Be present in your body and quiet in your mind, and you will turn passion into compassion, leading to a life of balanced health, harmony, love, happiness, and peace. Living here, you will be wise. EGO: Flip your palms up and extend out your index finger. Feel the slight pull of your ego away from your center. Our desires and uncontrolled passions keep us in the ever-repeating pattern of karma. While there is value in repetition, it is of a higher value to transcend the rebirth cycle of karma and find our true self, which exists in a state of balance, harmony, love, happiness, and peace. As you pull your index finger in and place your thumb on top, be mindful of the return to your center. If you choose to break the patterns of passionate karma, you liberate your energy to explore the vastness of the universe. In this exploration, you will unearth wisdom- the realization that you now have the freedom to choose your actions rather than being driven by karma. This newfound understanding extends beyond the body-mind, reaching your essence, also known as the soul. With your soul liberated, you can now create from a place of balance, harmony, love, happiness, and peace. Namaste~ may you walk the path of life with health, happiness, and peace. Doctor Lynn For classes, books, consultations, and more,

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