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In a Chaotic #World Chakra #Balance is Important for the #Health of the body, the mind and the soul.


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Vital to the creation of life is the pure energy of the universe. Quantum physics reveals that at the subatomic level there are simply fields of fluctuating energy with the possibility of infinite creativity. So even science tells us that energy is everywhere with the infinite possibility to create. We are simply a bundle of energy that has manifested as a body, a mind and a soul, and as such have the infinite ability to create. What gets in our way is our inability to get grounded, centered, empowered, loved, find our voice, tap into our creativity and to open ourselves to pure peace and serenity.

The chakras are simply energy points. When we consciously learn how to work through them, we not only bring peace and serenity to the mind, but we also bring health to the body. Any time you bring the energy of your body, mind and soul into perfect balance you have perfect health.

This is called prevention.  This means getting in touch with the energy of your being before it gets so far out of balance that we become ill. Chakra balancing is a tool that is supposed to be combined with proper diet, exercise and sound sleep; which are the three pillars of health.

Learning about the chakras can help you to understand your own imbalances and through a process of readjustment bring about health. This series of lessons is meant to teach you how to open the door to another form of natural health and fitness. It is but another tool in the toolbox of health. Abraham Maslow once said that if your only tool was a hammer, you would begin to see the world as nails. The more tools you have the greater your perspective of the world, of your health, and of yourself.

Let’s get started:

Let’s begin moving through the energy centers known as the chakras. Sit pressing your sit bones into the mat and focus on your root. Get a sense of grounding and take a deep breath. Move to your sacral between your hip and get centered. Take a deep breath. Sit for a moment and connect to your third chakra at your belly. Take a deep breath and feel yourself lift up to your diaphragm. When in balance we are grounded, centered, and confident in our personal strength, without the need to overpower others, or get lost in our own sense of powerlessness. We are empowered.

Take a deep breath and as you exhale move up to your chest at the heart chakra. the place before sound which when in balance allows us to become unstuck.  Here we reserve judgment seeing the world objectively rather than subjectively; we cultivate compassion. Now take a deep breath and move to the throat chakra to purify and find your voice. We now have brought balanced breath to the five chakras that connect and hold us to our earthly life.

Let’s move to the sixth chakra, the command to receive located between the eye brows. This the center of intuition and creation.  To reach this we must observe life without judgement. Take a deep breath and release.

Take a deep breath; exhale and allow the lotus flower to open at the top of your head and here you are being peaceful and balanced and not being scattered and chaotic – you are being and not being at the same time. But to fully understand this we must get to work – that’s karma



END: let’s work our way through the chakras

Grounded, centered, empowered, compassionate, find your voice, open up your infinite source of creative energy and finally connect with your crown – you are of this world and at the same time not of this world for you are, an important part of all that exist both physically and metaphysically. Energy is infinite, it is creative and it is destructive. You have the power to choose how you use your energy. I hope you will choose to use it to bring health, happiness and peace to your body, your mind and your soul.

EGO: Remember the ego separates itself from the world. Its job is to protect and preserve life in a world of competition, chaos and judgment. The ego is your persona. When we see ourselves as balanced energy the ego gives way to its need for control and allows the soul to be your guide. The soul is infinite without beginning or end and by following it we begin to understand the true nature of life – life becomes what life does.  Think, speak and act wisely.

Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn

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